Governor Abbott Commands State Guard to Monitor Jade Helm 15 Operation

From Big Country Homepage:

Governor Abbott is putting his citizens rights first by commanding General Betty keep Texans properly informed during an upcoming military exercise.

The United States Army says that United States Military Operation Jade Helm 15 is designed to train special forces units such as the Army’s Green Berets, Air Force and Marine Special Operations Commands, Marine Expeditionary Units, and the 82nd Airborne Division.

It will take place in various locations across the State of Texas including the Big Country’s own town of Big Springs from July – September of 2015.

Citizens have been raising concerns since preliminary operation plans came to light, and Governor Greg Abbott is making it his mission to quell these fears the best he can.

Image from nbcdfw.comHe penned this letter to Commander of the Texas State Guard Major General Gerald “Jake” Betty urging him to monitor all aspects of the operation in the interest of keeping his public informed. Governor Abbott wants to make it clear to Texans that their “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights, and civil liberties will not be infringed”.

State Guard monitoring would make information like military personnel movements and raining exercise schedules public knowledge.

Abbott ends his letter by highlighting “Texas’ long history of supporting our military forces and our proud tradition of training, deploying, and supporting our active-duty troops and return veterans.” 


As usual, Governor Abbott is looking out for Texans first. He knows better than most of us that O cannot be trusted, and we all know what he’s done to our military, so it’s no wonder we’re all a bit leery when it comes to military exercises.

Good on you Governor.


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7 Responses to Governor Abbott Commands State Guard to Monitor Jade Helm 15 Operation

  1. Buck says:

    Yeah Obama would have the French train our military if he could. Come to think of it, maybe he can given this no-nut Congress we have.

  2. CW says:

    Kudos to Abbot.

    • upaces88 says:

      I am so proud of him! I knew Perry was 100% for guns, and Texas.. However, he was soft on those “poor little illegals.”

      .However! I DO like this man!

  3. Uriel says:

    Yes I agree CW. But rumors are flying. Walmarts closed and all workers laid off in one day in areas being used for the Jade Helm, massive amounts of guns and ammo purchased for non-enforcement units of executive branch, Islamic troops spotted in Canada and US for this training, huge tunnels. It is enough to give me hives. I hope the other states involved are also on alert like Texas.

    • Kathy says:

      From what I’ve read, the Walmart closings don’t have anything to do with the Jade Helm drill, but the timing of it raised suspicions in lots of folks.

      More coming tomorrow on some of the pushback here in Texas.

  4. tannngl says:

    Texas has a patriot governor. Wish we did. Ours is a communist.