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“Resistance is futile….we are in control”


The primary function of the mainstream media is not to inform you, but to distract you from what’s really happening. When it comes down to it, nobody really cares whether a tiny pizza joint in Indiana wants to cater a gay wedding with pizzas. (Who caters their wedding with pizza, anyway?) The far greater issue happening today is how we are all being enslaved, oppressed and exploited no matter what our sexual orientation, religious background, race or country of origin.

The leftist media tries to drive a wedge between the people of America by staging contrived culture wars. The more people get caught up in these culture wars, the more they totally forget the real war on humanity being waged as follows:

• Central banks are stealing your savings, incomes and wealth by devaluing the currency through endless money printing.

• Corporations are poisoning your food, your medicine and your world with toxic chemicals that promote disease and destroy the ecosystem.

• Oppressive government is ratcheting up a police state occupation of America, turning all of America’s streets, highways, airports and sports stadiums into lockdown prisons where you have no rights.

• The drug companies are profiting from disease while selling drugs and vaccines that harm human health and perpetuate a cycle of suffering and medical interventions.

• The cancer industry preys upon cancer victims, promoting cancer by suppressing any real investigation into the causes of cancer or cancer prevention strategies that could help save lives right now.

• Agricultural giants and biotech corporations are poisoning the whole world with glyphosate and self-replicating genetic pollution.

• The global debt pyramid is approaching a state of collapse, and the U.S. national debt has exploded beyond any ability to repay that debt, meaning the nation will inevitably experience its own debt collapse.

• Google is aggressively pursuing humanoid android robotics development and advanced artificial intelligence research, aiming for the creation of AI military robots which will of course be used, sooner or later, as a weapon against the People.

The HATEstream media has no interest in the real issues that affect your future

Notice that every single one of these issues is a far greater threat to your livelihood and future than whether or not some pizza place in Indiana is willing to cater a gay wedding.

Yet the mainstream media — which we must now seriously call the “HATEstream media” for all the hate they spew — almost completely ignores these far more serious and universally impactful issues.

According to the hatestream media, you should be far more concerned about the gay marriage preferences of a tiny pizza shop in Indiana than the $18 trillion in national debt that’s going to financially wipe out future generations of Americans. You’re supposed to be outraged over Christian beliefs while remaining totally apathetic about how your children are being systematically poisoned by Big Pharma with mind-altering ADHD medications.

The hatestream media wants you to focus all your attention and hate on a small number of targeted cultural issues while totally ignoring the fact that your food and your planet are being systematically poisoned by powerful globalist corporations that are destroying our world with pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemicals.

You’re also supposed to totally forget about the crime of global imperialist wars which were blasted by the leftist media when Bush was President but are now wholly embraced under the Obama administration even though they’re the same damn wars!

The same hatestream media that now says pizza shops can’t discriminate against people who are gay openly endorsed doctors denying services to parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated. Discrimination is wholly accepted, embraced and even endorsed by the hatestream media when it serves their agendas, it turns out.

You are now living in an “electronic concentration camp”

Paul Craig Roberts really said it best in this article where he stated:

We live in an electronic concentration camp. We are addicted to images on screens that disinform and propagandize us to accept and even welcome the police state activities that have destroyed our autonomy, privacy, and independence.

In that column, he quotes a new book called Battlefield America: The War on the American People by John W. Whitehead (with a foreword by Ron Paul).

In that book, Whitehead writes:

The outlook for civil liberties grows bleaker by the day, from the government’s embrace of indefinite detention for US citizens and armed surveillance drones flying overhead to warrantless surveillance of phone, email and Internet communications, and prosecutions of government whistle-blowers. The homeland is ruled by a police-industrial complex, an extension of the American military empire. Everything that our founding fathers warned against is now the new norm. The government has trained its sights on the American people. We have become the enemy. All the while, the American people remain largely oblivious.

