Judge Demands Explanation on Amnesty Papers


From Western Journalism:


The federal judge in Texas who blocked President Obama’s executive amnesty order is calling government lawyers on the carpet.

Judge Andrew Hanen late Monday ordered Obama’s legal team to appear in the judge’s courtroom to explain how and why they allegedly lied about what the government has already done with regard to granting rights and privileges to some 100,000 illegal immigrants.

Now, as U.S. News & World Report tells us, the federal judge is none too happy and has just told government lawyers thay must appear in court on March 19th.

“The hearing is in response to a filing last week in which the government acknowledged three-year deportation reprieves were granted before Hanen’s Feb. 16 injunction, which temporarily halted Obama’s action, sparing from deportation as many as 5 million people in the U.S. illegally.”

As Breitbart notes: “Government attorneys had previously said officials wouldn’t accept such requests under Obama’s action until Feb. 18.”

The Reuters news agency says that Judge Hanen had been asked by the administration to decided by Monday whether he would put on hold his previous decision to block Obama’s executive action. Instead of answering that administration request, the judge made his own demand of the Obama legal team.

Judge Hanen’s decision to block Obama’s amnesty order was an initial victory for the states that brought the case alleging Obama had exceeded his powers by using his pen to let close to 5 million illegal immigrants stay without threat of deportation and also be granted Social Security numbers, work permits and possible federal tax “refunds” even though they had never paid income taxes.


Instead of buckling to the pressure from O to put aside his ruling, the judge demanded that O send his representatives to his courtroom to explain why they think they have the powers to even issue the amnesty and why they lied about what they’ve already done.

That’s a nice twist of events for a change. Kudos to Judge Hanen.


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8 Responses to Judge Demands Explanation on Amnesty Papers

  1. Uriel says:

    Lol. Thanks to Judge Hanlen SOMEONE in judiciary is trying to follow the law for a change and not become grist in O’s mill. Kudos Judge. I truly hope he ratchets that nut and bolt tighter and tighter!

  2. Clyde says:

    Agree with Uriel here. Let’s hope some “freak accident” doesn’t befall the good Judge. Good post.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    Maybe my prayers are being answered. While current issues haven’t risen to the level of roadblocks yet, they are amounting to speed bumps on Obama’s road to success.

    I sincerely hope that he’s having nightmares, stomach ulcers, and maybe chest pains over the Senator’s letter, the Supremes ruling on Obamacare, Judge Hanen halting his amnesty, Hillary’s email snafu which could lead to exposure of Benghazi and maybe, just maybe, Congress growing one small gonad in fighting back against his out-of-control monarchy.

    I’m thinking that he is beginning to feel just a little vulnerable in his march to glory.

    • Kathy says:

      I was thinking much the same thing – it is definitely an uptick for the good guys and he’s got to be feeling a bit of a pinch, so he’s no doubt dreaming up his payback scheme.

      In the meantime we’ll take whatever small victories we can get.

  4. CW says:

    Will Judge Hanen be our turtle named Mack?