Turkish Men Wear Miniskirts for Women’s Rights


From Honor Diaries

This past weekend all across Turkey men did something unusual and quite honorable as they stepped out to support women’s rights – they wore miniskirts.


The reason for the outfit choice comes as a result of the brutal murder of Ozgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old psychology student in Mersin, Turkey.

On February 11th Ozgecan Aslan was taking the minibus home, when the driver attempted to rape her. According to police she fought off her attacker with pepper spray, but she was beaten and killed. Police have arrested the attacker, and two accomplices, who burned her body and dumped it into a lake.

Ozgecan Aslan was the latest victim of extreme violence against a woman. The young woman’s death has sparked incredible outrage throughout the country. Turkish citizens have gathered in swelling numbers, protests have sprung up in cities across the country, igniting several campaigns to end violence against women.

These past weeks have seen a country in mourning, and more importantly talking about how to prevent and end violence against women. It started on Twitter with a campaign to wear black (#simsiyah) to honor Ozgecan and show solidarity with the movement. #Simsiyah was so successful that men, women, parents, and children to news anchors and celebrities were clothed in black, and speaking publicly on stopping violence on the news and media outlets.

#Simsiyah turned into #SendeAnlat, or Tell Your Story, an even braver campaign that gained momentum as women tweeted stories about their experience with violence or abuse. The hashtag became the third most popular in the world, Al Jazeera reports.

Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:SendeAnlat.tiff

Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:Sende3.tiff

Translation: Crossing to the other side of the street when you see a group of men approaching #tellyourstory

Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:Sende6.tiff

Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:Sende5.tiff

Stories like this once again demonstrate the tremendous chasms we need to jump before violence against women comes to an end. What should be the comfortable task of getting on a bus, entering our homes, and walking down the street should NOT be the place where we encounter harassment, violence, or abuse.

So we must keep going. We must keep demanding change.

To all the good men out there: Don’t let violent abusers like Ozgecan’s attackers speak for you. Don’t remain silent while murderers stain your beliefs in gender equality. Speak up for the rights of women and men. Men, stand as an example in your community, in your neighborhood, on your Twitter account, and define the parameters of how men should treat women – with equality and respect. Be an active voice, not a passive viewer, because you are being drowned out by stories of abusers, slow-acting leaders, activists and feminists and pessimists, and everyone but you.

In light of this call for gender equality, something quite incredible happened in Turkey this weekend. Turkish men rose up and refused to no longer stay silent.  

Men took to the streets and to Twitter and demonstrated in support of women’s rights, while wearing skirts of all lengths and sizes. The hashtag #Ozgecanicinminietekgiy, which translates to Wear a Miniskirt for Ozgecan, was the rally call. And Turkish men stood up for women’s rights, bare legs and all.

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Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:Mini3.tiff

Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:mINI4.tiff


Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:Mini2.tiff

Translation: Men in Azerbaijan have started the #wearaminiskirtforozgecan campaign.

HeforShe, the campaign by UNWomen made popular by actress Emma Watson, who is the forefront advocate and ambassador to the cause, applauded the unique campaign by sending a tweet.

Huriye Akyuz:Users:sunaakyuz:Desktop:MiniEm.tiff

This is the first time that women’s rights have been so widely endorsed in Turkey. A groundswell of action is the only way to build the momentum for a tidal wave of much needed change in the political and social landscape in Turkey. And we are in dire need of changing that landscape.

Ozgecan Aslan’s death prompted President Erdogan to condemn violence against women as “the bleeding wound” of the country. He has also said that he will personally follow the case, however, Turkey needs to strengthen its laws and systems to prevent such violence in the first place.

Gender equality should not be regarded as a nouveau ideal. How could the equal social, political, and economic rights of women be thought of as an idea created in this past century? No, women and men should not yield to this as a new concept because gender equality is as much an inalienable right as your right to free speech. Women’s rights are men’s rights are human rights.

So listen to the stories of women, tweeting #SendeAnlat #TellYourStory, and help to make sure those stories never happen again. Please continue to spread #OzgecanAslan, #EndViolenceAgainstWomen, #HeforShe, and #Ozgecanicinminietekgiy wear a skirt for the women in your life, and for their equal rights.


Now that is something to see and hear about! Go Turkish Men!! I bet Erdogan was having a fit! So much for Sharia Law!

Suna ( the author of article ) says that

“Turkey needs to strengthen its laws and systems to prevent such violence in the first place.”

Turkey is being run by a muslim who doesn’t believe in equal rights for women. The only way to change it is by voting for a President who is not so gung-ho about sharia law being imposed. Turkish women and men standing up and saying “NO!” at the voting booths. Perhaps it’s time for another “Turkish Spring” to happen?

