When All the Right Words Are Wrong


Each of us tries to do our best as Christians or simply good people.  We hear what we think is good and act accordingly.  However, there are times and people that no matter the help, can not get right with themselves or the world.

How do you tell a parent a generous donation of a child’s heart was wasted or might better have been used by another child who would possibly have valued the gift more?  How do you explain to a court that a “race card” is not reasonable when deciding medical issues or any issue for that matter.  How can doctors face daily “gift of life” issues of who deserves a heart more? How can parents justify saying “oh he is young and will be better if given a new heart?”

Teen denied, then given transplant dies in police chase

A source close to the family confirms the 17-year-old killed in a high speed police chase was the recipient of a heart transplant in 2013.

Anthony Stokes made national headlines when Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta originally refused to put him on the transplant list “due to having a history of non-compliance.” After a public push from his family, Stokes was added to the list, and went through a successful heart surgery in August 2013.

According to the Roswell Police Department, a home break-in happened off of Alpine Drive. An elderly woman said someone kicked in the door. She ran into her bedroom and called 911. Responding officers attempted to pull the suspect over and a chase ensued.

The suspect lost control, hit a curb and then a pedestrian. The suspect then struck a pole at the intersection of Hembree Road and Highway 9. Authorities extracted him from the car and taken to North Fulton Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Doctors never explained why they felt he would be “non-compliant” when they denied Stokes initial request for a transplant. Stokes was wearing a court ordered ankle monitor at the time. His mother said it was for fighting. A close family friend says it was drugs.

In the two years Stokes had his donor heart , 697 people died waiting to get one.

Click HERE for the full story.

Fire-Rescue crews work on a car involved in a police

We are reminded daily in the press of the liars who sit in seats of power, of people who scream and chant on some issue or other in order to disrupt or gain attention, or supplicants who say over and over “give poor me a chance” then abuse the offering.

Is it any wonder those who might help or those who really might benefit shrug and turn away?

People fought for this young man to give him a chance.  People pushed it through court using that worn out tattered race card. The teen said all the words those who sought to help him wanted to hear, but in the end were not his truth.  And yet, we have to try for the ones who really might turn their lives around passing to future generations good acts or news.

Much will be made of this teen news-wise then fade away when the next story hits. Just as Hillary’s decline or Obama’s perfidy will fade or be deliberately wiped clean.  The lesson, if any for me, is to decide to look for what is not being said in search of the closer truth or determine if it is based on someone’s need to hear or say expected words.  We are all guilty at times of both hearing or saying what is expected or anticipated, not real truth.

I have learned over the years to especially beware of the loudest voices and look more toward what the quieter voices are saying.  Had we done that in Ferguson before all the violence we would have heard from quieter community voices that these were not community members doing the worst of the raging but imported.

Had we listened with care and historical information to speeches of politicians, we might have reduced or stopped a lot of the many illegal, obnoxious, or unconstitutional problems of today.

Had we not played a favorite card,  the liberal bleeding heart card, or apathy card which allowed Hilary or some other politicians to continue in politics, we might have less issues today.

But that is hindsight– and it is human nature to hear selectively. It is also human nature to selectively say what others want to hear.  It is up to each of us to mature and hear with a more discerning ear the truth as best we can but even then the odds are stacked by volume, repetitiveness, bully tactics, and crowd mentality.


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17 Responses to When All the Right Words Are Wrong

  1. Hardnox says:

    Great commentary Uriel. You are right. Many of our ills are because people have disengaged from the responsibility of citizenship. I blame mostly our education system and the media that don’t bother to laud our country’s greatness but instead take every opportunity to trash our country, our traditions, and our legacy.

    It is difficult to get people to rally around the flag and do the right things when many are already thinking that we are a nation of greedy bastards that steal from other nations and go to war to loot their countries.

    Of course the opposite is true. We have been the most benevolent nation in the history of the world and we respond in kindness to every disaster.