This is all be design, of course. The American people remain oblivious because they are all caught up in the senseless, utterly irrelevant hysteria ginned up over a pizza joint in Indiana. Or the contrived hysteria over measles at Disneyland. Or the wholly false science hoax — widely reported across the hatestream media — that California wine was supposedly contaminated with “dangerous levels of arsenic.” (As I explained here on Natural News, the story was a science hoax.)

My comment ( Let’s not forget the other false science that we continually hear about…..Global warming is man made!)

The media’s primary purpose is to distract you, not inform you

Hatestream media is the vehicle by which the entire American public is mentally distracted from the things that matter and tricked into focusing only on contrived hysterias. This is a crucial strategy for any state-run media propaganda network because if the masses ever woke up and realized the truth about how they’re being lied to, suppressed, incarcerated, poisoned and dumbed-down by the status quo, they would rise up and revolt against their oppressors.

So the entire aim of the hatestream media becomes one of making sure the American people will think, talk and socialize about anything other than reality.

If reality were ever seriously questioned, reported or investigated, the delusion that Big Government socialism is your friend would collapse. The delusion that powerful drug companies and biotech corporations just want to help the world would be shattered. It might also eliminate the delusion that the real war in America is not a war between left vs. right but a war being waged by corporations and government against the people.

But the most important thing they never want you to discover is just how powerful you really are as a beautiful, creative, divinely-inspired human being with the power to change the world.

You are living under corporate occupation

In today’s twisted world, you are living in a corporate-occupied prison state. Everything you see, hear, buy, consume, eat, drink and swallow is twisted by corporate interests to keep you detached, diseased and oblivious to reality.

The corporations now occupying the government, the media, the “science” journals and even the universities know full well that their greatest enemy is informed, intelligent, healthy individuals who can think for themselves. And to make sure few people ever become such individuals, they systematically poison your food with chemicals, poison your minds with medication, poison your consciousness with fabricated news, steal your savings via the central banks, suppress your health and limit your voting options to little more than a choice between a criminal on the left vs. a criminal on the right.

This poisoning is systemic and intentional. We’ve just learned, for example, that almost 70% of the people being “treated” with antidepressant drugs don’t even have depression to begin with. The drugs dumb you down, suppress your mind and keep you detached from reality. Over ten percent of the U.S. population is taking these mind-altering drugs every single day.

Everything you search in the popular search engines is now totally distorted to serve corporate interests. Under the guise of promoting “facts,” search engines like Google now serve up twisted corporate and government propaganda on any search for a disease or health symptom. Similarly, nearly 80% of what you read on social media is generated by robots run by corporate-funded troll groups. Every newsstand magazine and mainstream medical journal is almost wholly hijacked by corporate ads pushing toxic poisons as beauty products, “natural” foods or “miracle” medications that actually cause liver toxicity and kidney damage.

You are being poisoned at every level imaginable: Body, mind, culture, knowledge and beliefs.

What’s the antidote to all this? You’re looking at it right now.

The antidote to all this is the alternative media

Yes, you can stop the poisoning, and it’s relatively easy to accomplish. All you need to do is stop consuming the poisons.

• Stop poisoning your mind by refusing to watch or listen to toxic HATEstream media outlets. Remember, the mainstream media is to your mind what Monsanto is to your food.

• Stop poisoning your body by refusing to eat pesticides, herbicides and genetically altered foods. Buy ORGANIC. Better yet, grow your own food using the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box system I developed and gave away for free at www.FoodRising.org

• Stop poisoning your planet by refusing to purchase or use yard herbicides, toxic cleaning products for your home and toxic laundry detergents that get flushed down the drain.

• Stop poisoning your health with dangerous, deadly medications and toxic vaccines that are still — unbelievably — made with mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and antibiotics.

• Reduce your ecological footprint by learning how to live more sustainably. Collect rainwater from your roof. Deploy solar power to reduce your grid power consumption. Get some backyard chickens to produce some of your own food. Find ways to live more “green.” Investigate permaculture and food forests, then grow your own.

