Time To Play “LET’S MAKE A DEAL “.

Starring, as Monty Hall, John Effing Kerry. With a cast of hundreds of other assorted morons.

Below is a photo series with captions, from Charlie Spiering with Breitbart.com. My captions are beside the ACTUAL captions of Charlie’s, the photos are via the Obama / Associated Press.


14 Photos Of John Kerry Looking For A Nuclear Deal With Iran

 By Charlie Spiering 1 April 2015

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Switzerland to look for a nuclear deal with Iran. But in spite of the marathon talks and even a missed deadline, the former failed presidential candidate is still coming up empty.

Here are 14 photos of Kerry still looking for his elusive deal.
1. I’m. Here. For. A. Deal.  Clyde’s Caption :  “What. Is. A. Deal. ” ?

2. I’m confident we can do this.  Clyde’s Caption : ” Yellowcake, Yellowcake, Ayatollah’s man, how many Jews can we fry with one can”.

3. You ready for a deal?  Clyde’s Caption : “Are those MY medals ” ?

4. One thumb up!  Clyde’s Caption: “One thumb up, one thumb up my ass”.

5. Time to make a deal!  Clyde’s Caption : “Mickey Says”.

6. Am I the only one here looking for a deal?  Clyde’s Caption :  “Can anyone spell deal ” ?

7. This is hard.  Clyde’s Caption : ” Mister Roboto, como botty dotto Mister Roboto”.

8. Dammit.  Clyde’s Caption : “Sure hope Obama likes the way I caved in to Teheran’s demands.”

9. Has anyone seen a deal out here?  Clyde’s Caption : Hi, I’m John Eff Kerry, reporting for doody”.

10. Anyone? Clyde’s Caption :  “Gee, I wonder if I can moor my yacht there ? No taxes, mmm, mmm, mmm.”

11. I think I left my deal under one of these chairs…  Clyde’s Caption : “Did you assholes find my “lucky ketchup lid” ?

12. Let’s check the bushes.  Clyde’s Caption : “If this doesn’t work, we’ll blame Bush”.

13. Dear Lord. If you’re up there. Please.  Clyde’s Caption: “Allah is great. Peace be upon him, let this happen”.

14. Please help me get a deal.  Clyde’s Caption : “Please don’t let ketchup become a health hazard”.

All photos via the Associated Press


Good Lord, HOW did THIS schlub become our “face to the world” ? These guys “negotiate” about as well as porcupines have coitus.

HERE is how I view Kerry’s attempts :

Am I on the right path ?

Maybe THIS works better.

No doubt these are MUCH better than THESE clowns :

I’ll take door number 4, Monty. Sheesh.

CLYDE. Too bad these assholes think “negotiate” is spelled “c-a-v-e”.

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18 Responses to Time To Play “LET’S MAKE A DEAL “.

  1. Hardnox says:

    I love the captions Clyde. A stellar job. Take a bow.

    I especially laughed out loud on this one: “These guys “negotiate” about as well as porcupines have coitus.”

    Sadly, all of this is true in one fashion or another.

  2. Uriel says:

    Kerry hqs always reminded me of how a bloodhound looks. Shame he isn’t As intelligent. A monkey in a barrel of bananas could out negotiate him. Love your pictures and captions. Good job!

    • clyde says:

      You’re spot on about the noble bloodhound. Would rather have HIM as SecState than the “haughty one”. Thanks, Uriel. Sometimes you just have GOT to poke the finger of derision at these asses.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    As most bullies are really cowards, the Democrat Party is the epitome of “Bully”.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    When the Iranians said, “Wiping out Israel is not negotiable” EVERYONE should have gotten up and left. I would say to them, “Well, let us know when you decide to join the 21st century.” End of discussion.
    It’s quite apparent to anyone, with two or more functioning brain cells, that these bastards are looking forward to WWIII. Time to build on the coalition the Saudis, Jordanians and Egyptians started to put together. The ONLY way to stop the leadership of Iran is to destroy them. If the good people of Iran want to survive they had better remove and replace before someone else does it for them. Too bad the opportunity for that was botched a few years ago.

    • clyde says:

      I.R., Comment Of The Thread. Take your bow as well. Goddamn straight. Another thing to have said, “IF any bomb is dropped on Israel, WE start the bombing of YOU in 5 minutes”.

  5. CW says:

    LOL! I think you have found your calling, Clyde.

    • clyde says:

      Thanks, CW. One thing I try to do, is make the point, then blast them with the sharp stick of sarcasm. Just another “service” we offer. ha ha

  6. Just Gene says:

    Clyde – #4 – I believe he’s playing SWITCH – he puts one finger up his ass and one finger in his mouth, then Obastard yells SWITCH

  7. Kathy says:

    Good ones, Clyde! Yours are likely a lot more accurate, and I did read somewhere that Kerry said ‘allah willing’ the deal will be made. Asshat.

    I agree with IR – their statement on Israel should have been a deal-breaker, but these noodles weren’t even phased by it. They’re forgetting that Bibi said he’d go it alone if he had to, and it’s looking like he might have to do just that.

    • clyde says:

      Thanks, Kathy. We said here a long time ago Obama would abandon Israel the first chance he got. Consider it another “campaign promise” kept.

  8. I loved the captions, Clyde but there is a picture missing from them. The one with Kerry leaving without no pants on. Iran most of got Kerry’s pant in the deal too, lol. Kerry is a good wheeler dealer (said sarcastically on the latter statement.).