Asshat Alert – Thug Stole Ring Off of Dying Woman

From New York Daily News:


A Kansas man who stole the wedding ring off of an unconscious mom’s finger as she lay dying in a Taco Bell drive-thru will spend more than 11 years behind bars.

Daquantrius Johnson will serve the 136-month sentence on top of other prison terms for crimes he committed in 2013, the Wichita Eagle reported. The 21-year-old will be locked up for more than 20 years altogether. Johnson was convicted of aggravated burglary, robbery and misdemeanor theft last December for stealing from Danielle Zimmerman in December 2013.

Prosecutors said Johnson stole her purse and pulled the wedding ring off of her finger as she sat unconscious inside her car in a Wichita Taco Bell drive-thru. The 41-year-old mom of two suffered a brain aneurysm while picking up dinner for her family, and slammed her truck into the fast food chain’s speaker.

Johnson, along with two accomplices, raided her truck after the accident, prosecutors said. Zimmerman died in a hospital the next day.

Johnson’s accomplices — Keith Hickles and Quanique Thomas-Hameen — pleaded guilty to their parts in the crime and received nine and 19 months in prison respectively. Johnson insisted he was not involved.

While police found Zimmerman’s purse abandoned on the side of the road, her wedding ring was never recovered.

“I hope you reflect on your crime you committed every day while you’re in prison. Dani didn’t deserve this to happen to her. She was a kind and compassionate person,” her husband Kris Zimmerman said in court Monday.

He continued: “I hope when you are released you become a productive member of our society. I would think you would want your children to admire you, not be ashamed of you.”


Mr. Zimmerman was far too kind – I’m afraid I would have had much harsher words for this punk. If by productive he means a drug peddling baby daddy, then yes, he’ll be productive – if he lives to get out, that is.

Rather than try to help this poor woman he takes her ring and purse. What a lowlife piece of filth this guy is – his mother must be so proud.

And speaking of mother, who in their right mind names a kid Daquantrius? And Quanique ?? Those aren’t names – it’s just a bunch of vowels bunched together!

In case you hadn’t already guess it, here’s a picture of the slimeball-



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14 Responses to Asshat Alert – Thug Stole Ring Off of Dying Woman

  1. tiretramp says:

    Hard to believe t0ugs are black. Hmm could have been Zero’s son.


  2. captbogus2 says:

    I already guessed it. Name was a dead give away.

  3. Crawfish says:

    What in the @&%#¥??? is a DAQUANTRIUS??? Obviously, his mother was a crack ho and crime is the chosen lifestyle.

  4. Uriel says:

    Hey. But we arrest too many thugs that are black……where is the white and other races?? That ain’t fair….. is it the outrageousness or not sly enough???? Reid would be in that category

  5. Crawfish says:

    Did his mother put the first initials of all the possible baby-daddies in a Scrabble bag and pull them out to make the name?

    • Kathy says:

      That’s one possibility – here’s another….Da is a variation of dec- as in 10, quant as in quantity, how many of something, and tri- as in three. So this is her 10th kid and the 3rd one by this particular baby daddy. That’s how she keeps up with it

  6. clyde says:

    Imagine my stunned amazement. Of course, I’m SURE he’s a “good boy, putting his life back together”. Ready, aim, fire. Works for me.

  7. Hardnox says:

    I hope he ends up as someone’s bitch in the joint.