Climate Change. A NEW Phenomenon ?

The world’s climate change, global warming, whatever nom de lie they want to give it, practitioners, and frauds would LIKE you to believe it IS.

Unfortunately, for THEM, there is AMPLE evidence it is older than SUV’s, or coal-fired power plants or Al Gore put together. Anthony Watts at gives us the “news”.


Study: Climate change is nothing new, in fact it was happening the same way 1.4 billion years ago

For “extra credit” guess which graph goes with the correct time period. Answer below.

From the University of Southern Denmark and the department of natural variation comes this study saying what we’ve all known for years.


Same forces as today caused climate changes 1.4 billion years ago

Natural forces have always caused the climate on Earth to fluctuate. Now researchers have found geological evidence that some of the same forces as today were at play 1.4 billion years ago.

Fluctuating climate is a hallmark of Earth, and the present greenhouse effect is by far the only force affecting today’s climate. On a larger scale the Earth’s climate is also strongly affected by how the Earth orbits around the sun; this is called orbital forcing of climate change. These changes happen over thousands of years and they bring ice ages and warming periods.

Now researchers from University of Southern Denmark, China National Petroleum Corporation and others have looked deep into Earth’s history and can reveal that orbital forcing of climate change contributed to shaping the Earth’s climate 1.4 billion years ago.

“This study helps us understand how past climate changes have affected Earth geologically and biologically”, says Donald Canfield, principal investigator and professor at Nordic Center for Earth Evolution, University of Southern Denmark.

The evidence comes from analyses of sedimentary records from the approximately 1.4 billion-year-old and exceptionally well preserved Xiamaling Formation in China.

Changes in wind patterns and ocean circulations

The sediments in the Xiamaling Formation have preserved evidence of repeated climate fluctuations, reflecting apparent changes in wind patterns and ocean circulation that indicates orbital forcing of climate change.

Today Earth is affected by fluctuations called the Milankovich cycles. There are three different Milankovich cycles, and they occur each 20,000, 40,000 and 100,000 years. Over the last one million years these cycles have caused ice ages every 100,000 years, and right now we are in the middle of a warming period that has so far lasted 11,000 years.

“Earth’s climate history is complex. With this research we can show that cycles like the Milankovich cycles were at play 1.4 billion years ago – a period, we know only very little about”, says Donald Canfield, adding:

“This research will also help us understand how Milankovitch cyclicity ultimately controls climate change on Earth.”

In the new scientific paper in the journal PNAS, the researchers report both geochemical and sedimentological evidence for repeated, short-term climate fluctuations 1.4 billion years ago. For example the fossilized sediments show how layers of organic material differed over time, indicating cycle changes in wind patterns, rain fall and ocean circulations.

“These cycles were a little different than today’s Milankovich cycles. They occurred every 12-16,000 years, 20-30,000 years and every 100,000 years. They were a little shorter – probably because the Moon was closer to Earth 1.4 billion years ago”, explains Donald Canfield.


Ref PNAS: Orbital forcing of climate 1.4 billion years ago Shuichang Zhanga, Xiaomei Wanga, Emma U. Hammarlund, Huajian Wanga, M. Mafalda Costac, Christian J. Bjerrumd, James N. Connelly, Baomin Zhanga, Lizeng Biane, and Donald E. Canfield.


Fluctuating climate is a hallmark of Earth. As one transcends deep into Earth time, however, both the evidence for and the causes of climate change become difficult to establish. We report geochemical and sedimentological evidence for repeated, short-term climate fluctuations from the exceptionally well-preserved ∼1.4-billion-year-old Xiamaling Formation of the North China Craton. We observe two patterns of climate fluctuations: On long time scales, over what amounts to tens of millions of years, sediments of the Xiamaling Formation record changes in geochemistry consistent with long-term changes in the location of the Xiamaling relative to the position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone. On shorter time scales, and within a precisely calibrated stratigraphic framework, cyclicity in sediment geochemical dynamics is consistent with orbital control. In particular, sediment geochemical fluctuations reflect what appear to be orbitally forced changes in wind patterns and ocean circulation as they influenced rates of organic carbon flux, trace metal accumulation, and the source of detrital particles to the sediment.


There is a wealth of evidence pointing to dramatic short-term climate change on Earth over the last few million years. Much of this climate change is driven by variations of Earth’s orbit around the Sun with characteristic frequencies known as Milankovitch cycles. Robust evidence for orbitally driven climate change, however, becomes rare as one descends deep into Earth time. We studied an exceptional record of climate change as recorded in 1.4-billion-year-old marine sediments from North China. This record documents regular changes in subtropical/tropical Hadley Cell dynamics. These changes in dynamics controlled wind strength, rainfall, and ocean circulation, translated into cyclic variations in sediment geochemistry, much like the orbital control on climate today and in the recent past.


While these technical articles are sometimes dry, and sometimes boring, they are absolutely INDISPENSIBLE when arguing with global warming moonbats, along with trying to explain the Vikings in Greenland. I present these because, whenever it contradicts the leftist meme, you will NEVER see these sound scientific presentations in the lamestream media.

We ALL know why the left has attached itself to this non-issue. It has become a way to focus on their TRUE desire, and THAT is a form of one-world governance, with THEM in charge. After all, who can resist the desire to “save the planet” ?  We ALL should be good stewards of this marvelous creation we call HOME.

THEIR way of “saving the planet” is through onerous taxes and regulation of every possible human activity on Earth. Make no mistake about it. Look at the asinine regulations enacted and proposed by the Obama Regime, and other “progressive” nations, some of whom have “seen the light”, and ELIMINATED carbon taxes, and other forms of regulation that has ZERO effect on the “problem” they purportedly are trying to “fix”.

Do they REALLY think INCREASING everyones’ costs in the way of direct taxation, or through the ridiculous regulations, which, the costs of THOSE are ALWAYS passed on to, yep, you guessed it, AVERAGE CITIZENS going about their daily business for ANYTHING associated with energy production,and consumption is going to STOP the non-existent “problem”?

Well, THEY do, and THAT is why they MUST be defeated, by the electoral process, or any OTHER means which may be neccessary to employ. Such as countering THEIR lies with TRUTH.

The answer to the question in the top photo is : BOTH. They are exactly the same for both time periods.

No question about it.


CLYDE. Club a ” believer” with FACTS. They will never know what hit’em.

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3 Responses to Climate Change. A NEW Phenomenon ?

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent piece Clyde. Facts and reality have never been the left’s strong suit. However, “feelings” is their way and their motive. Unfortunately the butt nuggets are in charge.

    Hopefully a conservative president can return us to reality beginning in Jan. 2017.

  2. Clyde says:

    “Hopefully a conservative president can return us to reality beginning in Jan. 2017.” We will get a conservative president ONLY if the RNC pulls it’s head out of it’s asses, and gives up the notion of “moderates”. Thanks, Boss. Truly the Butt McNuggets are in charge. Much to EVERYONE’s detriment.

  3. tannngl says:

    My father in law had and raised 6 difficult children. All Scotish lads and lasses. Once, one of them knocked over a whole glass of milk at the dinner table. His resolve was, “NO MORE MILK!”

    That’s what I think of progs and their solutions.
    But I loved my father in law. He had a temper! LOL