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The Democrats Despicable Filibuster

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THE EDITORS March 18, 2015 12:23 PM

Abortion has been legal throughout the United States for 42 years, and for nearly 40 years Congress has repeatedly authorized general prohibitions on the use of public funds to pay for it through legislative language called the Hyde amendment, named for Illinois Republican Henry Hyde.  Hyde-amendment language or similar provisions routinely are attached to appropriations bills and to other legislation to which it is relevant, from the Affordable Care Act to the Defense Authorization Act. Democrats have not only accepted this as uncontroversial but have positively celebrated it. Senator Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader, assured his constituents as recently as 2009: “My belief in the sanctity of life is why I have repeatedly voted against using taxpayer money for abortions.”

It was good while it lasted.

The Hyde-amendment language appears in a bill authored by Senator John Cornyn (R., Texas) to direct some of the money collected from fines imposed on human traffickers to pay for services for trafficking victims. The bill commanded wide bipartisan support — with the inclusion of the Hyde amendment — until Democrats “noticed it last week,” as USA Today puts it, and pronounced themselves “caught off guard” by an ordinary legislative provision that has been around since the first season of Laverne & Shirley was on television. Democrats not only are declining to support the bill but are in fact filibustering it.

And who is leading that filibuster? Senator Reid, of course, who is so proud of his record of having “voted against using taxpayer money for abortions.”

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), mischievous fellow that he is, has in turn said that he would like to get around to scheduling a vote on Loretta Lynch, whom Barack Obama would very much like to see confirmed as attorney general, but that the delay on the Cornyn trafficking bill will unfortunately delay those hearings.

What is happening is this: Democrats, demoralized at their resounding pounding in the last congressional elections, are hoping for a new skirmish in the culture war, believing (wrongly, we think) that a fight over abortion will be good for them. Senator Reid is up for reelection in 2016, and he is conscious of the fact that the case for sending the minority leader back to Washington is not nearly as strong as the case for returning a majority leader, his juice having been somewhat drained away. (Those cowboy-poetry festivals are not going to pay for themselves!) The abortion lobby commands vast amounts of campaign money and other political resources, and Democrats are taking the opportunity to reiterate their fealty to the peculiar breed of monomania that inflicts organizations such as EMILY’s List and NARAL, the latter of which cares so very much about abortion that it excised the word from its name for marketing purposes.

There are thousands of people, overwhelmingly women, who have been brought to this country by human traffickers and are being held as virtual slaves, often (but not exclusively) for the purpose of forcing them into prostitution. These are human beings reduced to the condition of meat, and they need many kinds of help – and the only thing that Harry Reid et al. care about is whether they are eligible under the law for a publicly financed abortion.

This is a ghastly elevation of politics over basic human decency. Specifically, it is an indefensible elevation of Harry Reid’s political interests over those of the most vulnerable among us.

The Democrats’ cynical misdirection aside, the question here is not about whether trafficking victims who have become pregnant and desire abortions have access to them. Planned Parenthood alone makes a few hundred million dollars a year in “excess revenue” – none dare call it “profit” – out of which subsidies for such situations might easily be paid. Rather, the crusade for public funding of abortions is a social and political cause aimed at the normalization of abortion. NARAL et al. demand public funding for roughly the same reason that the conspirators in the Roman senate demanded that each of its members put a knife into Caesar with his own hand: If everyone has blood on his hands, it is inconvenient to call the crime what it is.

We are not especially eager to see Loretta Lynch confirmed as attorney general, and we trust that Senator McConnell is a patient man. That being said, the Cornyn bill deserves support, and Americans deserve a government that has enough respect for the individual conscience — if not the value of human life — that no one is compelled to participate, financially or otherwise, in the bloody business of abortion. That the partisans of compulsion have the audacity to call themselves “pro-choice” in this matter is a testament to the intellectual dishonesty of the times in which we live — as is the doublespeak coming from Senator Reid.

But the politics cannot be allowed to overshadow the awful reality here: the thousands of women who, having been held hostage by human traffickers, are now being held hostage by Harry Reid.

