Brave Person Of The Day: Judge Andrew Hanen

A brave judge in Texas is taking on Obama’s Unconstitutional and outrageous actions with respect to undermining U.S. immigration policy by aiding and abetting people coming into this country illegally.  You can read the entire Fox News article here.  Some of my favorite highlights are captured below:


“A federal judge in Texas denied a Justice Department request Tuesday to lift his temporary hold on President Obama’s executive action shielding potentially millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.


U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen refused to set aside his Feb. 16 decision granting a preliminary injunction requested by 26 states. The U.S. government wants the injunction lifted — allowing Obama’s action to proceed — while it appeals Hanen’s ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court in New Orleans.


In his order Tuesday denying the government’s request, Hanen said the government hasn’t ‘shown any credible reason for why this Directive necessitates immediate implementation.’ There was no immediate comment from the White House.”


Hanen is also not letting the Obama crooks off the hook for the Administration’s misrepresentations about their lawlessness:


“About a month [after the judge’s ruling], the Justice Department confirmed that more than 108,000 people had already received three-year reprieves from deportation and work permits, but DOJ attorneys insisted the moves were made under 2012 guidelines that weren’t blocked by the injunction. The DOJ apologized for any confusion, but Hanen seemed unconvinced during a hearing last month and threatened to sanction the attorneys.


He wrote Tuesday that while the federal government had been “misleading” on the subject, he would not immediately apply sanctions against the government, saying to do so would not be “in the interests of justice or in the best interest of this country” because the issue was of national importance and the outcome will affect millions of people.


‘The parties’ arguments should be decided on their relative merits according to the law, not clouded by outside allegations that may or may not bear on the ultimate issues in this lawsuit,’ Hanen wrote.


In a separate order Hanen, told the government it has until April 21 to file to the court and plaintiffs detailed information about its March advisory about the 108,000 three-year reprieves.  The order asks the government to produce ‘any and all drafts’ of the advisory, including information on when each draft was written, edited or revised. Hanen also asked for a list of each person who knew about the advisory.”



I admire the fact that Judge Hanen seems determined to uncover the lies and misbehavior of the Obama Administration with regard to their actions in suspending deportations.  The survival of this nation is going to depend on patriots like Judge Hanen standing up to the tyranny of the Left.


Thank you, Judge.  May the force be with you!



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8 Responses to Brave Person Of The Day: Judge Andrew Hanen

  1. Kathy says:

    May the force be with you? lol, good one, CW and I ditto that.

    This is indeed excellent news, and I especially like the last paragraph where the judge asks for the drafts of the advisory and the list of names. That should keep the DOJ scrambling for a while, as they fume over his demands. He’s making them prove it instead of taking their word for it – the question is, can they?

    Judge Hanen is doing what’s best for the country – that’s refreshing since we don’t see much of that these days.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Great news. I hope the good judge is packing!

  3. gunnyginalaska says:

    Good post. I hope the judge has a good security detail because The Obomination does not like those who prevent him from being king.

    • CW says:

      You’re so right. The boy who would be king is probably in a very bad mood now. The good judge better watch out for suspicious flying objects.