There’s a Lot Obama Doesn’t Know

Garnet92’s editorial comment: While catching up on the news today (March 8, 2015), I learned that Obama just learned of Hillary’s Emailgate scandal from news reports.  Isn’t it amazing that the “smartest man in the world” doesn’t intuitively KNOW these things? Don’t his hundreds of underlings keep him up to date? The State Department knew last August that she was using a personal email system for her electronic correspondence, why didn’t Obama know?

The following post was originally published on November 16, 2013 on my blog Pesky Truth. If you fill in the blanks with Hillary’s latest scandal, you’ll find that it still is accurate.


Let’s get something out in the open right away. I don’t like Barack Obama.

That statement alone will immediately get me branded as a racist. I don’t care. The race card has been so badly overplayed that labeling someone as a racist no longer carries its previous stigma. You race-baiters broke it, you wore it out from overuse, and it won’t work anymore.

No, I dislike Obama because he has proven himself to be an incompetent overseer of his responsibilities as President. He’s not an awful black President; he’s just an awful President – period – NRR (no race required).

According to supporters, he is supposedly the smartest person ever to wear the title of POTUS. They assume this because he can spin a phrase; talk a good game; not because we have any proof of his vaunted intellect – he’s taken legal steps to hide all of that.

To those less polished than he, he must seem highly intelligent, but after six years of watching him, I’ve seen no evidence that he is accomplished at anything but reading from a teleprompter and accepting accolades.

When it comes to accepting praise and adulation, Barack is the best. If there were a Nobel Prize in Accepting Adulation, he’d win it hands down.

But he doesn’t handle himself well under pressure. He doesn’t like being told that he is wrong; he refuses to accept it. He wasn’t wrong; it’s your fault that you misheard his words. Either that or someone else is at fault.

He is a politician, and views everything through a political lens. When something negative happens, his first reaction is always how it will affect him politically and only later does he concern himself with the real problem. His reaction to trouble is to first identify the political impact on his presidency and only when it can be assured that he is insulated from damage does he address the trouble. He uses ploys like “I didn’t know,” or that “I only just learned,” to distance himself from criticism.

He is bent on pursuing his own personal agenda and adept at nothing but politics. This has become especially apparent as more and more scandals have surfaced with his fingerprints all over them.

When something craters, the BS flows freely – and no, not that BS (though he is chock full of it). This BS refers to “Blame Shifting.” Barack Obama goes into full BS mode and can shift blame from himself to [fill in the blank] faster than the speed of light.

“How can [fill in the blank] be his fault if he didn’t know?” That’s what he wants us to think. Poor guy, some low-level, ordinary human, underling must have failed him, but it wasn’t his fault.

On the other hand, if something is successful, his response will be liberally sprinkled with “I’s” and “Me’s,” as he is quick to take credit, regardless of whether he played part in it or not. And when it’s obvious that someone else was the prime mover in a successful activity, he’ll include himself anyway by using the “We” attribution.

I maintain that, in the absence of any proof to the contrary (and I’ve seen none), Obama must be judged as either: ignorant or incompetent.

But wait! There’s more!

Maybe he’s neither ignorant nor incompetent, what if he’s just plain lying … most of the time … about practically everything?

We’ve heard him claim that: “I didn’t know,” or that “I only just learned,” “I was just told,” or “I read it in the paper” so often, that it does prompt the question:

Why didn’t he know? Isn’t he the big boss? Why’d he only learn about [fill in the blank] when the fecal matter was en route to the fan? What kind of manager is he? The simple and obvious answer is: as a manager, he sucks and as an executive, he sucks even more.

In a large corporation, a regional or divisional vice president with a history of his screw-ups would get that person reassigned (if they’re lucky) or (more likely) fired. A history of this kind of activity by a company president would prompt the Board of Directors to fire him for malfeasance.

But his supporters won’t agree with either of my descriptions, they maintain that he is not ignorant, and he isn’t incompetent – he’s just a victim of  soicumstance (as Curly would say).

If he isn’t ignorant and he’s not incompetent, there’s only one other conclusion that explains it all – he was intentionally and consciously lying when he made statements that he didn’t know about the following issues. He was:

  • Lying about the IRS profiling of conservative groups
  • Lying about the NSA spying on U.S. citizens, and also foreign government leaders
  • Lying about Fast and Furious and even invoking executive privilege to keep Atty. Gen. Holder from being held in contempt of Congress for lying
  • Lying about Benghazi and the “hateful” video causing the terrorist attack and his not personally ordering the stand-down
  • Lying to the American people (some 37 times) about “keeping your plans” or “keeping your doctors”
  • Lying about “being the most transparent administration – ever”
  • Lying about Obamacare reducing most folks insurance costs by $2,500 annually
  • Lying about Obamacare not adding “one dime” to the deficit
  • There are many more, but you get the picture.

Please note that these screw-ups are not pesky little faux pas, they are major scandals and/or affronts to the Constitution that affect millions of Americans and/or America’s standing in the world.

Serious problems for Obama are easy to identify. If democrats running for major office purposefully shy away from an issue, it’s because it would create problems for them in the next election.

Look over those items listed above. How many of them will democrats campaign on?

BTW, my own personal opinion is that president [sic] Obama is all of the above, i.e., ignorant, incompetent, and lying, NRR.

No Race Required.



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10 Responses to There’s a Lot Obama Doesn’t Know

  1. CW says:

    Excellent essay, Garnet.

    Obama has been the worst enemy of his own credibility, but of course all leftists must choose between credibility and pursuit of their agenda.

    BTW, has anyone checked to see if Obama has a gov’t email account? Maybe we’d better have a look at the basement of his home in Chicago.

    • Garnet92 says:

      LOL! God only knows what might be in Obammy’s basement! Maybe Jimmy Hoffa?

      I’ve read that he uses a government-issued account, but I wouldn’t bet on it. After all, just look at his record of truth-telling, it ain’t so good.

  2. Kathy says:

    What a crock! Of course he knew. I’d bet you there are plenty of emails between he and Hitlery on that private account of hers to prove it. He sat idly by and ignored it instead of demanding she follow procedure. Makes me wonder how many private accounts he’s got.

    • Garnet92 says:

      What’s the old saying about “honor among thieves”? I think that even though he named her as SOS, he secretly wanted her to get caught with her hand in the cookie jar to keep the spotlight off of his “misadventures.” He needed to maintain a façade of support just to keep the Clinton machine from returning fire.

      Even with as many Omaumau screw-ups as we have experienced (and there have been MANY), I’ll bet that there are at least that many more that we don’t yet know about.

  3. Obama is a sad excuse for a leader.

  4. Grouchy says:

    Actually, Kathy, I think he ENCOURAGED the private email system, to BYPASS the official system, as the private system could be “scrubbed” easier, and not have to be subject to the FOIA.
    Just idly thinking.

  5. Garnet92 says:

    Can’t fault your logic G-man. Odingbat wouldn’t want anything pinned on Hillary that could possibly bounce back on him so he implied tacit approval simply by not saying anything about it.

  6. Hardnox says:

    It is stunning that he says these things and gets a pass. I know, I know… the leftstream media…

    It just pisses me off. This country deserves so much better.