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 I did my own checking and what I found backs it up.   Reid looks like he needs more time off.

November 2009 after shoving Obamacare down everyone’s throat, someone actually began to read the 2,000+ pages. Republicans in both houses set about making sure Obamacare was corrected with a firm bill requiring no federal funds be used for abortion. Of course, Obama hedged (lied) that Obamacare would not affect this but he knew the wording was in the package to release funds for unlimited federal funding of abortions. Stupak-Pitts authored an amendment which passed in the 112th Congress. Wicked Witch Pelosi about that time decided that her 2 cents were more important. She decided to oppose Hyde amendment rider which had been added on every year since 1976 to appropriations bills by opposing any Republican generated bill (a mirror image of Hyde). Was she intimately involved in changing Obamacare to get federal funding or simply panties twisted over allowing a Republican sponsored bill to get through?

Enter Obama and his lying, sneaky end run namely an Executive Order 13535 which effectively nullified the bill. A deal had been struck apparently between Stupak and Obama so Stupak would vote for Obamacare while the said Executive Order would “supposedly cover the federal anti-abortion funding issue.” Of course, we all know how well that turned out: threats of veto by Obama, Pelosi meltdown, and the then Chief of Staff Emanuel getting caught up in public lies covering the order when he said “Executive orders do not carry the force of law. I came up with the idea of an executive order to allow the Stupak-Pitts not to exist in law.”

From 2010 until 2014, many members of the 113rd Congress (including 1 Democrat) in both the House and Senate introduced at least 10 bills to get the Hyde Rider moved into a law. There were a variety of bill titles and authors all landing in subcommittee and dying there. Both the House and Senate did approve a form of the bill by January 2014 yet nothing further except dust was gathered in this matter.

January 2014 Consolidated appropriations did include Hyde. From what I gather the Hyde language is mysteriously not included in the 2015 budget… hmmmm… I know maybe we need to finally pass a bill into law! It is glaringly obvious that Demolapdogs are diligently doing their jobs to keep this out of action. Obamacare and Hyde are still fundamentally in disagreement on funding for abortions. A law for abortion with no federal funding would negate Odumsicare I think and certainly needs to be made a law if for no other reason than one less bargaining misunderstanding.

NRLC digital media for ProLife posted a letter they wrote on March 11, 2015 which noted both trafficking and the federal abortion nonfunding. This means they knew well in advance of the sandbox action by Reid that the language was included in the trafficking bill. Perhaps Reid can’t understand how bills work without 2,000 pages of muck and ruin.


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4 Responses to Reid-No Federal Funding for Abortion-Sandbox Politics

  1. Bullright says:

    Good analysis, they fought every step and even use it as a fundraiser. If you can raise money off killing babies, what won’t you do? Reid is about as pro-life as the grim reaper.

    I liked the point about the Roman senate. “If everyone has blood on his hands, it is inconvenient to call the crime what it is.” That’s exactly what we’ve had for decades, forced participation in abortion. They’ll play class warfare all day while having declared a war on the womb — even as they campaign on a GOP war on women.(it’s no wonder their WOW campaign is losing steam) .

  2. Uriel says:

    I agree Bullright. Life begins at conception period to me. Cells are living at that point becoming a person. They have as much right to defense and protection as any premie. I do know there are a few instances when it is better to abort but even then there have to be alternatives. Those that willfully destroy unborn are no different in my mind than mass murderers and those that advocate for as guilty as those they seek to advance. Even more horrific are the doctors destroying fetuses in second trimester and beyond for filthy money or experimentation. The same with those who are attempting in Frankenstein fashion to rewrite human DNA. How can they live with themselves.

  3. Uriel says:

    Daily we see more evidence of the mental workings of truly twistedl minds like O and his followers as they continue to undermind the values and break the will of our country. Thanks for stopping by Bullright

  4. Kathy says:

    This is a bit off the wall, but isn’t it ironic how they argue endlessly about this, but they have no problem funding Planned Parenthood to the tune of billions of dollars?