Military Plans to Spend Billions on New Air Force One


From Fox News:

air froce one

The Pentagon is considering spending billions of dollars on three new Boeing 747s to use as Air Force One, the aircraft that shuttles the United States president.

According to CBS News, the current Air Force One fleet is getting old, and the U.S. military says it’s time for a new generation to carry future commanders in chief.

“We’ve got a pretty good size team working on it,” said Air Force Col. Amy McCain, who is in charge of ordering the new Air Force One, according to the station. McCain’s team has grown to 80 people from 20 in the past year. The team is expected to swell to 100 shortly.

Budget paperwork shows the military requested from Congress $102 million this year to buy the planes, with the numbers growing to more than $3 billion over the next five years. Those numbers do not include the final three years of the project, CBS reported.

Questions linger as to whether taxpayers can afford to buy a new presidential plane.

“The current airplane was fielded in 1991,” McCain said. “It’s the only 747-200 left in the United States that is flying. So it costs a lot more time and money to keep that airplane flying than it used to. It’s actually cheaper in the long run to replace it.”

“The top priority is an affordable aircraft that will meet the presidential requirements,” McCain said. “We’re buying up to three. It depends on all the availability of having two airplanes available for the president at any one time.”

The Air Force expects to ink its first contract with Boeing sometime in 2015 for the next Air Force One, and wants to have the new 747s flying the president in 2023.

Air Force One interior


Well of course, we need new presidential planes because the king and queen have worn out the existing ones with their never-ending vacations and ‘educational tours’. Wanting to do her part in the pursuit of government expansion, naturally it was necessary for Col. McCain to quadruple the size of her team to oversee this task.

Since we don’t have the funds for such a mammoth task, we cut the size of our military by mandating early retirement and handing out pink slips to guys on the battlefield.

Certainly we all want to keep our presidents safe, but there are more economical ways to go about this. Except to the government.


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10 Responses to Military Plans to Spend Billions on New Air Force One

  1. Uriel says:

    Boy do I agree. This is Not what military funds are for. I say let the executive office management pay for this and military budget be used for our Fighting personnel. Why the heck did we pass a military budget with whining military accountants begging for more funds??

  2. CW says:

    This must be an old drawing. I think the newer version since Obama took office now has a “Propaganda Section,” a “Lie Room,” a “Campaign Office,” a “Putting Green Practice” room and a “Selfie Corner.”

    My first thought was the same as yours, Kathy – that the Obamas have worn out the current fleet. Hopefully the slow rate at which gov’t works means that the Obamas will never have the pleasure of occupying the new fleet.

    • Kathy says:

      I’d bet you’re right about the drawing CW, it’s definitely an old version as they’re not showing Michelle’s private suite either.

      Let’s hope he’s gone by the time the new planes are completed in 2023. Hopefully, that’s one Constitutional amendment he can’t change.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    There needs to be legislation requiring congressional approval or limits for presidential trips. No more thinly disguised junkets to hand some group a check and then turn the trip into a political party fund raising event. And if the first family wants a vacation, let them pay the equalivalent of a first class ticket for each member of the party. Or maybe a limit of two taxpayer paid vacation trips a year.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree IR. Anything Not specific to job should be paid for by the person. After all the IRS thugs require that due to laws for every company

    • Kathy says:

      Two vacations per year, like most other Americans is a great idea, IR, one that should have been in place years ago. This crap of treating them like royalty has to stop.

  4. Garnet92 says:

    I know we’ll never get an accurate accounting while Obama’s still in office, but I do hope that after he’s gone (PRAISE GOD!), we can get a full accounting of how much he and his family cost the taxpayers because of personal travel. Once that figure is known, it’ll be yet another black mark against him to go into the history books.