Hillary Clinton Should Not Run for President… And the Reasons Why Are Plentiful

From: mediaite.com, by: Joe Concha, on: March 7, 2015, see the article HERE.

Hillary with BlackberryHillary Clinton should not run for president.

That was the basic premise of Ron Fournier‘s National Journal column earlier this week that caused more then a few ripples in the Potomac. And after observing the former First Lady-Senator-Secretary of State going back to last summer, there appears to be one thing that’s certain:

Ron is right.

Before we continue–if this is even possible for some–take whichever side you’re rooting for, whether it’s Team Red or Team Blue, and put it aside. Then look at the past nine months since Mrs. Clinton’s book tour began and ask yourself this:

Is she capable of running a crisp, focused, energetic, inspiring campaign? Because say what you will about the sitting president–but outside of that first debate against Mitt Romney in 2012–the man knows how to run a crisp, focused, energetic, inspiring campaign. Two decisive electoral victories in are Exhibit A and B.

Now apply those four words to Hillary: Was she crisp on the aforementioned Dead Broke book tour? Do reckless missteps such as conducting all State Department business on a private email account illustrate focus? Can she energize crowds on the stump? And if you’re a progressive or left-of-center independent, does she really inspire you with her ideas, her worldview?

The most important question: Do you believe she wants to be president to make the country a better place? Or does she simply want to finally break that glass ceiling by being America’s first female president?

When talking to those who would never vote Republican, the lyrics slightly change but the song remains the same: “I’m not crazy about Hillary. She’s too hawkish/tied to Wall Street/reminds me of the female Frank Underwood whose only goal is power…but I’d take her over any Republican out there right now and besides, she’s the only Democrat who can win.”

But as Mitt Romney learned, the anti-vote isn’t a path to victory. Or in this case, simply not being a Republican will not suffice in carrying the only four states that really matter in 2016, where the margin for error is impossibly small: Ohio, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire. Mr. Romney lost those four states by about 330,000 votes. If the number went the other way, the GOP challenger would have still lost the popular vote by more than three million votes but still won the presidency.

So while Hillary holds a two-point lead over her closest GOP challenger right now (Jeb Bush, according to a Quinnapiac Poll taken before the email story exploded), one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that she always polls higher when she’s under the radar and away from a microphone. Unlike her husband, she’s barely an average public speaker. The words feel forced, the delivery neatly packaged but largely tedious.

But policy ultimately matters, right? Not necessarily. As Mark Halperin–hardly a right-wing ideologue of Bloomberg and MSNBC fame– put it during his Bloomberg TV show With All Due Respect:

Part of what the presidential race comes down to is who who do you want in your living room for four years? Who do you like? Who do you want to listen to? She was flat, she was slow. At her best moments, she was not that interesting. I fell asleep twice during this speech. I was tired, but I would not fall asleep during a Bill Clinton or a George Bush speech or a Barack Obama speech. She needs to be better. I don’t know if she was distracted or what, but if that’s the best she’s got, the country’s going to be sick of listening to her after a few months.

And that’s what should be disturbing to top Democratic brass: Guys like Fournier and Halperin (author of the great Game Change) are two of a shrinking bunch of political pundits who still know how to be objective. And when they show serious doubts (Halperin) or outright suggest going into retirement (Fournier), that’s not a good sign. Note: This isn’t a right-wing conspiracy where eeeevil Republicans will overplay their hand and turn this crisis into an opportunity for Hillary. The mainstream media is on this story heavily now. Her chief defenders are David Brock (Media Matters), Paul Begala (who will likely join her campaign), and Lanny Davis (See: Begala, Paul). The Clintons can try to hide and not comment verbally (Twitter doesn’t cut it here), but this isn’t going away.

So will Hillary still run? Probably…but partly due to party pressure. Why? Well…have you seen the Democratic bench lately? It’s like the New York Knicks of political sport: Jim Webb, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Mark Warner, Martin O’Malley, Vice President Joe Biden. If not Hillary, who? But if someone from the Democratic side were to suddenly emerge, know this: The Clintons would be abandoned twice as quickly as they were in 2008 once the first viable alternative came along.

