Wasteful Government Spending – Stupid College Grants

From Washington Free Beacon:

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The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is spending $29,403 to study the “toxic rhetoric” of online video gamers.

The grant is part of $22.8 million in new funding the agency announced Monday, which also includes $33,000 to create a college course on “whether peace is possible.”

The video game initiative, entitled, “Notoriously Toxic: Understanding the Language and Costs of Hate and Harassment in Online Games” is being conducted by the Georgia State University Research Foundation.

The project is described as a “cross-disciplinary workshop and follow-up activities to develop a set of essays and a metadata schema to understand and describe toxic rhetoric in online spaces, with an emphasis on large-scale multiplayer computer games.”

The list of projects includes funding for numerous new undergraduate courses for the NEH’s “Enduring Questions” grant program.

Stetson University, in Central Florida, received $21,982 for a junior seminar on “diverse conceptions of what is natural.” A $22,000 grant went to Kennesaw State University in Georgia for a course on the “relationship between past and present.”

Other classes include the “meaning of play in human life” at Indiana University ($22,000), “what it means to be a citizen” at Centre College of Kentucky ($21,975), “the human connection with place” at the University of New Mexico ($32,998), the “changing concepts of an educated person” at North Dakota State University ($21,987), and “the relationship between virtue and gender” at Boston College ($22,000).

Another college course on the “morality of business activity” at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts is costing taxpayers $22,000.

The University of Florida also received $60,000 to “mass mine” social media. The project will “collect and analyze large-scale, publicly available data drawn from social media sites,” and develop an “open-source toolkit and training materials” for humanities researchers.

The University of San Francisco received $18,359 for a “course on concepts of  wisdom,” while American University obtained $21,993 for students to learn the “meaning of suffering.”


*Sarcasm on* It’s good to know that we can relax and trust the government to spend our money wisely on things that are of such vital importance to the safety and well-being of the country. Don’t be upset that they wasted a paltry $22 million…why, that piddling sum would barely cover the cost of one of Michelle’s vacations.

Meanwhile there are headlines such as these:

But, not to worry about those issues either, because the brave and fearless leaders of the USA are on top of it.


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  1. Hardnox says:

    I wish this was a satire piece.