Canada: Guilty verdicts for 2 men accused in Via terror plot


From CTV News

Deliberations continue at Via trial

Toronto-area resident Raed Jaser, right, and Montreal resident Chiheb Esseghaier appear in court in Toronto and Montreal respectively on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 in these artists’ sketches. (John Mantha and MHP)


A jury has found two men accused in an alleged plot to derail a Via passenger train guilty on eight of nine terror-related charges.

Both Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder for the benefit of or in association with a terror group. Jaser was found guilty on two counts and Esseghaier on three counts of participating in or contributing to the activity of a terror group.

Esseghaier was also found guilty of conspiring to damage transportation property with intent to danger safety for the benefit of or in association with a terror group. The jury could not reach a consensus on the same charge for Jaser, and so the presiding judge declared a mistrial on that count.

The jury arrived at its verdict after 10 days of deliberations. Jurors returned to court six times to ask questions.

Earlier in the day, the jury had said they were deadlocked on one charge.

Presiding Justice Michael Code told them that he could accept unanimous verdicts on the eight other charges and discharge the ninth.

After they delivered their verdict, Code thanked jurors for their “focused, diligent and conscientious work” during the trial. They then filed out of the courtroom.

Outside court, prosecutor Croft Michaelson thanked the jurors for devoting “so much time and effort” to hearing the case, and U.S. authorities that helped with the investigation.

In particular, he hailed the efforts of an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the plot.

“The case turned on his investigative efforts,” Michaelson told reporters.

He described the two accused as “really serious public dangers.”

Michaelson said he would decide in the coming weeks whether to retry Jaser on the one discharged count, but also said he was happy with the eight convictions.

The jury clearly believed Jaser had agreed to commit murder, but some were obviously not sure that he had agreed to derail a train, Michaelson said.

Jaser and Esseghaier were arrested in 2013 following an extensive investigation into the alleged plot target a Via passenger train as it travelled between Canada and the United States.

Jaser’s defence team said their client did not have criminal intentions, and faked his interest in the plot in order to get money from Esseghaier and another man who was, in fact, an undercover FBI agent.

Esseghaier did not participate in the trial on the grounds that he wanted to be judged according to the tenets of the Qur’an. He did not stand in court as the verdicts were read. (~My Note~ He did, however, give the jury a note asking them to apply the Qur’an to every aspect of their life and prepare for “judgment day.” Too bad for him that Canada does not have Sharia Law. That has already been voted on a few years ago and turned down by all of Canada’s political parties! It’s Canadian Law and that’s it Ahab!)

On Wednesday, the jury said it had reached a verdict for one of the two men, but were unable to reach a consensus on all charges against the other.

They were sent back to continue their deliberations.

John Norris, Jaser’s defence lawyer, said his client is “disappointed with the ultimate outcome” of the trial, but said the jury did “exceptional work.”

To a question about the jury’s inability to reach a verdict on one count against his client, Norris said “they clearly struggled with reaching verdicts. In today’s political climate, that couldn’t have been easy.”

Justice Minister Peter MacKay wouldn’t comment directly on the verdicts Friday, citing the possibility that an appeal could be filed, but he said that the trial was “indicative of the complexity of a case of this nature involving terrorism.”

“It highlights something that is undeniable that’s happening in our country and that is…this is a very real threat,” he told CTV’s Power Play.  “This is not something theoretical or mythical, created by the government or the media.”

Esseghaier and Jaser will next appear in court on April 10.


Thanks to the FBI for helping get these two terrorists! Without the help we would have seen many innocent people killed.

This is the exact reason why the Harper Gov’t. is putting in Bill C-51,  the government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation. The government argues the proposed new provisions are needed to combat the threat of homegrown terrorism in the wake of two murders of Canadian soldiers last October.

The bill would also make it easier for police to limit the movements of a suspect, expand no-fly list powers and take aim at terrorist propaganda.

In addition, it would allow much greater sharing of federally held information about activity that “undermines the security of Canada.”

WE need to be able to rely on our own intelligence agency and law enforcement to combat these types of threats to Canadians. We can’t be relying on the USA to always be there to do it.

Hope these two get what they deserve in prison….. 25 years is a long time and being sent back to their birth places forever is even longer. Though if they’ve done criminal activity there….they could be facing even tougher and harsher jail terms.

~Blessed B~


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8 Responses to Canada: Guilty verdicts for 2 men accused in Via terror plot

  1. Uriel says:

    Lol Blessed they were hoping that as Shari’a law says first offenders are put to death that they would get their virgins. Why not use that method. After all the Jihadists do the same daily with glee and sitting in a jail for 25 years allows these guys to infect others or get out at some point.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I would be very happy if we had the death penalty here once again. Hopefully they’ll be finding out what all those virgins feel while they are in prison. Being Bubba’s biotch isn’t all fun and games!

      Depends on where they are sent to for how they’ll infect others with their insanity. If it’s to one of the Northern facilities….they will be with others of their mentality. If elsewhere….. I’m thinking that not too many other prisoners will be happy that these two were willing to kill women and children for their so called religion. Hope Jailhouse rules prevail!

  2. Kathy says:

    I’m surprised it took the jury so long – it seems like it would have been a cut and dried case.

    It’s good to see the US and Canadian officials work together – too bad we don’t have that same cooperation with our neighbors to the south.

    About expanding that no-fly list – that’s one of catch-22 situations where our freedoms are infringed upon in order to better protect us. Let’s hope your authorities use more logic and common sense when determining who’s on it and who’s not than ours do. We use a random system and it’s a major pain to law-abiding citizens.

  3. Grouchy says:

    Great article, Blessed B. However, I do have one quibble. IF they are sent back to their places of birth, assuming they are immigrants, the likelihood of them being summarily released to the general population is great. The article does not state their national heritage, but being islamic, one can only assume they are, in the essence, martyred jihadists for the cause. Better that they serve the max in Canada.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I think I read somewhere before that they are immigrants from Pakistan. They’ll serve their time in Canada…..they are looking at life sentences which is 25 years. Then they can be sent back to their birthplace, which might or might not be Pakistan….they could have been born in some other chit=hole of islamic country.

  4. Hardnox says:

    You Canucks really need to have the death penalty for stuff like this.

    No quarter to those that would harm innocents regardless of reason.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I fully agree Boss! We need to reinstate that punishment for these types of terrorist crimes, for honor killings and murders.

      We killed the other two terrorists that were fulfilling their mission….these two should also be punished in the same way, even though they were stopped before they killed anyone.

      I’m glad they were stopped beforehand and will be behind bars for 25 years…..I don’t like though that the Canadian tax payer should be paying for their upkeep while there. Let them forage for their food up in the far north! They want to act like animals, let them live like animals! Put tags on them and tracking collars so we can keep track of where they are. If they come too close to any human settlements… have a taser device on the collar, that one can jolt them with electronically. Let’s see how well they can survive with the hungry polar bears!