Vicious Black-on-White Mob Attack Near Baltimore… Where’s Al Sharpton?

From:,  by: Wilmot Proviso,  on: May 1, 2015,  see the article HERE. Bold emphasis by Garnet92

Dundalk white man beating

A mob of black high school “youts” did this to a white guy who was just trying to break up a fight – they kicked his face into a bloody pulp … and they want us to respect them?

A vicious assault on a 61-year-old white man in the Baltimore area by African-American youths from a nearby high school resulted in the man being placed in a medically-induced coma, authorities say.

Dundalk, Md., police said the man, Richard Fletcher, wasn’t just the victim of a “simple fist fight,” but of a coordinated mob attack by high schoolers.

“This is not a simple fist fight,” a spokesman said. “This is a brutal assault.”

The incident took place when Fletcher noticed a fight between two girls taking place outside his home. He decided to intervene, and when he did, what’s described as a “mass of youths” from Baltimore Community High School descended upon him.

The results were graphic. According to a neighbor, Fletcher suffered a broken nose and broken ribs and had bleeding on the brain. He required a blood transfusion and stitches on his face, in addition to being placed in a medically-induced coma.

Two juveniles have been arrested for the attack, police say, and at least one of them will be tried as an adult.

A resident in the area told reporters that the neighborhood has been a hotspot for violence of this sort for quite some time, with youths terrorizing the neighborhood.

“You wouldn’t believe it. Everybody goes in the house and shuts their door,” the resident said. “You have to live like a prisoner. But when I came down and seen that man, it made you totally sick.” (H/T WND)

Fletcher’s beating wasn’t readily publicized amid the rioting that’s been going on in Baltimore proper, and it wasn’t immediately known whether the riots were connected to the beating.

One thing is for certain, though. Even though Al Sharpton is in the Baltimore area, you won’t see him at any vigil for Richard Fletcher.


One point I found interesting is that there was a video broadcast on a Baltimore television station (WBAL, ch. 11) that didn’t show any of the attack, just described the events (sorry, I couldn’t get the video to play here). They left out the part where the victim was WHITE and the attacking mob was BLACK. And that’s called news reporting? Nothing to see here, just some misguided youts punching out an old geezer – couldn’t possibly be a hate crime.

By now, I’ve seen scores of video of attacks like this one by black youths. And regardless of the color of the victim, one thing always strikes me as cowardly behavior by predatory animals – that is when the victim goes down, he or she is brutally kicked in the head by multiple attackers. Punches are one thing, but kicking a victim when he/she is down is universally considered cowardly and even worse, kicking at someone’s head HAS to be viewed as attempted murder and should be dealt with as such.

It’s happening far too often to be happenstance, and it apparently isn’t something practiced by a few gang-bangers here and there. I’ve seen it over and over again and I have to say that it’s something that is apparently standard operating procedure for today’s black mobs. That kind of activity doesn’t gain respect, it generates revulsion and disgust. Nothing is more cowardly. Be prepared – forewarned is forearmed.




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4 Responses to Vicious Black-on-White Mob Attack Near Baltimore… Where’s Al Sharpton?

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s likely that many of the homes in that neighborhood only have a mom at home, and chances are good some of them are crackhead baby factories that don’t pay any attention to what the kids are doing.

    The hoodlums scatter when cops drive through only to regroup when they’re gone and continue their gang lifestyle.

    This poor man will never be the same and after this incident I wouldn’t blame him if he never tried to step in again.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Cowardly bastards!

    We should expect more of this to come as the race pimps promote the racist victimhood meme that exists only in the minds of the left. Unfortunately, other races will naturally react and begin to see blacks in a negative light thus ruining any gains made in five decades. This will be Putt’s legacy.

  3. Uriel says:

    Im with you. This is disgusting. No Al showed up in New Orleans either when something similar happen. I’d say there has to be an end to this behavior from a United community where all stand up as one to such vile behavior. Poor guy, we see every day incidents of youth attacking like rabid dogs and ask why someone didnt step in to help. Perhaps a loaded shotgun pointed and sprayed would be a better answer at least then those involved could be known, brought to justice and ostracized in the community. Get the parents outta the crack houses and give parents of vicious pack animals jail time for their part, put those kids not in prison but boot camp since they seem to need to learn discipline.

  4. Diamondsp says:

    The Community the victim lives in is trying to raise money for his medical bills/ Mr. Fletcher is on a fixed income, every little bit will help him no matter how small. If you can donate, please go do