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The United States has long been the major source of income for the United Nations.  Yet, another stupid waste of our tax dollars at work.  It has never made a lot of sense to me that our country be the one most often tapped for military or financial assistance.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe aid when disasters strike is an important role all countries should provide especially to underdeveloped lands who have serious problems like earthquakes or hurricanes.  However, we as citizens have rallied individually supporting relief efforts through fund-raising or health organizations even beyond our monies sent to the UN.  I don’t consider it a duty as much as an effort to give a helping hand.

Our role and funds at the UN should have been scaled back though by the emergence of many other countries and contributions they make monetarily and in humanitarian efforts and yet they are increasing in size.  We can not and should not always take the lead.  After all, the best teacher leads by example, then allows the students the ability to use that as a springboard to their own maturation process.

Many organizations began (like unions) with the best of intentions but have grown to be corrupted by excesses and power-hungry leaders.  The UN has also done this in part because we have allowed unfair practices and abuses and not allowed others their chance to grow into good skills.

Our UN auditors have long sounded the bell on this as have concerned citizens who have wondered what was going on. Our country just like others have budget problems and industries who might benefit from receiving contracts.   Even more I have had a real issue with whom our government is funding and where it is meddling abroad.

In fact, the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 2003 was approved to provide our country with a clearer understanding of just where our contributions are going.  Yet, this same act implementation in reporting did not find its way into the Secretary of States annual assessment until 2013.  Coincidentally, during late 2013, House of Representatives and Senate Republicans authored bills calling for more transparency in reporting which only made it to readings in their Foreign Relations committees never to see the light again. These same bills were again introduced in 2014 with the same results.

The power of the UN to actually monitor or carry through on its policies and procedures is basically a joke.  It seems the individual countries make pacts, enforce sanctions, and oversee rather than the obsolete and ridiculous conferences and meetings of this group.  So why is it even needed? I am not comfortable with the John Birch Society as it tends to be far to radical for me but here is a link to an article of interest concerning our old buddy Soros and others you might find of interest to highlight a different spin on the UN.


Here is yet another scandal unfolding for Obama and Democrats–we have spent enough money in the UN since 2009 to have paid at least some of the interest on the national debt or even our own health, education, social security or a dozen other projects.

From the Secretary of State comes a poorly written summation of the US involvement in the UN by year.  It was only in 2013 that a more understandable and itemized listing of expenditures was actually seen.

Further, if you happen to read these reports back through the years an evolution of our role can be seen and the fine hand of our current leadership can be observed meddling in the policies and procedures of the UN to a far greater extent. While transparency and acceptable observable accounting is an expected function of every organization, the autocratic, manipulative and back thumping wording reveals Someone in our government appears to be pushing the United States into a far more active dictatorial policy and procedure role.

In 1999 when Bill Clinton was president, there were 126 member nations.  The UN budget was about $2.5 billion and our total contribution was about $1.1billion and we were in arrears and about to lose voting rights. Around 2009, their budget went to $5.16billion and our payments reached $2.65billion.  During those years only a single paragraph giving our total was available.

The information from this date began evolving in wording listing more of how WE the US was mandating and expecting compliance from the assembly, more as if we were in fact the ruling authority. In 2010, the membership roll was about 250 countries.

By 2013, the information explained how the US had taken on a more active role of governance. The UN budget was not listed nor was the membership.  Our payments including special programs, enforcement, and other sections of a now wieldy, heavily burdened organization were about $6.7billion.

In 2013 the United Nations celebrated  62 years of function, yet only within its last 6 years has it tripled its size, budget, and US involvement.  Interesting.


Side note:  Interesting, censorship at work or inaccurate information? I began to write this article to include a Fox News Breaking Story on how the US had actually been funding payments that made their way through the United Nations to organizations in Russia for development at the same time as the Ukraine was claiming Russian intervention.  A figure around $63 million was mentioned. It also mentioned how US companies were not being considered for UN contracts and that Russia received the contracts. This was around 2am central US time. The particular story is no longer on internet nor in today’s lineup of news on sites especially Fox News when I did a quick check.


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  1. Just Gene says:

    Put the billboards back u

  2. Kathy says:

    Funny, not the haha kind, how that budget tripled about the same time O hit the scene, isn’t it? And now we don’t even know how they’re spending it…and apparently, we’re okay with that. At least somebody is – the rest of us, not so much.

    Good stuff, Uriel – I just learned more about the UN from you than I ever have from them.

  3. Uriel says:

    Thanks Kathy. Lol. I tried to be neutral reporting But it was hard. Yes quite a coincidence lol. I could see his ego in much of the later reports. We said… US told … we demanded…

  4. Uriel says:

    The only report that does show how we spent the money is 2013. Which didn’t get posted until after certain Republicans made efforts to pass bills about more transparency and they were going on auditors who were worried. I found that a bit over the top as well.