Army Troops to Infiltrate Civilian U.S. Population – Texas is Hostile Territory

Role players to practice infiltrating towns during controversial Jade Helm exercise

From:, by: Paul Joseph Watson, on: March 26, 2015, see the article HERE.

A key component of the controversial Jade Helm military exercise set to take part in nine U.S. states this summer will involve soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed.

Texas - hostile territory

The “realistic” military training exercise, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, is set to take place from July 15-Sepember 15, but has prompted concerns after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.

A Houston Chronicle report reveals that soldiers will attempt to blend in with the local population in an effort to test the effectiveness of infiltration techniques. Residents will be advised to report “suspicious activity” during the exercise.

“They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”

By directly involving unwitting members of the local population, this aspect of the drill contradicts the Army’s assertion that, “The public can expect nothing much different from their day-to-day activities since much of exercise will be conducted in remote areas.”

Jim Stewart, chief deputy with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, told the Chronicle that the designation of Texas as “hostile territory” was merely a way of setting up a role playing exercise under which soldiers operate behind enemy lines.

The Army has failed to specifically address why Texas, Utah and a pocket of southern California were labeled as hostile territories in training documents for the exercise, merely insisting that the drill is designed to prepare troops for foreign occupations and has nothing to do with preparations for martial law.

No less than 17 different Texas cities will see an Army presence as part of the exercise, which will involve, “participants in civilian dress and civilian vehicles, military aircraft, low-altitude airdrops of personnel and weapons with blank rounds, to avert fearful reactions”.

The cities are Bastrop/Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria.

News outlets, primarily Infowars, who questioned the nature of the exercise have come under fire from the Army and other mainstream media outlets, with the Chronicle characterizing the reaction as an example of, “ultra-right-wing fears of a government takeover in the Lone Star State”.

Despite assurances that the training is to prepare troops for overseas missions, Army documents in the past have made clear that plans for martial law are in place for within the Continental United States (CONUS).

A leaked 2012 US Army Military Police training manual, entitled “Civil Disturbance Operations,” described how soldiers would be ordered to confiscate firearms and kill American “dissidents.” The manual also revealed that prisoners would be detained in temporary internment camps and “re-educated” to gain a new appreciation of “U.S. policies,” in accordance with U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations.

Jade Helm has also drawn comparisons to a 2012 scenario outlined by retired Army colonel Kevin Benson, in which the U.S. Military is used to crush an insurgent rebellion overseen by Tea Party militia members who take over the city of Darlington, South Carolina.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am distinctly uncomfortable with this. If Ronald Reagan was president, I wouldn’t be concerned. Probably not even with Dubya Bush, but with the lunatic anti-American in the White House, I don’t like this operation, not one little bit. I don’t trust Obama as far as I can throw the Grand Canyon and seeing the terms “prisoners,” “re-education,” and “confiscating firearms” when discussing American citizens are like red flags to me. Especially since I’m living in “Hostile Territory.” Those “friendlies” who will be doing the infiltration had better be extremely careful or they may be “mistaken” for an invading force by a right-wing “dissident” protecting his or her property.




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23 Responses to Army Troops to Infiltrate Civilian U.S. Population – Texas is Hostile Territory

  1. Kathy says:

    This is both scary and infuriating, Garnet, and it generates a lot of questions. I wouldn’t put anything past this admin, but would soldiers actually detain American citizens and fire on them even in a mock drill? Would the citizens cooperate with such an exercise?

    How are they going to achieve their goal of blending in and being barely noticeable if they’re doing low airdrops of people and weapons. That’s going to be fairly obvious even to the walking dead among us.

    On the other hand, months and months ago we had discussions here about what O’s plans would be during the last months of his term, and this was the exact sort of thing we talked about then. Perhaps we were right, but even so, I don’t see them pulling this off without much resistance from the civilians, especially in Texas.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Frankly Kathy, I can’t see anything good that comes from this lunatic exercise.

      Even if the troops can assimilate into an American small town, just how does that prepare them to parachute into some Middle Eastern country where dress, language, etc. are so different?

    • Blessed B. says:

      Let’s hope most civilians know that this is a training exercise….trying to take away a Texan’s guns could lead to outright war! LOL! I don’t think many would/will co-operate with that nonsense!

