OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY!!!


And you know what THAT means. Time once again for our H&F foray into the muddled world of leftist lunacy, and see who wins the stylish pitcap this week.

Earlier this past week, the left, with a LOAD of help from the Regime, tried to derail the Israeli Knesset elections, by LYING about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They LOST. Big time.

Of course, the left wasted NO time in decrying Netanyahu’s victory. With the usual hatred of all things to the right of Stalin. No one was quite as asinine as the “esteemed” writer at Time Magazine, a rag on SERIOUS life support. So, without further ado, let us meet this week’s big winner. Say hello to ……


The H&F Weasel Of the Week, Joe Klein, from Time Magazine. A true equinal sphincter. No offense to REAL equinal sphincters.


I’m “pleased” to announce this week’s winner,Joe Klein, of Time Magazine, not exactly a “paragon of unbiased reporting”, a left-wing loon who couldn’t find his ass with both hands in a house of mirrors, for THIS asininity:

There will be many—in the Muslim world, in Europe—who will say that the results are no surprise, that Israel has become a harsh, bigoted tyrant state. It has certainly acted that way at times, but usually with excellent provocation. It is an appalling irony that the Israeli vote brought joy to American neoconservatives and European anti-Semites alike.

The Time headline jeered, “Benjamin Netanyahu’s Disgrace in Victory.” A sub-headline mocked, “Israel’s Prime Minister won a tragic election by vilifying Arabs and defacing Israel’s history.”

In contrast to his disgust for Israel, Klein admitted on the March 17 Morning Joe that he trusts “some” of Iran’s leadership.

Klein echoed the sentiments of his MSNBC colleagues. On March 17 and 18, the journalists and guests on that network slammed Netanyahu’s win as a victory for “fear” and “xenophobia.”

More of Klein’s March 30 column:

That is how he won the election even though there was a strong economic case against him, and people were tired of his ways, and about 200 former Israeli military and intelligence leaders publicly opposed his dangerously bellicose foreign policy. He won because he ran as a bigot. This is a sad reality: a great many Jews have come to regard Arabs as the rest of the world traditionally regarded Jews. They have had cause. There have been wars, indiscriminate rockets and brutal terrorist attacks. There has been overpowering anti-Jewish bigotry on the Arab side, plus loathsome genocidal statements from the Iranians and others. But there has been a tragic sense of superiority and destiny on the Israeli side as well.

What a way to say “Congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister”. Joe Klein hasn’t had a cogent thought since 1960, for crying out loud. This fool has made his Obama colors well known ever since the mommy-jeans wearer first ran in ’08.

Well, Joe, we have a “cogent thought” for YOU. And it would be THIS :

Joe, we will NOT be as nasty to YOU, for YOUR big “victory” this week. Enjoy your stylish, and much-sought-after H&F pitcap. You MIGHT be able to fit that wind tunnel between your ears into it.

Here is one more photo of our big WINNAH this week :

Atheist, asshole, and, judging from THIS Time “cover”, as queer as a three dollar bill.

Joe, THIS is the BEST honor that could EVER be bestowed upon you. My congrats once again, and I will leave you with THIS old adage to ponder ” Best to keep your opinion to yourself, and be thought the fool, than to open your mouth, and remove all doubt”. Thanks to Newsbusters.org for the story.


CLYDE. Thanks for tuning in, and be back here next Sunday, when we once again name our WOTW.

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2 Responses to OK, Folks, It’s SUNDAY!!!

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent choice. So in Klein’s opinion, it’s OK to wipe out Israel because of their sense of superiority? Only lefty morons could reach such idiotic conclusions.

  2. Kathy says:

    Don’t you just love how the lefties always accuses the opposition of some sort of phobia? Somehow in their pea brains the fight for survival turns into xenophobia. Another good choice, Clyde.