Jeb Leads Hillary in Virginia Polls

From Breitbart:

hillary pointingJeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book

According to a new poll of registered voters in Virginia, in just two months, Hillary Clinton has lost major ground in the crucial swing state. The dual-scandals of her deleted emails and the corruption charges involving her family charity have taken a serious toll. Her five point lead against Republican Jeb Bush is now a two-point deficit.

In February, Clinton beat Bush 48-43%. Today, in this same poll, he beats her 48-46%.

When matched up against Marco Rubio in February, Clinton enjoyed a 51-42% lead. That lead is now down to 49-45%. Against Rand Paul, Clinton only holds a 2 point lead of 49-47%; two months ago, she dominated the Kentucky Republican Senator by a whopping 10 points, 52-42%.

Against the 7 GOP challengers, Clinton did not once break 50%. This is bad news for the most well-known politician in the country not named Barack Obama. It is also bad news because the corruption charges involving the Clinton family charity and Ms. Clinton’s time as secretary of state are just now starting to be detailed and reported. We’re only at the beginning of the beginning of the “Clinton Cash” scandal.

The worse news for Clinton is that this poll was taken between April 13-24, which means that all the fallout from the “Clinton Cash” scandal has not thus far been fully polled.

In February, in this same poll, Clinton’s favorability rating was only upside down by 3 points, 46-49%.

She is currently upside down 8 points, 44-52%.


So, one democrat is getting beat out by another democrat, who just so happens to mistakenly have an R behind his name. It’s good to see that the real conservatives are holding their own.

These scandals should be costing her lots more than just percentages in polls.


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6 Responses to Jeb Leads Hillary in Virginia Polls

  1. Buck says:

    Not even interesting to read. It’s just like, “Ding” is leading “Dong” in the belfry…

  2. CW says:

    Republicans should start praying that Hillary ends up being the Democrat nominee.

  3. Uriel says:

    If she remains their only option until just before elections that would at least give few contenders for Demonuts to rally around. I am fast losing any hope that we can bring her down even with all these scandals. That is unless Real hard evidence can prove different, like more leaked facts from a ahem high level “whistleblower”. As long as supposition and money talks demosheep will follow her bell.

    Bushes started this fast decline. I seriously doubt good ole Jeb has the gumption to make even small changes. The only hope is that a majority voting can override the dang immigrant votes assuming we can not stop that firestorm.

    Frankly I am more worried about what Odemon is doing right now to continue His time in as el presidente.

    • Kathy says:

      Agreed, Uriel, Jeb sounds more like her competition than a R candidate.

      A high-powered whistleblower would have to have a death wish to step forward at this point.