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We all are aware of just how biased mainstream media is since we see every day events told with total bias in Obama’s behalf. There is in the case of Executive Amnesty not only bias but repudiation of facts and truth. The one group not being listened to on this issue is the one group with the most reason and need to be heard–legal immigrants and citizen groups who live on borders as well as those from the interior.

Congress has before them many reports giving facts and figures such as this one. If you want truth from the facts and from ICE enforcement personnel, then I urge you to read this transcript from Jessica Vaughn, Center for Immigration Studies, to the House Oversight Committee on February 25, 2015. She sums up quite well the gravity of this issue.

“Thank you, Chairmen DeSantis and Jordan and Ranking Members Lynch and Cartwright, for the opportunity to testify. There can be no doubt that immigration enforcement is in a state of collapse. Border apprehensions, which are considered an indicator of illegal crossing attempts, are rising and many of the illegal crossers are being released into the country instead of repatriated. Hundreds of thousands of temporary visitors are overstaying their visas each year. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics show clearly that over the last several years the number of deportations has plummeted and the number of illegal aliens allowed to stay and work in the United States has increased.  The vast majority of illegal aliens residing in the interior face no threat of deportation, regardless of when or how they arrived, or if they have been deported before. Many deportable aliens who are encountered and apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are released soon after, even if they have come to ICE’s attention after being arrested by local authorities.

The number of ICE deportations from the interior has dropped 58 percent since the peak in 2009, from 236,000 to 102,000 in 2014.

This state of affairs can be traced directly to policy changes put in place by the Obama administration. While administration officials claim that these policies are “smarter and more effective” and allow the agencies to better focus on aliens who represent a threat to the public, in reality the intent, and certainly the result, has been the dismantlement of effective enforcement. It is no exaggeration to say that DHS is running a massive catch and release program.”

However, mainstream media and the President are blind to the plight and appeals of Legal immigrants on this issue.

“The Rememberance Project” was started in 2009 by legal immigrants and natural citizens wanting to voice their views on illegals and their affects on border towns and families. Their newsletter should have as much weight in being broadcast as any bureacratic nimcompoops in the executive division who are parroting and have no real life knowledge. In Rememberance’s newsletter in their own words is their stand on the issue like the following: “Families of Murdered Victims and State Directors Support Judge’s Injunction” and “Letter to Pres. Obama”. This one is certainly not covered but relevant:

“New initiative:
‘America 1st’ Latinos

We believe that America is exceptional. In our lives and in our country, America is the priority. As are Americans! Learn what you can do to stop the nonsense of ignoring laws and our US Constitution. Help stop public servants from placing other countries and non-citizens before our families. Join us to speak up for Latinos!”

The most poignant for me is their “Stolen Lives Quilt Project.” It brings the illegal immigration issue down to real lives and faces as tragic consequences these families face hourly in the region as a result of illegals. The quilts are traveling to cities across the country and deserve more coverage from mainstream media than has been done.

Mainstream media was given the rights in the Constitution to be the watchdogs and champions of the citizens of the US.  Not presenting all sides of an issue and being biased to a special interest is just as noxious as any criminal on trial. The legal and natural citizens  on the border have as much right to all the constitutional guarantees afforded as any president or media reporter.

Media has the ability to sway all citizens’ sentiment heavily in favor or against a topic when unchecked.  It is their responsibility to maintain a balanced, unbiased approach when they do present something.

It is time and past to demand through emails, letters, and legally if necessary, that media assume responsibilty for their part in the total breakdown (bordering on jury bias) of the rogue media reporters that they allow to represent them.  It is time all media show the truth in their quest for ratings, not be a special interest mouthpiece.

Lives are being lost daily and borders are being left unattended.  ICE agents and patrol officers are being tied by executive branch memos and actions in such a way as to cause irreparable harm even though many of them have voiced concerns .  Their lives are put on the line daily.  Their families and friends are suffering.  The entire country is at enormous risk due to the petulant and illegal ( if not, it certainly skirts the edge) actions and attitudes of a few, yet I also maintain mainstream media is just as at fault as the perpetrators when they deliberately ignore the truth and facts. Figures can be manipulated and falsified, people at the front can give at least a measure of reasonable and responsible addition when allowed.


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6 Responses to Mainstream Media Bias for Immigration

  1. Kathy says:

    Good piece, Uriel. I used the link to look at Vaughn’s entire presentation and she provides lots of stats and facts to back up what she’s saying.

    Somewhere along the way the media lost sight of getting to the truth of a matter and went down the road where getting the story first became more important than getting it right. Then during O’s reign they’ve taken it to the next step of blatantly slanting it in his favor and throwing the truth out the window. Maybe their sanity will be restored once he’s gone. Doubtful though.

  2. Uriel says:

    Thanks Kathy. Thats what drew me to the site. Many can not back up comments. This one did a great job.

  3. clyde says:

    Good one, Uriel. No question the LEGAL immigrants have been royally hosed by the Regime. The idiotic media, however, chose sides LONG ago, and are simply not to be trusted with keeping the best interests of the nation in mind, just the democrat party’s interest. A pox on all their houses.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Clyde. I’d like to see that one. There would be a heavy run on concealing makeup. And maybe encourage better writing skills!

  4. upaces88 says:

    Being born and raised and now a Senior Citizen, I can’t tell you how ticked off I am at “rewarding” Illegals. I sound like a broken record, “What part of the word ILLEGAL do’t you understand!”
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry was realllly ticking me off when I found out that he was not only allowing them into Texas Colleges…they didn’t even have to pay “out of state tuition.”
    I wrote to him…what did he write back? I received an invitation to the Ball in Austin when he was “re-elected!”

  5. Uriel says:

    Right there with you UpAce. I have no problem helping others But too many of our own are needing help. They should be first.