State Dept Importing Possible Terrorists

From American Freedom Fighters: (bold theirs)

       Obama State Dept. Shipping THOUSANDS Of Muslims To Idaho And South Carolina…

Syria Unrest


Idaho is set to become one of multiple receiving states for the relocation of Islamic and other refugees as part of the State Department’s U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

Southern Idaho’s Times-News reports that the College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Center will be taking in up to 300 refugees from around the world starting in October. They anticipate most will be from Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Syrian Civil War has resulted in the deaths of 220,000 people and driven some 9 million of the prewar population of 23 million from their homes. Of those, more than 3.8 million have fled to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

“U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard said during a recent visit to Lebanon that between 1,000 and 2,000 Syrian refugees will be brought to the U.S. by the end of September and several thousand more in 2016,” according to the Times-News.

Southern Idaho’s refugee center has already resettled more than 1,000 refugees from Iraq in the state in recent years.

WND reports one of the main concerns being raised regarding USRAP is how adequately the refugees are being screened. Earlier this year, the House Homeland Security Committee held hearings which addressed, in part, the vetting of refugees.

Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., asked Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division Michael Steinbach what the best process would be for separating legitimate refugees from would-be terrorists. Steinbach responded, “You’re talking about a country that’s a failed state, does not have any infrastructure so to speak. So all the data sets, the police, the intel services, that you would normally go to and seek that information, don’t exist.”

“And that obviously raises a grave concern of being able to do proper background checks on individuals coming into the country?” Katko asked. Steinbach answered, “Yes.”

Spartanburg, S.C., is another location the State Department has chosen for participation in USRAP. While Gov. Nikki Haley, R-S.C., is fully supportive of the program, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who represents the community, wants some questions answered first.

Trey Gowdy pointing fingerIn a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry a few weeks ago, Gowdy asked about not only the background checks, but also some other very practical matters that all regions chosen to participate in USRAP should be asking:

  1. What state and local officials have been notified and consulted?
  2. When are the first refugees expected to arrive in Spartanburg?
  3. What federal, state, and local benefits are the refugees entitled to receive a) upon designation as a refugee and b) upon resettlement in the Spartanburg area?
  4. How many refugees will be resettled in the Spartanburg area?
  5. How are the refugees chosen to resettle in Spartanburg?
  6. What is the country of origin of each of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area?
  7. Who is responsible for ensuring housing, employment, and education services for the resettled refugees?
  8. Who is responsible for ensuring resettled refugees maintain employment, as opposed to tracking employment for the first few months after being resettled?
  9. How many of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area are of the age to attend K–12 schools? Of those, how many need the local government to provide interpreters or teachers who speak the native language of the refugee for the students?
  10. Do any of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area have criminal convictions? If so, for what crimes has each been convicted?
  11. Please explain the background check process performed on refugees scheduled to be resettled in Spartanburg.
  12. Will this be the only time refugees will be resettled to the Spartanburg area pursuant to the agency’s proposal? Or can additional refugees be resettled pursuant to the proposal?

Gowdy requested “that any plans to resettle refugees in the Spartanburg, South Carolina, area be placed on hold until my constituents and I receive your substantive responses to the questions and information requested in this letter.”


kerry w slingshotGowdy’s letter and reaction aren’t surprising, and I can almost hear him barking out these questions to John Vietnam Kerry. Much like the surreptitious buses transporting illegals into various towns across the US, the State Dept likely planned to dump these ‘poor innocent refugees’ in towns without informing anyone.

They’ve admitted the background checks are spotty, if at all, yet they bring them to live among us anyway, the very people they’re supposed to be protecting. Apparently, the fact that millions of Americans are out of jobs and millions more already on the dole doesn’t matter to O’s State Dept.

Why is it the USA’s job to take in every stray? Idaho and South Carolina should simply tell them no, but they won’t because we still live by that ‘give me your poor, your hungry’ garbage.

If they were going to put them anywhere, why not in neighboring countries where they’d fit it and Islam already dominates? At the very least, put them in Dearborn which is already a cesspool of muslims – at least they’d be among their peers.


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10 Responses to State Dept Importing Possible Terrorists

  1. Uriel says:

    Crap Kathy is ANY of the U.S. Going to be US in the next 6 months. Geeeeez

    • Kathy says:

      It may not be, Uriel. They’re coming at us from all directions and our prez has his arms open wide to them and gives us his backside.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    “The Syrian Civil War has resulted in the deaths of 220,000 people and driven some 9 million of the prewar population of 23 million from their homes. Of those, more than 3.8 million have fled to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.”

    Wait until they see the numbers generated here, when our civil war starts.
    I mean, IDAHO??? WTF are they thinking?

    • Kathy says:

      Good question, IR, they weren’t. People in both states are going to be ticked off when this load of people gets brought in and dumped on them. Two hot spots at one time?? Yikes.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    Obama is doing this (and other activities) to intentionally diminish the United States. If ANYONE ever had any doubt, that should be erased by now. He is only able to get away with these unconstitutional activities because his approval numbers are still (relatively) high. If his black supporters ever finally wake up and recognize that they are the ones whose jobs are being taken away, who are being relegated to lesser status by more incoming “refugees” and rebel, refusing to support their “massa” Obama, that is the only thing that’ll slow his agenda. If his poll numbers were down in the twenties, he wouldn’t be doing all of this and Congress would be more apt to exert themselves into the situation.

    • Kathy says:

      True Garnet, and add to that the spineless Congress who never tells him no and lets him get away with all these stunts he pulls.

  4. vonmesser says:

    Catholic Nuns…………..NO

  5. Obamacare is revealing its context of purpose, and that is to blossom the urgent need for uncontrollable disease epidemics and criminal chaos to meet Obamas fierce hate for America. To break Americas will to live free and well health but for us American Taxpayers to live in ruins of hell. Obama and his followers are truly the Anti-Christ of this Century. Whether the American Constitution had warn us modern and dysfunctional evil Government Officials as well Unspoken and Weak Churches that continue to use passive christian silence and absense of ralling for the first amendment. Thus cowardly not protecting our Godly For Fathers Foundation, who had written the American Constitution. But our dysfunctional and immature society use cartoons for free speech to mock other religions, rather than to protect Gods American Constitution.

  6. Pam Geller, the arrogant witch bitch, has lost her wisdom of past violence, on American soil, has been caused by cartoons aggravating and mocking other religions. Pam Geller is using the first amendment of the American Constitution for her own entertainment to promote violence. And she is not a christian. Christians do not promote violence. Christians have wisdom to promote Gods Creation by Faith and Truth. And by numbers, large numbers. And Pam Geller is out numbered. Pam Geller is ignorant of 9-11-2001. God Bless the police and security officers.