ASSHAT ALERT : More ” Hollyweird Hypocrisy”.

First, Al Gore demands exorbitant fees for LYING about global warming, DiCaprio, Clooney, and others, the same thing, and now a washed-up actress has jumped on the bandwagon of Big Oil haters.

This time, she stiffed the government of Ecuador. Wait until you read the article. And some wonder WHY I have an animus against these Hollyweird Hypocrites. From Lachlan Markay at


Read Sharon Stone’s Gold-Plated Contract for Anti-‘Big Oil’ Event

Actress demanded six-figure speaking fee, first class airfare for three, and entire floor of Ecuador’s ‘best hotel’.


Sharon Stone. Actress, leftist moonbat, and, without makeup, as ugly as 185 miles of bad roads. Oh, and not to be trusted to honor a contract.

The actress Sharon Stone demanded a six-figure fee, three first-class plane tickets, and an entire floor at a ritzy hotel with complimentary room service and wireless internet before agreeing to denounce “Big Oil” in Ecuador in April of 2014, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Details of the Casino star’s requests were revealed this week in federal court, where a public relations firm representing the government of Ecuador is accusing Stone and her speaking agency of absconding with a $275,000 speaking fee.

In addition to that fee, Stone, through the American Program Bureau (APB), her speaking agency, requested first-class airfare for three to Quito, Ecuador, and an entire floor of the “best hotel in Ecuador,” according to a copy of her contract filed as evidence in the suit.

The contract requires that Stone’s room include “one two-bed, two-bath suite and one king room,” free room service, and free wi-fi. Stone also demanded “exclusive First Class professional ground transportation 24/7 while in Ecuador.”

MCSquared PR, a New York public relations firm that has represented the government of Ecuador under legally questionable circumstances, is currently suing Stone and APB for failing to appear at the event as promised.

The firm says it incurred more than $75,000 in expenses “to accommodate Stone’s diva-like requests, including first-class airfare tickets and luxury hotel suites for herself and her three companions.”

APB secured the contract with MCSquared in 2014, booking Stone for an appearance at an anti-Chevron event in Ecuador. That country’s government is engaged in a long-running legal, political, and public relations battle with the oil company over environmental contamination in the country.

MCSquared signed a contract with Ecuador’s Communications Secretariat in 2013 to attack Chevron for its alleged failure to meet its legal obligations to remediate pollution in the country.

The company was hit with a $19 billion judgment in an Ecuadorian court in 2011 over that contamination, and has fought attempts to enforce the judgment in countries where, unlike Ecuador, it has assets that can be seized.

A U.S. federal court last year ruled that the Ecuadorian judgment was the result of fraud, bribery, and extortion on the parts of plaintiffs in the case.

MCSquared was not involved in the legal campaign, but has since promoted efforts to saddle Chevron with responsibility for contamination that the company says is the fault of Petroecuador, the country’s state-owned oil company.

As part of its campaign, MCSquared has enlisted the services of a number of American celebrities, including Mia Farrow and Danny Glover. Farrow has admitted being paid by the Ecuadorian government for her junket to the country, but said that she received far less than the $188,000 that MCSquared reported paying to her speaking agency.

The firm reported payments of $330,000 to APB, which also represents Glover. It is alleging in federal court that APB and Stone violated the terms of their agreement when Stone failed to show up for her speaking engagement due to illness.

Rodrigo de Silva, an attorney for MCSquared, said that Stone’s demands were over the top.

“Asking for hotel and travel accommodations for an entourage of three additional individuals is uncommon as is to request hair and make-up for an event to be conducted in the Amazon rainforest and its attendant extreme humidity conditions,” he said in an emailed statement.

An attorney for Stone could not be reached for comment.


Sharon Stone’s contract with the government of Ecuador



If you wish to see the details of this idiotic contract, click on the above link. Ridiculous. But, I do not know WHO is WORSE here. The Ecuadorian government, for trying to use these celebutards against Chevron, or Stone for failing to live up to her contract.

While I acknowledge the rights of these Hollywood asshats to voice THEIR opinions, such as they are, I find it absolutely ludicrous for ANY of these bozos, who READ LINES OTHERS WROTE FOR THEM, and demanding such outrageous compensation, and “perks” that are beyond the pale, EVER get asked to “speak” about events or issues they have ZERO knowledge of. What’s even WORSE, is far too many will pay these knuckleheads for their empty headedness.

Besides, if she, or any other of these hypocritical assholes were SO AGAINST Big Oil, WHY would she, and they, charge a fee to “speak out” about it ?

Here is another empty headed, vapid, self absorbed star, just because of THAT, she thinks HER opinion, that SOMEONE ELSE filled that empty head with, should somehow be MORE credible than EXPERTS in their respective fields.

Ms. Stone, some advice. This could also apply to the REST of you empty heads in Hollyweird. Read the words others wrote for you when making a MOVIE. The REALITY of life is WAY beyond your pay grade.

For those government officials of Ecuador: The next time some Hollyweird hotshot comes to speak in your nation, make DAMN SURE they DO NOT get paid BEFORE they actually show up. These clowns WILL take the money, and RUN.

Maybe Obama will feel bad for you in Ecuador, and extradite her ass down there to appear. When she DOES, keep her THERE. We don’t want her EITHER. And, next time, get someone who KNOWS what they are talking about, and who WILL honor a contract. Morons.

A Clyde hat-tip to Hardnox.


CLYDE. Finding it difficult to believe ANYONE would put stock in what these walking idiots have to say.

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4 Responses to ASSHAT ALERT : More ” Hollyweird Hypocrisy”.

  1. captbogus2 says:

    I have come to understand why Hollywoodites think that just because they can toe a chalk line and recite some words put together by someone else that they are intelligent and qualified to speak of more worldly events. Narcissistic egos
    But what can explain the people who hang on their every word?

  2. Grouchy says:

    Fantastically infuriating article, Clyde, and well done. You only missed one tag, though – “Beyond Insane”,. What is it that gives theatrical performers of any stripe the “Narcissistic Ego” to think they are experts in totally unrelated fields of their expertise? Sharon Stone. Harry Belafonte. Leonardo DiCaprio, and the list goes on and on.