~Blessed B~

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9 Responses to Turkish Men Wear Miniskirts for Women’s Rights

  1. Uriel says:

    Good for these people!! Great find Blessed. Shari’a deserves to be shot down. It’s treatment of women is anti Any religious doctrine proving this form of worship and law is Not truth.

    • Blessed B. says:

      They have been fighting back against Erdogan who seems to want a more sharia compliant country.

  2. word696969 says:

    More people need to speak up and speak out so we can prevent:

    • FGM
    • Honor killing
    • Strapping bombs to children
    • Enslaving women
    • Murdering homosexuals
    • Child marriage

    • Blessed B. says:

      Welcome word696969! Thank you for commenting here!

      I agree! More people need to speak up about the atrocities of islam. Most folks haven’t taken the time to figure out what it all involves. Stories need to be put out in front and center on the very subjects that you pointed out to make folks aware of them.

      Have you watched the “Honor Diaries” film yet?

  3. vonMesser says:

    Again and again – here is the real “war on Women” , not the bogus whining of the Democrat party. And, here, again, the Republicans are supporting the women.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Yep….this is the real war on women! Until they can get equal rights…..they won’t be able to move ahead.

  4. CW says:

    As happy as I am at the prospect of undermining Sharia law, this article disturbs me. The twitter campaigns and silly gimmicks like men parading around in skirts are eerily reminiscent of the kinds of promotional tactics the leftists are fond of, and we know what happens whenever the Left commandeers an issue. To trade Sharia for liberalism would be a tragedy for Turkey, because when the Left takes over an issue equality is NEVER what they’re after.

    Rape is not a crime that’s unique to Muslim countries. It happens everywhere, including here in the U.S. where we routinely allow convicted rapists to return to society despite the risk to women. The article never explains what Turkey does or doesn’t do with respect to rape that justifies this campaign. Does Turkey treat rape lightly? Is this type of crime a common occurrence there? All the article says is that the perpetrators were arrested. I assume that if they were arrested that this kind of behavior is already a crime, so without further information I’m confused as to what the point of this campaign is and I’m disappointed with the journalism. Maybe you can help me see what I’m missing.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Rape happens in every country except when rape happens in an Islamic country…..most times it either goes unreported OR the women gets stoned to death.

      Here is an article from 2011 that sort of explains how Rape is dealt with in Turkey.
      Rape in Turkey: between incitement, complicity and silence
      Sertaç Sehlikoğlu 18 March 2011

      In the last seven years, violence and sex crimes against women have increased by 1400% in Turkey; According to the report Bianet News compiled from the press, last year 217 women were murdered and 164 women were injured at the hands of their male relatives. Over a quarter of these women were murdered by spouses they were trying to reject or divorce. 207 women and children were raped, while 381 were sexually abused; in total 90% were abused by men they knew closely, such as their relatives, friends and teachers.

      The legal and governmental cautions against sex crimes are not effective enough to respond to the scale and gravity of the problem. Yet, women are continuously facing resistance from society which creates a hostile environment for the victims. ~~

      Before Erdogan came into power…..Turkey was a secularist country. They separated religion from state. They had even banned women from wearing headscarves if they worked with the public.

      Erdogan said before that he wanted to change their Constitution….which I would surmise meant that he wanted a more sharia law imposed upon the people!

      • CW says:

        I don’t know much about Turkish politics or about Erdogan, but if he was democratically elected then the problem in Turkey is much bigger than one individual, just as our problem here in the U.S. is much bigger than Obama.

        What bothered me about the original article was the sloppy journalism, which happens to be a great pet peeve of mine. I am also a cynic when it comes to protest movements where suddenly there’s a frenzy of public interest in an issue that’s been out there all along. That often points to a case of people gratuitously using a tragedy to advance an agenda of their own. Also, I just have a problem with men marching around in mini-skirts. It’s a bit too reminiscent of gay pride parades and ‘hands up’ stunts for me.

        I appreciate the added info but once again the article leaves me with questions. The site is called “Inclusive Democracy,” which sounds eerily like the language of the Left, and knowing their nonchalance with respect to truthfulness it’s hard to trust the stats. A 1400% increase in violence against women seems pretty astonishing. Is it possible that as times and attitudes have changed, more women are reporting crimes that previously they kept quiet about? Has there been a change in what qualifies as a “sex crime?” I checked a few sites for more statistics and it looks to me like Turkey has a lower incidence of violent crime than the U.S., including crimes against women. The latest U.S. census report showed 88,100 cases of forcible rape in the U.S. in 2009. So again, while I applaud any effort to fight back against Sharia Law and Islam-centered governments, I don’t know if the latest protest movement is really a response to a pervasive disregard for women’s rights or if this is a typical leftist-driven effort to advance its own agenda by pushing a false narrative. I know I’m the ultimate cynic, BB, but I can’t help it!