      From what I have heard from before…. soldiers would not fire upon American citizens unless the citizens were firing upon them. Trying to confiscate guns just might be the catalyst though……

      Martial Law can always be imposed….but if the soldiers refuse to carry out such orders as to fire upon American citizens who are posing no threat…. then the current Admin. has a problem.

  2. Rich B says:

    I see Beerry Hussein is preparing for his “third term” as president. He’s just getting the voters an early preview of things to come. Or am I just being paranoid?

    • Garnet92 says:

      You ARE being paranoid Rich – but so am I. Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean that Onumbnuts isn’t practicing for martial law.

  3. Hardnox says:

    I don’t like this either.

    Not to worry, it’s not likely that professional soldiers will go around unnoticed in the population especially in a group.

    The reality of these exercises is deeply troubling. We have porous borders yet the admin wants to treat Americans as hostiles. WTF?

    • Garnet92 says:

      Like I said earlier – how does this exercise mimic dropping into Libya or Iraq or some other ME country where they don’t speak the language, aren’t dressed like the locals, and will stand out like a sore thumb.

      Are the troops expecting to go door to door and confiscate weapons? They call it “role playing,” and their weapons are supposed to be loaded with blank rounds.

      That is so absurd – if someone fires at a typical Texan, he or she won’t know that it’s a blank round and is likely to return fire – with multiple hollow points. Someone is likely to get hurt.

  4. clyde says:

    All part of the plan. This COULD turn out ugly. Smithville isn’t exactly a “friendly area” to be doing shit like this.

  5. CW says:

    Even I am suspicious of this one, in part because I fail to see how blending into a typical American college town like College Station or in towns in California or Utah would be a good test for going undercover in say, Syria or Russia. It wouldn’t prepare a soldier for France or Italy either, but do we really need to go undercover to such places? I find it bizarre.

    Either something evil is afoot or the U.S. military has found yet another way to waste taxpayer money on silly boondoggles.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I may be wrong CW, but this doesn’t sound like a plan hatched by the military without being directed to do it by an Odumber henchman. This whole exercise is a disaster waiting to happen.

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    If any of you Texans see this operation, ask the E-5s and below, “How soon do you think you’ll be ready for the coup?”

    • Garnet92 says:

      Great idea I.R. a better idea than what’s been described as the purpose of the exercise. If I knew the military was preparing for a coup, I’ll welcome them.

      • mikentosh says:

        I would wholly welcome our troops marching into DC and cleaning house! Bathhouse Barry deserves a perp-walk straight into a Fed Penn. All of his cronies and 9 out of 10 repubes too!
        It’s time to stretch his neck for treason!

    • Blessed B. says:

      I second that suggestion I.R.!!!

  7. captbogus2 says:

    “Those “friendlies” who will be doing the infiltration had better be extremely careful or they may be “mistaken” for an invading force by a right-wing “dissident” protecting his or her property.”

    Perhaps that is the goal. What better argument for more gun control, banning of semi-automatic weapons and .556 bullets than for a solder, practicing infiltration, gets shot by someone who thought he was a bad guy?

    • Garnet92 says:

      That should be a genuine concern and if a citizen just happens to plug one of these “role players,” he/she should be immune from prosecution based on self-defense and entrapment.

  8. Just Gene says:

    Don’t forget they shot students at Kent State – and what makes you think it’s an exercise for overseas operation – how about a test run for martial law – remember, the paranoid survive.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Based on statements about “fitting in” and “infiltrating” they can’t be practicing to drop into a Middle Eastern country or anywhere else without wearing local garb and speaking the language.

  9. Blessed B. says:

    Seeing that it’s from Infowars though….I call BS! Fearmongering.

  10. Garnet92 says:

    Well BB, while I’m no follower of Alex Jones, all he did was publicize it – I’ve read probably a dozen articles written by others as well as the military information release and taking Infowars completely out of the picture, I’m still very uncomfortable with the whole thing.

    • mikentosh says:

      I agree. I don’t trust infowars etc fully either. But this isn’t alex pontificating on some theory…it’s a report on something that is going to happen, right here, right now.
      Or at least, over there, very soon! 🙂
      I believe it, and it is Not Good.