Quote Of The Day — March 15, 2015

Ahmadinejad was stupid enough to be a wolf in wolf’s clothing, to expose his teeth and nails and alert the west. I can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have all the diplomatic and rhetoric skills to do so.”

Successor Hasan Rouhani – President of Iran


~ ~  Grouchy  ~ ~

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7 Responses to Quote Of The Day — March 15, 2015

  1. captbogus2 says:

    They tell you exactly who they are and what they intend and this moronic government insists on playing patty-cake with them.
    When Reagan won the ’80 election they were scared shitless and released the hostages within minutes of his inauguration.
    That ought to tell these imbeciles something.

    • Grouchy says:

      G’Morning Capt. How right you are~! But this administration is more muslim than any other ideology, and THAT is a point we have to understand. If we can understand that, then all other actions the Royal Coward has taken will be understood in their proper context.
      It is one thing to be a pacifist, but a total other to be a cowardly wimp. Even a pacifist will fight for what s/he believes in, pushed far enough~!

  2. CW says:

    “…a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

    What a coincidence! That’s what WE have for a president!

  3. Clyde says:

    Must be Rouhani went to the Kennedy School Of Government at Hahvahd. Assholes all think alike.

    • Grouchy says:

      Greets, Clyde. You have a darn good point there. And even Kennedy was worth more than all the crop together since him~!
      What a #@$% poor lot, eh???

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