Hard Nosed Texan-Gotta Love ‘Em

Budget Hearing – Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Homeland Security Subcommittee) April 15, 2015





Oh I do love to listen to an old warhorse judge.  The video is 2 hours long. Chairman Carter and several others with the subcommittee raked Soldana over the coals.  If you are interested in just the highlights, check out these timings: :15-:35;1:05-1:10; and 1:40-1:55 but I found it all interesting.  Several, especially Carter got quite pithy in their comments.  (I would bet Carter was a very tough judge when on the bench.)

At one point Soldana was whining about needing IT system upgrades before she could get information to the committee.  Carter cracked back that he used  the pencil and notepad before computers so that was no excuse and so could Soldana.  Kudos to Carter but I don’t think she got the message too well.

Soldana tried to act as if having to follow O’ memo was okay and within the law but the main guys on this committee weren’t having it.  Interestingly at least 3 committee members were from Texas as is Soldana.  They are all catching quite a bit of heat from constituents on “discretionary” release of serious offenders.

Let’s hope somehow, by miracle or strong arm, the executive order doesn’t stand and that ICE will follow federal law again not executive overreach.   As of posting both House and Senate in Texas overwhelmingly approved beefed up border protection but funding is to be hammered out so at least Texas has taken some authority and action.


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2 Responses to Hard Nosed Texan-Gotta Love ‘Em

  1. upaces88 says:

    I do live in Texas and have all of my life with the exception of one year.
    I live on a block of about 15 homes before it curves around. Out of those 15 homes, 4 of the homes are Illegals. I am NOT a mathematician. Someone on here figure it out. In my community, there are 700 homes. So? How many illegals live in my community?
    Five years ago, there were 25,000 Mexicans in Mexico who APPLIED to come to the U.S. with permission. They were ignored.

    Those are the very kind of people we need!

  2. Uriel says:

    I agree Upace. I have met many who are hard workers, willing to do what is good for family, and doing everything within the law.