Campaigns Financed from the Shadows

George Zornick wrote a good analytical report in October 2014 called Secretive, Deep-Pocketed ShadowCampaigns Pervade Midterms”.  In it he discusses how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision made campaign fundraising a study in pervasive techniques to hide donators. That decision has added to contribution problems and shadow donations from many suspect characters.

In the case of the Clinton’s and others in the political arenas, little has changed just become easier with special accounts like PACs. Campaign funds have appeared and disappeared for many years, just not done with court standing. Interesting that not just one but several fundraisers who have had strong connections to Hillary Clinton have bought themselves trials or rooms courtesy of Uncle Sam in addition to all the money channeled into campaign coffers. Yet she has dodged successfully any implications or court time, at least so far.

Her latest fundraisers have been quoted as saying they hope to raise billions for her campaign. However, I speculate we may see some of their names pop up before all is said and done in another media way.   Might any of them also find themselves in trial settings or adding accommodations courtesy of Uncle Sam?  I am going on past performance mind you; but, it is reasonable to anticipate she would not be implicated again either if they did find their path to favoritism blocked by reality.  I think if I were a fundraiser in her camp I would be nervous and very cautious given her campaign history and current legal problems.

Let’s view a few of the more well-known names covered by media over the years.  Please note, Clinton is not the only Democrat or Republican name to surface during the trials of these people. Neither are those on the list lily-white in their own lives. Other public office names that appear, though not nearly as often, are Reid, Kerry, Obama and a few others.

From 1995-2000, we find Wikipedia discussing fundraisers from China:
Charlie Trie – 3 years probation and 4 months home detention
Johnny Chung – 5 years probation and communities service
Maria Hsia – no information listed
John Huang – no information listed
James Riady – large fine
Ted Sioeng – not charged. Went back to China

In the above video, around 2005 we find several caught up in fundraising, accusations, and litigation. Ultimately, some were indicted but Hillary escaped.
Aaron Tonken – 5 years in prison
Jim Levin – plead guilty
Raymond Reggie – plead guilty
Peter F. Paul – went to prison for SEC violations plus extremely large fine though in the process he repeatedly brought suit against Clinton’s
David Rosen – acquitted though articles made reference to oddities in the trial

Between 2005-2014 here are others,
Norman Hsu – 24 years in prison
Alavi Foundation – placed on Iran sanctions list
Hasaan Nemazee – 11 years in prison – noted ties to Iran
Jeffrey E. Thompson – plead guilty
Sant Singh Chatwal – plead guilty

There is one allegation posted on the Federal Election Commission for Hillary’s current Ready for Hillary PAC but legal ruling in January 2015 found her manager nor Hillary in violation as the allegation stated.

Those are the ones listed on different media reports. It may not be complete. The one main name common to all of the people is Hillary Clinton. I can not say with any knowledge of law or evidence whether any wrongdoing on Hillary’s part is fact. I do remind readers of an old saying: “You are known by the company you keep.” Nothing in the last year leads me to think she is not savvy nor cunning enough to be in the group of names who deserve time just like her friends and fundraisers.

Ask yourselves if someone constantly involved in scandals, with shady backdoor contacts in Iran and China is really a person we want for President. I know we have one such in office now but I wonder of the two who would create the most danger in the long run.


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7 Responses to Campaigns Financed from the Shadows

  1. Hardnox says:

    Looks like we’re all on the same page today with pieces on the Hildabeast. If the R’s can’t use this as fodder against Hillary then we might as well give up. We’re done.

  2. CW says:

    Very well done, Uriel. In light of her track record it’s nothing short of amazing that Hillary has the gall to run on the usual leftist lie of being anti-corruption. Even so, she may get away with it because, as the “D” on the ballot, she will be the choice de jour of the freeloaders. They’ve gotten pretty comfy thanks to Obama’s pillaging of our treasury, and they aren’t likely to suddenly develop a conscience about it. Something needs to be done to put a stop to it, and it needs to be done fast.

  3. Kathy says:

    “Crime on tape” yet she escapes prosecution again. Everyone but her is found guilty. This story shows, up close, what happens to people that get involved with the Clintons, who know no boundaries.

  4. Garnet92 says:

    Good stuff Uriel! At least we here on N&F won’t let Hillary’s misdeeds go unnoticed.

  5. vonMesser says:

    The woman is made of teflon. Nothing sticks. Maybe because no one has the gonads top really go after her (and live)

  6. upaces88 says:

    I should have realized this. I am going to sound like a total dummy!
    So many articles have been coming in wanting you to vote for OR vote against an issue. Then they ask for a donation to them to do what they already know what we “Want them to do.” WE get those all of the time, “… wanting a donation.

    The ones that are “already” in Washington. …My first thought is….No! You work for us! You get a salary. Why are you asking us to pay you AGAIN to do what you are already supposed to be doing it!??

    Then someone like Ben Carson comes around…I WISH I could hand over a LOT of $$.