Armed Citizen Takes Down Robber

From GunsSaveLives:

wrong house gun barrel

A concealed carrier in Houston, TX shot and killed an armed robber this week. The incident happened at the Ruiz Cash n Carry store around 8:30AM on April 30th.

According to local media reports:

Police say the store employee was about to enter into the store with a bag under his arm when a man approached him from behind and pointed a gun at him, demanding the bag, possibly thinking there was cash inside.

The employee, who also had a concealed handgun license was able to turn to his own gun, pull it out and fire four shots at the man. Two or three of those shots hit the man in the chest area.

“From what I gather is that when the employee went to open the door, the gun was already put at the back of his head, and so, I don’t know what words were exchanged, but at this point the investigation is still ongoing, they’re still talking to him (the store employee) and he turned around and saw the suspect had a gun.”

The suspect later died after being transported to an area hospital for treatment. The store employee was uninjured.


As it should be and kudos to the store owner.

When will these thugs learn not to try and take other people’s stuff? Apparently they don’t keep up with the news. They don’t know that more people are carrying today than they did back in the Old West. O’s attempts at gun control have inspired more people to get their concealed carry permit and gun sales are booming.

One more DRT to add to the list.


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5 Responses to Armed Citizen Takes Down Robber

  1. Hardnox says:

    Oh good! One more parasite thugly gone.

    Some many snails, so little salt.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    Sounds like a “Tom Cruise moment.”

  3. CW says:

    Great! Who says there’s never any good news?