Boston Herald’s Message to Obama on Bergdahl

From IJ Review:


Following the news of Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion charges, the White House is catching flak from all sides. People on social media have been quick to weigh-in. Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, for example, threw in a bit of snark:


With Bergdahl charged with desertion, there go his chances for a national security position in the Obama administration!

Some provided reminders of the sacrifices made by service members who searched for Bergdahl:

~ ~ ~

That’s when the Boston Herald got involved – with a cover that drew a raw mix of emotions.

boston herald

The AP reports that many lawmakers were upset with the decision, because they were not given proper notification.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Sen. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), is asking the White House for all information and documents related to the exchange of Bergdahl:


When the history books record O’s accomplishments they will be listed as disasters. Each and every single one of them are failures and this is another one to add to the list.

Kudos to the Boston Herald for making this too big to ignore, and even though it will tick him off no end, he will ignore it. It’s just a bump in the road for him, because in the end he got what he wanted. When asked if it was worth it, O’s answer will be yes because he got his 5 guys out of Gitmo and the cost never mattered to him, only the end result.

Look for Bergdahl to be pardoned before he leaves office – it was part of the plan all along.


O nuclear deal good as trade

Answer: No, it will be much worse.


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13 Responses to Boston Herald’s Message to Obama on Bergdahl

  1. Uriel says:

    Good piece Kathy. I agree his entire purpose were the 5 prisoners. Who by the way are said to have rejoined the fight. Of course, I am sure they did not waste their prison with peaceful uninterrupted time, paper and penciI as well as a whole prison full of new contacts– there is no telling what plans they added.

  2. Hardnox says:

    6 dead, 8 wounded looking for Bergdahl. Countless others dead and wounded that facilitated the capture of the 5 taliban chieftains.

    Kudos to the Boston herald for taking a stand.

    King Putt hates George W Bush and everything he and the military accomplished in the war on terror yet he can’t even say the word “terrorist” and has stricken “war on terror” from the lexicon.

    EVERYTHING, and without exception, that Putt has touched has turned to absolute shit. Every policy, every action, every statement, and every silence has defied the natural laws of common sense and practicality.

    This will be his legacy. He is an abysmal failure… and it was all predicted.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Can anyone deny he is a muslim?
    “When ill winds blow, I will stand with the muslims.”

  4. Grouchy says:

    Is there NO way, that the P.O.S. in the White House can be prevented from granting a pResidential pardon to the deserter???

    • 219rad says:

      He can pardon all he wants. It won’t change the mindset of anyone who hears the name bergdahl and how much he hates America and what really happened over there and what a POS is in the White House. and… and… and… you get the idea.

  5. CW says:

    Obama actions are perfectly understandable in light of the bond he undoubtedly feels with Bergdahl. By Susan Rice’s definition, they have both served with honor and distinction.

  6. clyde says:

    Good for the Herald. At least there is no hypocrisy here, as they endorsed Romney in ’12.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    I’m in CW’s camp on this issue EXCEPT that Bergdahl, as despicable as he is, isn’t HALF the traitor that Ofeeble is, he only affected 10-20 deaths/casualties whereas BHO has negatively affected millions and directly caused who knows how many deaths. BHO should get twice the sentence that Bergdahl gets.