Hillary Caught Red-Handed Teaming Up With Iranian Operative

TREASON: Hillary Caught Red-Handed Teaming Up With Muslim Terrorist Country

From: conservativetribune.com, by: editorial, on: March 29th, 2015, see the article HERE.


Hillary Clinton’s camp, amid accusations ranging from an email scandal to their failure to disclose foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, is like a giant onion being peeled back by both lawmakers and the public, one layer at a time.

The latest layer concerns Clinton’s teaming with everyone’s favorite mullah-led Islamic regime, Iran. Between 2005 and 2008, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation accepted contributions totaling as much as $80,000 from the Alavi Foundation. The United States government declared that the Alavi Foundation is an arm of the Iranian government — one with a dark history.

During Clinton’s presidential run in 2008, she also hired a campaign finance director by the name of Hassan Nemazee, a man who in 2010 was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme in which he scammed $292 million in fraudulent loans from CitiBank. A snippet from a 2009 Forbes article sums up why the Alavi Foundation is not ideal to be linked to if one is vying for the presidency.

“Alavi’s contribution (in 2008) to Clinton came just two days after the Treasury Department also designated Alavi’s partner, the New York-based Assa Corp., as a terrorist entity, and the New York Southern District’s attorney seized and forfeited its assets,” the Forbes piece stated. Then, it got worse. In 2013, a U.S. District Judge granted summary judgment for the United States’ forfeiture claim of a 36-story Midtown Manhattan office building co-owned by Alavi and Assa Corp. The feds ruled that the building owners were a “front for the Iranian government” and violated a list of serious laws and statutes in conjunction with Bank Melli Iran.

Did we mention that Bank Melli Iran, under executive order, was designated by the United States as a terrorist funding organization in 2007?

Nemazee’s ties with the Clinton’s stretch back into the late 90s, when President Bill Clinton nominated him as the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, but then retracted the nomination after Forbes published an article highlighting his shady business practices.

Yet, somehow, Nemazee ended up on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 and subsequently on Clinton’s campaign in a finance position during her run for nominee in 2008 (H/T WND). Nemazee has such a large basket of dirty laundry, we lack space to list it all. So why was this man, with strong connections to the terrorist regime of Iran, along with the Alavi Foundation, making contributions and working to advance Clinton’s political ambitions?

It’s our belief that, aside from her growing list of other scandals, these odd connections and contributions need to be immediately explained in a transparent manner if she truly wants a shot at representing the United States.


The more we dig, the more we learn about the people associated with the Clintons (both of them). It appears that everyone in their circle of cronies is/was up to their private parts in criminal activity. With each rock turned over, out crawls another cadre of slimy creatures whose main purpose in life is to fleece the ordinary people of the planet for their own enrichment.

And if ordinary fraud and Ponzi schemes wasn’t enough, it appears that like Barack Obama, Hillary has had some untidy connections to Iran – in fact, this article’s original headline started with the word “Treason.” Personally, I have little doubt that Hillary is guilty of treason, but as sleazy as the Clintons are, it’ll take a miracle to finally get evidence necessary to convict either of them.

And by the way, if this story interests you, another version by a different writer with some additional details can be found at the WND link above in the story – it’s worth a click to read.




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17 Responses to Hillary Caught Red-Handed Teaming Up With Iranian Operative

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Yeah, it’s like, one day the high school saxophone player paid attention in Civics 101 class, realized there was a lot of money in and around politics and the government treasury and immediately altered his course so he could gain access. On the way he picked up his “Bonnie” and, together, they proceeded to reap the rewards of political thievery.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    But in the long run he is still a draft dodger, liar, serial sexual predator and thief and “Bonnie” is just a failure at everything she has attempted but is still a free woman only because the sympathetic press and a nutless Congress.

  3. Kathy says:

    This is a Clinton never-ending gobstopper that just goes on and on. Every day there’s more news of their unlawful actions that would have an ordinary citizen in jail for decades. Yet they walk free and receive quarter-million dollar fees for giving speeches.

    She’ll never be punished for all her criminal activities, so I suppose we should count our lucky stars if it at least kills her shot at the White House.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Maybe it’s only wishful thinking, but I think that Hillary’s chances to WIN in 2016 are fast slipping down the drain.

      Perhaps we can thank the “new media” for keeping the multiple stories of her misdeeds alive – in the old days the old media would simply have not reported on her antics and the general public wouldn’t have known or would have forgotten. But today, there are at least three or four Hillary stories that have legs and with new media watchdogs like our crew at N&F, we aren’t going to forget about her.

      Unless there is some logical, reasonable reason for her actions in each of those situations (unlikely), those stories will be kept alive by conservatives in the new media and that’ll doom her chances.

  4. CW says:

    “With each rock turned over, out crawls another cadre of slimy creatures whose main purpose in life is to fleece the ordinary people of the planet for their own enrichment.”

    Brilliantly said, Garnet. You’ve summed up the Clinton way quite nicely. And I love the artwork!

    I think if Hillary faces no consequences for her misbehavior it won’t be because of lack of evidence but because of the lack of will by democrats. They have always been and remain ethically challenged.

  5. Uriel says:

    Just thinking same Garnet. Don’t forget all those “Special consultants” like her secretary who worked for the clinton foundation, a consulting firm, and full time personal secretary to hilary but was paid full high level wages by the government.Dang wush I coud have had a cushy job like that.

    • Garnet92 says:

      So do we all Uriel! That’s another story that’s in its infancy, and I didn’t even count that one. Huma Abedin (wife of uber-sleeze Anthony Weiner) also had access to Hillary’s personal network – she’s up to her lady parts in all of Hillary’s recent activities. And she is just one of those “special consultants.”

  6. Uriel says:

    The really Stupid part is Demodummies will back her for 2016. Wonder why?

    • Garnet92 says:

      You know as well as I that 60-70% of her “supporters” couldn’t give you an honest answer to that question – best most of them could do is “just ’cause.”

  7. Grouchy says:

    The saddest part of the whole damn thing is an apathetic, defeated-in-attitude citizenry. For so long, ever since the assassination of JFK, the citizenry ( with significant exception) has gone on its way, thinking of “Politics as usual. ZZZZZ, then go on to the next hot movie, or celeb crowning on “iHeart Radio”, or some such.
    And our military has been so emasculated, along with Congress, that the imposter has instituted an unconstitutional monarchy.
    William Randolph Hearst is turning over in his grave~!

  8. Garnet92 says:

    It is disturbing GF, when we who are actually thinking recognize the large percentage of our voting age population that doesn’t have a clue about the candidates or what they stand for – or against. Spending even a single hour over the next year or so to Google the candidates or visit On the Issues website or something like that just to get minimally informed – but NOOOO, that would interrupt their commitment to ignorance and we can’t have that.

  9. Blessed B. says: