Time again for the “Sweetie Of Smarm”.

As always, from Newsbusters.org . Enjoy.


Tune in again next time for MORE leftist bashing.

CLYDE. Jodi for Pres. Walker’s press secretary.

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2 Responses to HEEEEEEERE’S JODI !!

  1. CW says:

    LOL – Michelle’s never going to leave Obama! Those two are peas in a pod.

    Do you think that bacon pizza is real?

  2. Clyde says:

    Know it for a fact. One neighbor up home works in Little Caesar’s commissary. He told us about this before we left for Florida. Looks downright AWFUL to me, and I like pizza, AND bacon, but around the crust ? Don’t think so. Thanks, CW. The Obamas seem a LOT like the Clintons. Marriage of convience, nothing else.