Oathkeepers on Security Detail at Oregon Gold Mine

From Oathkeepers:

As I wrote in a piece last week, the Bureau of Land Management is in the process of another land grab – this time a gold mining district in southwestern Oregon. In Bundy Ranch style they’ve threatened to burn down buildings at the mines if the owners don’t vacate by April 25th.

The mine owners were served papers, several times, ordering them off the property, but instead of caving in to the BLM mobsters, they called in the Oathkeepers to stand guard over the property until they get their day in court, which hasn’t been set as of this past Friday.

The Oathkeepers want to dispel any rumors that they are in a stand-off situation with the BLM. So far, the BLM has kept their distance, and the men from Oathkeepers are on site to ensure they do just that.  Area-Coordinator Joseph Rice made a statement to clarify their situation.

They are requesting that people not converge on the property as it is in rough terrain with extreme weather changes and their presence will only cause chaos.

The following is an interview with one of the mine owners. Note the copy of Essential Liberty in his shirt pocket. For those of you who may not be familiar with this publication, it is a handy little book that contains a copy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, as well as other pertinent documents essential to Americans who know their rights. It can be obtained at the Patriot Post’s website.

Although it is a comfort to know we have groups like the Oathkeepers, the Three Percenters and the Minutemen, who will stand up for Americans’ rights, it’s a shame we need such groups to keep our government at bay.

“Not on our watch.”


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10 Responses to Oathkeepers on Security Detail at Oregon Gold Mine

  1. Buck says:

    Yes, it’s a shame we need these groups. It’s a shame we cannot send folks like these groups represent to Washington instead of the communists, semi-communists, corruptocrats and castrati that we habitually put in office.

    • Kathy says:

      I’d be all for that, Buck, let’s fire the whole let in DC and hire these guys to run the country. At least they pay attention to the Constitution.

  2. Hardnox says:

    It is a shame that we have a gangster government and people that will readily enforce the unlawful edicts coming from these agencies.

    • Kathy says:

      The BLM is right up there with DHS in the arm-twisting business, but it didn’t work with the ranchers and it won’t work with the miners. People are fed up with it.

  3. CW says:

    This is another one of those cases where I’m still a bit unclear on how the claim to ownership of the mine works; however, in the interview above I find the mine owner to be perfectly reasonable. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to be heard before a judge before he has to remove or dismantle anything, particularly if he’s been there for years?

    He’s probably correct in saying that the gov’t wants to control the minerals but I think this, like so many of the many power grabs we are witnessing lately, has more to do with gov’t bureaucrats wanting to feel important and powerful by making people jump when they say jump. If that’s not the case then they would be the first gov’t bureaucrats I’ve ever seen who cared about protecting what supposedly belongs to the people of the U.S.

    • Kathy says:

      CW, I’m still not clear on it either, and will read more as time allows. Here are a couple of links that give a bit of the history of the Sugar Pine Mine specifically and the district in general.

      Here’s a blurb from the first link….

      Current title to the Sugar Pine Mine originated on February 9th, 1876. It was originally recorded as entry #196 on page 134 of the Mining Record of the Galice Creek Mining District, which is currently housed in the vault of the County Clerk of Josephine County. It was later transcribed into to official Mining Records of Josephine County, in Volume #3, page 76. It has been continuously owned since. The mine has an unbroken Chain of Title that dates back almost one hundred and forty (140) years.

      • The Sugar Pine Mine is the oldest active mining claim in the State of Oregon.

      • The title to the Sugar Pine Mine predates the formation of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) by over seventy (70) years, and the formation of USFS (United States Forest Service) by nearly thirty (30) years.



      How this ends will depend on the judge’s interpretation, if and when they ever get their day in court.

      • CW says:

        Thank you for the info and the links, Kathy. While it seems like the miners make a good case for why BLM has no claim on the land, so far I’m not seeing any documents showing a purchase of the mine by the current owners. Perhaps it was passed down by family members but you would think if they are trying to win the public’s support they would put those documents up front and center. That said, I don’t think it’s their burden to establish ownership to anyone other than a judge. They are not rejecting the idea of demonstrating their rights to the property. They are fighting the notion that the BLM can presume to take charge of the land without a hearing before a court. Let’s hope that if and when they get their hearing it comes before a judge like the one in Texas who’s been a thorn in Obama’s side on Obamacare.

        • Kathy says:

          I thought the same thing, CW – the lineage of mine ownership isn’t 100% clear, so you’d think they’d get that settled and out front first. The miners don’t seem to be as concerned about that as they are about their day in court. A bit confusing, so I guess we’ll have to follow along and see if and when they get a decent judge or not.

  4. Uriel says:

    Don’t forget. Loretta Lynch and that arm of Obama is doing the same thing. Taking peoples property cash, land or otherwise without proper legal court filings is a major issue under Obama. BLM and DHS and all his executive branches need to be cauterized and people not following laws as written but O’s memos need removed. But we have all said that since he began in office. What is a shame is that our citizens are being subjected to such actions on a whole spectrum of fronts but the general populace is not hearing the truth because of O sanctioned earplugs

    • Kathy says:

      So true, Uriel, practically every department in the government is using some method of thievery to take stuff away from the working class, while other departments are handing out freebies to the illegals as they cross into the US.