The Wall Street Journal says Hillary Clinton will declare next month that she’s running for president.

But from the book tour… to an ill-advised email strategy… to being largely uninspiring when gender is eliminated from the conversation… to being a clumsy candidate in general… there’s more than just a few reasons to avoid what would be (another) long and losing campaign.


 It’s surprising for those on the left to finally acknowledge what we’ve been saying about Hillary for years, “there ain’t no ‘there’ there.” She’s been anointed without accomplishment; an empty pantsuit, so to speak. Look at the credentials to her celebrity status: she rode into the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas and the White House on Bill’s coattails, she was elected to the U.S. Senate from New York and accomplished exactly what? She was reelected but decided to run for president in 2008 and didn’t complete her second term. After she lost to Barack Obama in 2008, she essentially disappeared from sight until he named her to his cabinet as Secretary of State.

There, I’ve listed her “accomplishments.” You’ll note that her husband was her ticket to her state and national First Lady positions. She did get elected (as a carpetbagger) in New York, and after losing a presidential election she traveled the world as Secretary of State and accomplishing nothing of value except getting four Americans killed in Benghazi. What has she done to stand out? Her resume contains no more accomplishments than Barack Obama and see what that got us.

According to reports, she has a volatile temper, a foul mouth and treated her Secret Service detail like slaves (they reportedly don’t like her either). Realistically, her qualifications to run for president consist of: her 1) name recognition, and 2) she’s a woman. That’s about it.

Here we go again.




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10 Responses to Hillary Clinton Should Not Run for President… And the Reasons Why Are Plentiful

  1. Hardnox says:

    We can all safely bet that the wannabe lefty candidates are salivating right now. I delight in this lefty circular firing squad. I thought only our side practiced this.

    • Garnet92 says:

      The lefties thought that the coronation was on schedule, but Gowdy [bleeped] it up. Now, all of a sudden, Hillary’s getting flak from lefties and the leftie candidates are smelling the blood in the water. But Hillary ain’t worried about the loss of a few quarts, she’ll just rise from her earth-filled coffin tonight and suck a few necks and she’ll be “hunky dory” in the morning.

  2. Kathy says:

    I think we’ve already proven that qualifications aren’t a prerequisite for becoming president.

  3. Russ R says:

    The Hildabeast is SO unappealing and hideous that I’m starting to wonder if that is the real reason many Dems seem to be turning on her -as Halperin said in that quote, maybe they’re realizing no-one wants her “in their living room for 4 yrs.” It can’t be her ethics, we know ethics mean nothing to lefty voters. So I’m starting to think it might be more scary if the Dems find a more appealing candidate. Not that we have any say, but it’s interesting.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Man, I don’t know about that … I do know that I don’t want Hillary in my house regardless of whether it’s audio or video, but neither do I want Uncle Joe Biden or Fauxcahontas Warren. Hillary is just distinctly unappealing in every respect, she’s boring to listen to, unattractive to see, and you can’t believe anything she says either, so why bother?

  4. Clyde says:

    Good post, but I believe Halperin as much as I believe Boehner. Another Clinton shill who will lick the boots if Hitlary is the eventual nominee.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Don’t disagree Clyde, but it’s comforting that she’s in deep enough trouble that her sycophants are placing some distance from her – at least temporarily. I hope this thing snowballs and gains momentum and she gets turned on by her own people.

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    Well, if Hillary doesn’t run, think of all the poor out of work cartoonists.
    Here’s one;
    Sarah Palin is watching TV when Hillary says,” Isn’t it time for a woman to be president of the United States?” Sarah says, “You betcha, and I can your scandals from my house.”

    • Garnet92 says:

      I.R., it’s almost sacrilegious to even mention Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in the same sentence. The only thing they have in common is plumbing.