Canada Appears On the Right Economic Track Federally


From Canada Free Press

Economies matter. Well intentioned but unreliable Green ideology tied to energy and government subsidies can devastatingly ruin countries and even whole continents.

Here at home… Provinces continue to play with go it alone climate/energy policies.

The Liberals in BC implemented a Carbon Tax that with a pop. of only 4.6 million, taxes us 1.2 billion annually or $422 per household.

They also enacted in 2010, a Cap/Trade emission trading scheme which the BC Auditor General exposed as a bogus scam. It resembles an elaborate circular tax-money laundering scheme. 

Our BC Liberal government has experimented stubbornly with alternative energy policies resulting in doubling, tripling and soon quadrupling our electrical utility rates. Most of it was squandering our water resources to ‘Run of River’ Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) for high priced electrical power that we don’t need and can’t use.

But the private producers were given mandatory priority access to the grid with purchase agreements at prices many times higher than our own public BC Hydro could produce power in our big dams.

This venture into green utopia has financially ruined our once prideful and profitable BC Hydro. (It’s like… you grow your own potatoes but the government forces you to buy ten times more expensive ones from their friend’s private farm).

It seems die-hard elected green politicos refuse to compromise their indoctrinated ideology and continue to implement proven failed policy.

Ontario just announced they will implement the same failed Cap and Trade emission scheme that ruined the EU.

Ontario (now with the highest electricity rates in North America) continues on a similar delusional green energy plan with money losing Wind Turbines blighting the landscape. They produce useless energy that Ontario Hydro can’t use or sell at any price and the Americans won’t even take it for free. 

Over in Europe

For green ideology’s unintended consequences one need only observe Europe’s 14-year climate strategy Kyoto Protocol experiment.

It was based on two basic assumptions;  First that global warming was a threat that required urgent prevention at all cost; Second that the world was running out of fossil fuels. Both conjectures turned out to be wrong.

The EU (European Union) is now in serious financial and economic decline, losing much of it’s industry and jobs abroad, almost entirely a result of their alternative energy experiments and they are having difficulty back-peddling out from the failures.

Electricity prices are too high (double that of N. America) for the same consumers who absurdly are required to artificially subsidize alternative energy. (Poor subsidizing the affluent)

Ironically the EU’s flagship cap/trade climate policy, ‘Emissions Trading Scheme’, has led to the collapse in carbon prices which makes coal-fired power plants even more economically amplified than gas-fired power plants.

Coal and gas generated producers can’t compete with subsidized Wind and Solar which has been given mandatory access to the grid and must be purchased first by the utilities.

Even in the EU’s economic engine of Germany, some gas-fired power generation is facing unprofitable close-downs, including some of the newest most efficient and least carbon-intensive plants.

Because (supplemental at best) Wind and Solar is intermittent, (when the sun shines or wind blows) this necessitates the required (backup reliable base load) gas generators to shut down and start back up often which renders them inefficient and unprofitable.

In the UK, the Scots are shocked to learn that tourism has been sacrificed as their treasured iconic Loch Ness hills and mountain landscapes are in the process of being ravaged with towering industrial subsidized Wind Turbines.

Canada has under PM Stephen Harper’s direction taken a more cautious approach in spite of being pressured by USA’s big powerful green lobby championed by President Obama. (This lobby is the impetus that stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline project). Canada is well recognized internationally for PM Harper’s economic policies in enduring the 2008 world recession which still lingers on. 

However if Justin Trudeau’s Liberals form the next government, he is promising to take Canada down the same failed path as the EU’s with a ‘Cap and Trade’ Emissions Trading Scheme. The well known track record of these schemes are rampant with corruption and industry collusion.

While Obama would love to follow and implement the failed European model, it is certain that the US Senate will not go along as the 2002 Kyoto Protocol was unanimously rejected as an economy killer.

Dr. Benny Peiser of the UK ‘Global Warming Policy Foundation’ gave testimony to the ‘Committee on Environment and Public Works’ of the US Senate, Dec 2, 2014, where he laid out the social, jobs, economic, industrial implications of the failed EU policies.     

To Create Jobs, All Costs Matter

We are in tough economic times with hardships increasing for middle and lower income people throughout the world. Energy Poverty is real and rising as many low income families must choose between heat, food and medicine. In the UK, over 6 million households approx. 24% experience winter heating difficulty. The German Association of Consumers estimate approx. 800,000 were unable to pay their bills and had their power cut off.

I want our country to have decent if not high wages, but let’s be real, we need economical competitive energy prices just to hold our jobs…Most heavy industries are energy intensive and why would they want to locate a new investment in a locale with both high labour costs and high energy costs?


If Trudeau makes the next gov’t….. we’ll be headed down the same road to despair as our Southern cuzzins!

We came through the recession with not much damage thanks to the Harper Gov’t.  If we had had the Liberals in charge at that time…we would have been looking at a larger debt and nowhere even close to paying it off like we are now.

Harper Government was expecting us to be debt free in 2015 but with the downturn in oil prices…it most likely won’t be until 2016.

We don’t need the windmills here in Canada! We have enough Oil and Gas to last over a thousand years. We have more than enough waterways to generate power from and they are much more reliable too!

From Yahoo News

Excerpt~ Canada’s Conservative government looks set to comfortably balance its books in 2015 or even sooner, its latest budget showed on Tuesday, with cuts in spending on the public service more than offsetting a series of modest new expenditures.

The low-key spending plan leaves Prime Minister Stephen Harper well-positioned to offer tax breaks and other initiatives in the runup to an election scheduled for October next year.

“Some people will say this budget is boring,” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters ahead of the budget speech. “Boring is good.”

The budget shows a deficit of C$2.9 billion ($2.63 billion)in the 2014-15 fiscal year, up from the previous estimate of C$5.5 billion. That balance includes a C$3 billion contingency fund, which in fact reveals an underlying surplus that year.

Flaherty acknowledged the budget would be narrowly balanced this coming year without the contingency fund, but said he preferred to have a “nice clean surplus next year”.

The government estimates a bigger-than-expected C$6.4 billion surplus in 2015-16. In the year ending March 31 of this year, the deficit is pegged at C$16.6 billion.

The Conservatives, in power since 2006, plunged into a deep deficit in 2008 as they pumped out stimulus money to deal with the recession after having cut taxes earlier. Previously, the Canadian government had an 11-year string of budget surpluses.

The government’s reluctance to go for a balanced budget in 2014 was seen as preparing for an election-friendly budget the following year.

“This is a budget designed to build a bigger war chest for the next budget,” said Avery Shenfeld, chief economist at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

He added that the government should be in a position to “have more money to give away” in 2015.

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