What To Do For Our Young People?


“My goodness, what shall we ever do to stop our young people from joining radical Islam? (hand-wringing sobs and voices of outrage)”

Why am I showing the February tape? Because of this news report today where the same group is again being noticed.

FOX NEWS REPORT found here.
Feds make arrests in Minnesota, California in connection with terrorism investigation

Published April 19, 2015

How about folks PAY ATTENTION to who and what your children are doing? Question, grow a bit of hutzpa and be real Parents not absentee landlords.  Get your heads out of your computers, smart phones, or televisions, turn off Their electronic gadgets (maybe even save cash and Don’t buy them) and be a family for a change. If you need to practice tough love to get this done, do it. Join together with other parents in your communities for support and methods.

Our youth are being destroyed as much by parental neglect, government interference in family values by trying to practice PC, and drugs as any radical movement. But Do Not expect sympathy if your child lands up in jail or killed or murdering if you do NOTHING. Stop expecting others to solve the problem for you. I am sick of seeing people wail about this.

Radical Islam is At War with the frigging world. Those either publically or through bribes who help their jihadist cause should be tried for treason. Or, at the very least branded publically as threats to the public just as any other criminals are.

How about an active local area watch list for subversive activity? We have pedophile lists why not this? Radicals are raping the minds of our children. It should be treated no different.

How about KNOWING who backs politicians with donations or their political history before letting them get into office? There is a national government center who lists all donations (assuming they get reported)

How about posting gangs or organizations furthering radical muslim causes so that parents and leaders can be aware of the potential harm. Petition local or state enforcement for action against them.

How about booting out those in our government who take bribes or give out favors that further jihadist agendas? That or be prepared to roll over and be zombies as firestorms of chaos consume our homeland.

Kiss your current activities, way of life, and attitude Goodbye if you do nothing. All the women’s rights so hard-fought for, laws designed to cover the majority with at least a modicum of balance, vacations at Disney World or marathons, or rehab centers, or prisons, all the crazy things teens can do today, our very lives will be lost if jihadists are to be believed. I believe them. Look at the Middle East folks. It can and will happen here if we do not take a stand.

How about rounding up all suspected mosques and their members and boot them out of the country!  If local meeting spots are hotbeds for radicalizing our youth, then they present a clear and present danger to the US.  Bar them from the US.  Least you think I am being biased (admittedly I can be on this subject), note I did not include peaceful followers If there are any.

The choice is take charge or do nothing.  Keep voting for politicians suspected of being in league with these murderers, or allowing our very foundations to be eroded, or accepting bad behavior in the name of political correctness, or expecting a nebulous “others” to handle everything.  I promise you will not see a better day.  The only guarantee for that choice is death and destruction.  Or are you dismissing people speaking the truth as conspiracy nuts? Ask those US citizens stuck right now in Yemen or those who have been kidnapped.

Rant over for the moment.


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8 Responses to What To Do For Our Young People?

  1. CW says:

    Great rant, Uriel. I’m with you 100%.

  2. Kathy says:

    We need a government who leads by example. If we had a government on the right side of this battle, these kids might not see this as a worthy goal, rather they’d see ISIS for the monsters they are. We need an administration who emphatically denounces their actions and combats it in a more effective manner.

    Parents also need to come out of their stupor and get engaged in their kids’ lives. Stop with the hand-wringing and get involved.

    Good rant, Uriel, you are spot-on.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Excellent rant. Most parents today spend more time with their pets than with their kids.

  4. Uriel says:

    Thanks guys. It is a sure push button for me. I know what it is to raise teen boys. It is extremely hard but if they are loved and you care enough then there are people and places even in small towns for no money to help. Churches may get a bad rap but youth ministers if effective can help. Women as I found do not have an easy time. Boys need good adult males in their lives. But at no time did I wring my hands and give up. I fought for my kids. I also did not devalue myself in their lives.

  5. Bullright says:

    Good writeup. It gets a little old when they start to paint them as victims — swept away in something unbeknownst to them. Yea. Don’t they have brain cells even if they are young? Get them to cooperate and testify. Isn’t that why we have Gitmo, because that doesn’t really happen…in real life?

    • Uriel says:

      The devil is in the details Bullright. Remember PLO. Tear down self then rebuild as family. Classic gang strategy as well.

  6. upaces88 says:

    I feel sorry for the parents….I know when his mom was changing his diapers and giving him medicine for Chicken Pox, etc., she never thought her son would turn out like this.
    It is said, we do “have free Will.”
    What happened!!???