Another liberal says: Hillary’s email server broke no laws and politicians do it all the time

I just couldn’t help myself. After reading another liberal article supposedly telling their readers the “truth” about Hillary’s email scandal, I just had to post it. I know that many of our readers don’t visit liberal sites often so they may not be aware of how chock full o’ lies some of their sites are, so I’ve decided to highlight two today (the other one is about Ted Cruz) just to illustrate what we’re up against. And to verify what we’ve come to believe: that liberals depend on lies and obfuscation to fool the low information public into believing their version of the story. They dare not speak the truth because that would require them to agree with our conservative voices who DO speak the truth.

In this one, the author conveniently “forgets” that no State Department employee (including Hillary) was authorized to conduct ALL of their State business on their own personal server (not the department’s network) and that Hillary used her own personal server  to send and receive 100% of her official State emails – she never using the State system at all. That was against all administration rules and policies. The author states that “officials that have done the same” without specifying the other official(s) who conducted ALL of their official business on their own personal network. Hillary is the ONLY Secretary of State to do that. She alone decided which emails to send to State (when she was asked to do so, she didn’t voluntarily turn them over as she was supposed to do) and then she deleted the rest and won’t allow anyone to access her server – even though supposedly “nothing is left on it.”

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the writer says that we pesky Republicans have investigated Benghazi and found that was “absolutely no wrongdoing.” We’ll see what Rep. Gowdy says about that.


 Benghazi Fever Spreads (Again) As Republicans Demand Access To Hillary’s Personal Emails

From:, by: Left Wing Nation, on: March 5, 2015, see the article HERE.

You didn’t REALLY think Republicans were done with Benghazi, did you? Sure, Republicans investigated and investigated and investigated ad nauseam and finally admitted that there’s was absolutely no wrongdoing. So that settles it then, right?

Helllllll no! Flogging that dead horse is the ONLY real chance they have of beating Hillary if she runs for president. So you can only imagine Republicans were furiously masturbating when the Emailgatenon-scandal popped up:

The House Select Committee on Benghazi, which has been investigating the fatal 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya, said it issued subpoenas for Clinton’s personal emails related to the attack, and for those of others who also might have information. The panel sent letters to Internet firms telling them to preserve emails.

Take a whiff, that’s the smell of GOP desperation. Republicans are going to pour over those emails and try to make huge scandals out of thin air, something they’ve become quite good at doing. They won’t even care if they’re caught lying because they know that the media will breathlessly report on it anyway.

I imagine it will go something like this:

I have orchestra seats for The Nutcracker next week! I invited a few friends and want you to come. I hope we can get through the whole ballet without some idiot whispering “Benghazi” in my ear. LOL! – Love, Hil

Headlines the next day:

Clinton Emails: “I Orchestrated Benghazi. LOL!”

If you think I’m exaggerating, the Washington Post article quoted above mentions that the “private server” was registered to her home (SCANDAL!) three times before it bothers to mention that there’s zero evidence that it was actually AT her home. Why use so much space to imply that it was then? SCANDAL! Full disclosure, this website is being run on a private, dedicated server which really only means it’s not being shared with other websites. SCANDAL!

Just to make clear how much of a manufactured “scandal” this is, the Post published the following article on Tuesday: Hillary Clinton’s use of private email not unusual, but still raises questions.

Translation: No laws were broken and politicians do this alllll the time but since it’s Hillary Clinton, we still have “questions.” And no, we won’t be raising “questions” about any other politicians or officials that have done the same. Especially if they’re Republicans. That would seem biased.

The “liberal” media is the Republican Party’s most reliable ally when it comes to spreading bullshit. I look forward to all of the (fake) damning revelations to be revealed, how much of the media will get duped into incredulously reporting them and then how many of those outlets will forget to publish the truth when we find out that (GASP) Republicans were lying.


Can you believe this? The writer says that this is a “manufactured” scandal as if Hillary did nothing wrong. Yes, others have transacted some official business on personal email accounts – though the practice is frowned upon – but no one else, especially the country’s top diplomat, has ever used ONLY her own private email server and she NEVER used the official State Department system. Why would anyone do that? She says for convenience, but any reasonably intelligent, logical person would recognize that her reason for a private server was so that SHE had total control of official emails – emails that WERE NOT her property – they’re the property of our government. I could go on, but you all know the details by now and you all know that Hillary was hiding her actions from Congress and FOIA requests.




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2 Responses to Another liberal says: Hillary’s email server broke no laws and politicians do it all the time

  1. Hardnox says:

    The left is using a time tested method of accusing the other side for this issue. As we all know, none of this would be possible without the assistance of the media who refuse to report on the dozens of scandals involving Hillary. If the media actually performed their self appointed function Hillary would be a footnote in history and would be in hiding.

    The left will close ranks and accuse the right of beating up on a poor defenseless woman. We cannot discount the stupidity of the American electorate or the morally bankrupt methods of the left to win at any cost.

    That said, the R’s should be able to make a case PROVING Hillary’s malfeasance provided they don’t get lost in the weeds trying to explain it. Too often the R’s will attempt to reconstruct a clock when all that was necessary was to to report the time.

  2. Uriel says:

    Well, I can’t abide stupidity so I posted the site. Geez people make me sick who waste their intelligence and education or maybe its all the legal pot they are inhaling.