Quote Of The Day — April 15, 2015

Americans and Europeans alike sometimes forget how unique is the United States of America. No other nation has been created so swiftly and successfully. No other nation has been built upon an idea – the idea of liberty. No other nation has so successfully combined people of different races and nations within a single culture. Both the founding fathers of the United States and successive waves of immigrants to your country were determined to create a new identity. Whether in flight from persecution or from poverty, the huddled masses have, with few exceptions, welcomed American values, the American way of life and American opportunities. And America herself has bound them to her with powerful bonds of patriotism and pride. The European nations are not and can never be like this. They are the product of history and not of philosophy. You can construct a nation on an idea; but you cannot reconstruct a nation on the basis of one.

Margaret Thatcher,  (Born October 13, 1925 – Died April 08, 2013)   Speech at Hoover Institution Lunch (March 8, 1991)


~ ~  Grouchy  ~ ~

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13 Responses to Quote Of The Day — April 15, 2015

  1. Hardnox says:

    Great quote Grouchy. 1991 seems like 100 years ago back when patriotism was the order of the day. Now a mere 24 years later our God given rights are being eroded and America is being advertised by its deceitful communist president as an arrogant nation built on a foundation of imperialism and racism supported by an ever growing mass of clueless anti-American lemmings.

    We all know that’s not true and the heart of America is alive and well albeit a bit bruised yet waiting to take the country back and recapture patriotism and all that we stand for.

    • Grouchy says:

      G”Morning, Hardnox. Thank you. I cannot add anything to what is said here, and by Ms. “Iron Lady” Thatcher. She was truly a Gem of a leader, and a realist.

  2. CW says:

    That’s a wonderful tribute to us by Mrs. Thatcher. How sad that the Prime Minister of England understood and appreciated this nation so much more than our own miserable wreck of a president does.

    • Grouchy says:

      G’Morning, CW. How so very true~! The whole world understood and appreciated the American Ideal, more that the pResident did, or does~!
      “Apology Tours” ~! SICKENING~!

  3. Uriel says:

    Great find Grouchy.

    • Grouchy says:

      Thank You, Uriel. As we need to realize, we were AND ARE~!, “One Nation Under God”, and we’d best get back under that Umbrella~!

  4. captbogus2 says:

    I, too, long for the days when the free world was guided by the likes of Reagan and Thatcher.

  5. Garnet92 says:

    Great quote from a great lady GF! Like the good capt. just said, Reagan and Thatcher were two all-time greats, unfortunately leaders like them don’t come along often enough. They stand in stark contrast to Obama and Hillary – 180 degrees of contrast. Where’s a good cloning facility when we need one?

    • Grouchy says:

      G’Morning, Garnet. According to the reading I’m doing at the moment, We’ll have a time ahead of us, before we see their likes again.

  6. vonMesser says:

    I miss The Iron Lady almost as much as I miss Ronaldus Magnus ..

    • Grouchy says:

      Greetings, VM. They were here at a nexus of history, and their efforts and leadership provided a groundwork of stability, but later “leaders” decided it was worthless.
      Few realize the cosmic importance of the up-coming 2016 elections. The leadership elected (even if against all odds) will determine the course of world history for decades to come.

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