    • Uriel says:

      It is a blessing and a curse. But it should not mean we can not or should not stand up for our nation which affords us all more liberties and quality of life than 90% of the world’s unstable population and countries. Somehow or some day we Have to be willing And stand up for ourselves and against bullies again.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Oops, forgot to comment on the subject at hand. Too bad the heart got wasted on thugly. I can’t help but wonder who else would have benefitted from that heart.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Hardnox. Had the judge taken into careful consideration without the R card. I don’t know but yes I have to wonder also.

  3. CW says:

    “I have learned over the years to especially beware of the loudest voices…”

    That’s a wise observation, Uriel. I, too, have realized that people who are lacking in principles or character will often compensate for the absence of a righteous cause by being the loudest people in the room. In short, they are bullies.

  4. tannngl says:

    The seed of evil is planted deeply in all of us. This is so sad. A wasted heart from a bereaved family given to a youth who makes all the wrong choices and dies early

    We all make our own decisions. The transplant society. The parents of the donor’s heart. The parents of the recipient. And, of course, the recipient. We all make horrible decisions at times.

    It is the condition of our fallen world.

    It’s just so sad.

    • Uriel says:

      Possibly tanning. But we can only do our best. The black gentleman who mentored the boy did all he could. Life is choices if Christian, we know who will help us above all others. It’s the doing not the result we must be accepting of with hope not dark thoughts.

  5. Uriel says:

    Thanks CW. Add to that. The one who points first is usually guilty. How else would they recognize?

  6. clyde says:

    Good, thought-provoking post, Uriel. Too bad the heart was wasted on a thug, just glad the sonofabitch won’t be around anymore to kick in other doors. This shitheel was headed for an early grave anyway, and you know damn well the race card was played to get him that precious heart. Transplant stories hit home hard with me. My younger sister passed away from a double brain aneurism at age 48. She and her husband had decided to be organ donors quite some time before this happened. Well, the drunk my poor mother had married several years after the passing of my father said HE should get Sis’ liver. When asked why, he said, and this is NO shit, “so I’ll have longer to drink”. I had to leave the room in a hurry, so as not to have killed the asshole on the spot. And NO, he didn’t bet it. My bro-in-law has met all 7 people Sis’ donations had helped. I still have a hard time with it, glad they are all OK, and that their quality of lives improved, but given the same situation, whatever I have that’s still usable upon my demise I’d rather it could be used. Sorry, but reading this just opened a door I had kept shut, kind of like keeping the I T D in.

    • clyde says:

      Sorry, should read he “didn’t GET it”. The writer regrets the error.

      • Uriel says:

        Oh my. Clyde. I am sorry but at the same time am proud of her and the lives she helped save. I don’t know how you kept your cool but glad you did. We have to hope we can make a difference but as this story shows not everyone can be helped.

  7. Grouchy says:

    We all make mistakes. SOMETIMES, we are fortunate enough to have wise mentors in positions of power and authority.
    But the perp must exhibit wisdom, in taking advantage of such mentors, and turning their lives around, and choosing another path.
    Sadly, this air-headed imbecile did not, and MANY people have suffered, in one manner or another, as a result.

    • Uriel says:

      True Grouchy. In one way this story opens discussion about our ethics and behavior. In another it also points to responsibility and choice.

  8. vonmesser says:

    It’s always the loudest voices, and never the voice of reason.

  9. Kathy says:

    Another situation where race dictated the decision instead of common sense. In fact it overrode the policy on compliance, when it shouldn’t have. As a society we let ourselves be pushed around by it rather than stick to our guns. And it’s only getting worse.

  10. Garnet92 says:

    Good commentary on a disturbing story Uriel. It is sad that some more worthy individual didn’t get that heart – that unfortunately is the way of the world today. The superficial minority seems to be running roughshod over the majority – all you gotta do is play the race card or the gay card and get what you want.

  11. Uriel says:

    I agree. We have not seen one Democrat (well other than Clinton and even her not much) ripped, basted and roasted like Conservatives and Christians. By the way has Anyone thought to check the history on each of the cops making news beating blacks???? I REALLY would like to see what ethnic, religion, ideals those particular men are and WHY it was soooo quickly caught on tape??? Could there be a bit of spiel for chaos being done in Those particular men?? We DO know every branch of justice has been adding specific newcomers.