Alleged Home Invader ‘Chose Wrong House,’ Homeowner Was Armed, Ready

From:,  by: AWR Hawkins,  on: April 26, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Glock in hand

On April 23, an alleged 18-year-old home invader “chose the wrong house” for a daylight robbery in Arlington, Texas, and was shot and killed by the homeowner, who was in the residence at the time.

The incident occurred around 4 pm.

The body of the deceased suspect–Nathyn Tealer–was discovered in the backyard when police arrived. They arrested a second, uninjured suspect shortly afterward the incident took place.

According to 5 NBC DFW, the homeowner heard a loud noise coming from the back of his house and saw two suspects allegedly trying to break in. Arlington Police Sgt. Paul Rodriquez said the homeowner “confronted them and during the course of that confrontation he shot at them,” killing Tealer.

The homeowner was not injured during the alleged home invasion.

A next door neighbor commented on incident: “People work hard for [their] stuff, you can’t just break into somebody’s house. [If you do,] it’s the chance you take.”


Other reports of this incident state that (at least at this time) the homeowner is not likely to be charged as he was within his rights under Texas law.

Shootings like this should be plastered on billboards and played as public service messages to warn other criminals that attempting to rob homes in Texas may be “hazardous to your health.”




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5 Responses to Alleged Home Invader ‘Chose Wrong House,’ Homeowner Was Armed, Ready

  1. Kathy says:

    Good for the resident and good for Texas on having the castle law that allows people to defend themselves and their homes. Every state should allow that.

  2. Just Gene says:

    That’s the kind of GUN CONTROL I love.

  3. asdf says:

    if eric holder had his way, the homeowner would be dead

  4. Buck says:

    Look at it this way:
    The criminal is forcing you to play a game he invented. He bets you his life against whatever riches he can plunder off your person, in your home or out of your car.
    If he wins, he gets your riches, gets away and leaves you without your hard earned possessions and maybe hurt or even dead.
    He is betting his life in this game you didn’t want to play.
    So if he loses it is only fair he should be DRT!