Highlights From Harry Reid’s History of Scandals


From Judicial Watch:

harry reid black eye no 2

Not his first black eye – Harry Reid sporting a patch on his right eye after exercise equipment failure in 2014.

harry reid black eye no 1

Harry Reid with damage to his left eye after he slipped during a morning run and dislocated his right shoulder in May, 2011


We knew Harry Reid’s reason for leaving wasn’t because he’s a good guy who wants to leave the funds available for other democrat candidates. According to Judicial Watch, Harry Reid is leaving because his trail of scandals is about to catch up to him. Here’s their run-down on his shady deals.

You’d never know it from the mainstream media puff pieces of Harry Reid’s sudden retirement, but it was a long string of corruption scandals—including a recent one involving his attorney son—that drove the veteran Nevada senator to abruptly leave public office.

For nearly a decade Judicial Watch has investigated and exposed Reid’s involvement in a multitude of transgressions and JW even warned the Senate Ethics Committee, but not surprisingly, no action was ever taken. On multiple occasions the Senate minority leader appeared on JW’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list for his role in a number of political scandals that got more serious as his seniority and clout in Congress increased.

land for sale

As far back as 2006 Reid was in hot water for violating Senate rules by concealing a seven-figure payoff on a suspicious land deal orchestrated by a longtime friend known for political bribery and mob ties. The influential senator secretly collected a $1.1 million profit on land he hadn’t personally owned for years. To hide the deal, Reid transferred ownership, legal liability and tax consequences to a company owned by a former casino lawyer who has been investigated by federal authorities. Months earlier Reid got busted for accepting gifts from a state agency trying to influence him. In that scheme the lawmaker quietly took very expensive ringside boxing tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission while that state agency was trying to influence him on the sport’s federal regulation.

In December 2010 it was revealed that top democrats, including Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), helped a Chinese firm get stimulus cash for a wind farm. Top Democratic fundraisers with links to the White House were behind a proposed wind farm in Texas that stood to get $450 million in stimulus money, even though a Chinese company would operate the farm and its turbines would be built in China. The farm’s backers also had close ties with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his campaign received thousands of dollars in donations from the wind farm’s backers.


In 2012 Reid made JW’s corrupt politician list because he was embroiled in an influence-peddling scandal involving a Chinese “green energy” client of a Nevada law firm run by his son Rory. The senator was one of the Nevada projects most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on its behalf, according to a mainstream news report. Reid’s son was an attorney at the prominent Las Vegas firm that represented the Chinese Company, ENN Energy Group, and helped it locate a 9,000-acre desert site for well below its appraised value from Clark County.

In 2013 Reid was again named to JW’s most corrupt politician list for taking more than $130,000 in illegal campaign funds from a shady donor, Harvey Whittemore, who eventually went to jail. Whittemore hired four of the senator’s sons at a law firm in which he served as senior partner and worked with Reid on huge land deals that required federal legislation. Additionally, Reid sponsored at least $47 million in earmarks that directly benefitted organizations with close ties to one of his sons, Key Reid. The legislator also colluded with President Obama to nix a proposed nuclear waste dump in Yucca Mountain Nevada after U.S. taxpayers spent $15 billion on the project.

More recently Reid abused his authority to pressure the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to expedite a $115 million foreign investor visa deal critical to his son’s casino client. Reid got the DHS to override agency procedures to rush through hundreds of visa applications from foreign nationals who helped fund a Las Vegas hotel and casino that hired Rory Reid to provide legal representation for the project, according to a recent news report. The article goes into tremendous detail about the illicit scheme that evidently served as the straw that broke the camel’s back. A few days later Reid said he wouldn’t run for a sixth term in the Senate. His hometown newspaper called it a “surprise announcement.” On his government website, Reid posted a goodbye video saying he did his best though hasn’t been perfect.


In my years on this earth I’ve fallen numerous times, but never once did I come away with a black eye. People usually land on their hip (ouch) or their rear-ends and even on their knees. So how come Harry’s had so many black eyes? Mob ties? Anyone who believes that story about the exercise equipment, might want to rethink it. Next time Vito and the goons come around it could be more than a black eye.

In 2014 it was discovered that Harry Reid had given campaign “gift” money to his granddaughter.  In 2012 he gave her over $5,000 and in 2013, she received nearly $17,000 as holiday gifts for herself and some of his supporters.

Watch Reid’s terse reply to a reporter when asked about it.

Here are a couple of excerpts from his ‘goodbye video’ –

“The job of minority leader of the United States Senate is just as important as being the majority leader. It gives you so much opportunity to do good things for this country. And that’s what I am focused on.”

What he couldn’t say is that his position gives him the opportunity to do good things for his wallet as well as the other wallets in his family.

“My friend, Senator McConnell, don’t be too elated. I am going to be here for twenty-two months, and you know what I’m going to be doing? The same thing I’ve done since I first came to the Senate. We have to make sure that the Democrats take control of the Senate again.”

No surprise there – control of the Senate has always been more important than what’s best for the country and the people.

Between Harry’s devious tricks and the other shenanigans going on in Washington, it’s going to be a long 22 months – let’s hope Harry’s eyes can survive too.


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17 Responses to Highlights From Harry Reid’s History of Scandals

  1. CW says:

    Harry Reid epitomizes corruption. I would love nothing better than to see him spend his twilight years in prison. That’s where he belongs.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Licet Jovi,
    Non licet bovi.

    Roughly translated, “What the gods are allowed, the cows are not.”

  3. Uriel says:

    Excellent post Kathy. That black eye never made sense to me either. I did not know half of this but then I have always been focused on Pelosi who is his partner in crime.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks, Uriel. I never believed the exercise equipment story and had forgotten about the earlier black eye he got in 2011. When reminded of that, it just cemented it for me that it was a cover story.

      Pelosi’s had so many tucks that if someone were to punch her, her face would fall off.

  4. Rich B says:

    Kathy makes a great point. Harry is lucky he didn’t end up as snake food in the desert or in the cement support of some college stadium. He’s lain down with pigs too many times and THAT explains why he smells.

    • Kathy says:

      Rich, I think the goons wanted their work to show publically so he’d have to come up with a story. There’s probably more satisfaction in that than there is in snake food…at least until next time.

  5. Grouchy says:

    “Next time Vito and the goons come around it could be more than a black eye.”
    I’m kind of surprised he’s not already fit for kebab. Folks have the tendency to be associated with the company they keep.
    And I’d be willing to bet that Satan is keeping a choice stoker ready for Harry and Rory Reid.

  6. clyde says:

    GReid will look GREAT in jail stripes, and even BETTER in a cell with a father raper.

  7. Hardnox says:

    There’s a special place reserved for Reid in the 10th level of hell. What a despicable excuse for a human being.

    The pain that he has helped inflict on the citizens of this country is beyond measure.

    I hope the mob thugs take another whack at him. They missed some parts.

  8. vonMesser says:

    Harry should retire to federal prison.

    • Grouchy says:

      And take his son, Rory, with him. I never heard about Rory until the fiasco at the Bundy Ranch. THAT’s when I learned to detest that deceiving crock of crud.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      With a 300 pound cell mate named Koch.

    • Uriel says:

      I don’t know von. Some federal prisons are a bit like country clubs. Better one in a gator infested swamp with bird size mosquitos and rats the size of a small dog.

  9. Kathy says:

    Nice shot, guys. VM, Grouchy and IR, great comments, all. Some good boo-yeahs there.