• Stop poisoning your children in government-run public school indoctrination centers. Get them out of the brainwashing factories and practice home schooling or private schooling where children have a chance to learn truthful, practical information and life skills.


Many of us here know that the MSM is a joke! The only true source of information comes from bloggers and sites such as we have here.

The MSM is under the control of the current illegal occupant in the WH. They all drank the kool-aid and followed along like zombies. They don’t dare report the truth!

It is no different with the Canadian MSM who are run by PSP who are Liberals…. they are so PC that it almost makes me want to vomit when I happen to hear what they are reporting about. The low information voters gobble up the gobble-dee-gook that the MSM is passing off as journalism and say the BS tasted great…Give us More!

There are far more important issues to be concerned with for sure!

~Blessed B~


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6 Responses to Just the Latest Media Ploy to Distract You

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Exactly right. If the media actually bothered to report the news the capital would be surrounded with angry mobs. Better to talk about the air pressure of a football or the Kardashians.

    • Blessed B. says:

      If the media had reported the truth from the beginning…. it wouldn’t have gotten to the point of having an angry mob at the Capital. Something could have been done about the problem before it became a gigantic mess.

      Still waiting for that asteroid we have ordered….it’s the only way to make sure the mess is permanently cleaned up!

  2. Uriel says:

    Great rant. I absolutely agree. We survived as a child by having dad hunt/fish for food and grow a tiny garden just big enough to supply our needs. We didn’t have air conditioning until I was a senior in high school (in the deep south I might add). We had no electronic gadgets. We played and used our imagination or picked up a real book to read, and played board games as a family. We were healthier and happier in our poverty than many of the wealthiest. Bad behavior wasn’t allowed. We had dozens of adults who watched over us and helped guide us. Block parties were part of our world as neighbors got together. We knew who children associated with and what were community concerns rarely relying on police intervention or judge to handle problems. Our doctor was a part of the community too but remedies even he recommended were local and common sense more than high dollar unnecessary drugs. Our air was actually breathable without smog and water, except for well problems, was sweet and cold. It is a shame that in 50 -60 years all of that is only a vague memory.

    • Blessed B. says:

      That was how I was raised also Uriel. The only electronic gadget we had was the black and white TV that only got one channel ( CBC UGH!) till I was about 13 yrs. old. The cable was finally brought out past our place!
      We were healthier by far back then as we ran around outside in the fresh air, drank water that wasn’t chlorinated or fluoridated, ate garden fresh vegetables and fruit, and meat that we knew wasn’t full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Fresh bread was when mom baked it and that was at least twice a week! No preservatives, color or fillers added!

      We also didn’t get the numerous vaccinations that are given now from infanthood on up! We actually caught the childhood diseases….mumps, measles, chicken pox…. and our immune systems became stronger for it! We only went to the Doctor when we had tried other alternative methods and the problem wasn’t getting better or was getting worse ( which wasn’t very often that happened)….or it was a very serious injury!

      I laugh when my daughter says to me ” However did you survive mom? ” I answer…”Quite well and happily!”

  3. Kathy says:

    Somebody can’t understand the bigger issues – I’m just not sure if it’s the audience or the journalists. So instead, they give us these tidbits about pizza in Indiana so everyone, on both sides, can get their tail in a twist about it.

    Meanwhile, those bigger issues are getting ever bigger because nobody pays attention and says whoa,

    • Blessed B. says:

      It’s both I think….. the journalists spread out the BS and the sheeple lap it up and ask for more.

      The old saying “Use it or lose it”…..well the audience has been losing brain cells for quite some time now cuz they haven’t been using them. Now only the simple stories of the latest scandal in hollyweird or elsewhere are a major concern to most people.

      Those of us who actually grasp the bigger issues are trying to get the others to pay attention. I sometimes feel it’s a losing battle we are fighting.

      Yep, those bigger issues aren’t going to get smaller by ignoring them. They tend to get like monsters….just meaner and uglier as time goes on.