Saudis Praise Netanyahu Speech

From the Clarion Project:

Prominent Saudi columnists and diplomatic leaks suggest that Saudi Arabia is aligned with Israel against Iran.

State owned media outlets in Saudi Arabia do not normally praise Israeli Prime Ministers. Yet the Editor in Chief of Al-Arabiya wrote an op-ed on Tuesday doing just that. Entitled “President Obama: Listen to Netanyahu on Iran, Faisal J. Abbas’s piece argued “one must admit, Bibi did get it right, at least when it came to dealing with Iran.”

Abbas argued in support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s highly controversial address to Congress, saying “the real Iranian threat is not JUST the regime’s nuclear ambitions, but its expansionist approach and state-sponsored terrorism activities which are still ongoing.”

This is not to overlook Saudi Arabia’s own history of supporting terrorism. Only this week King Salman gave a top award, the King Faisal international prize to a radical hate preacher who in the past has said “every Muslim should be a terrorist.” Dr. Zakir Naik made the remarks in a speech praising Osama bin Laden.

Yet Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism is undeniable and threatens the security of many other states in the region.

As Netanyahu stated in the speech “In the Middle East, Iran now dominates four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. And if Iran’s aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow.”

The possibility of a nuclear weapons being added to the existing threat is presumably what motivated Saudi columnist and pundit Dr. Ahmad Al-Faraj to write “I believe that Netanyahu’s conduct will serve our interests, the people of the Gulf, much more than the foolish behavior of one of the worst American presidents.”

Nor is this support confined to the editorial pages. Netanyahu assured his audience that Israel can and will act to defend itself. Diplomatic sources have indicated that should Israel decide to carry out a military strike on Iran, Saudi Arabia would allow Israeli bombers to use Saudi airspace to carry out the attack.

Netanyahu also argued that the deal with Iran would trigger a nuclear arms race in the region, as Arab countries who do not trust American assurances that Iran’s nuclear program will be kept peaceful scramble to obtain nuclear reactors of their own.

Such fears seem to be on their way to realization already. Saudi Arabia agreed to purchase two nuclear reactors from South Korea on Tuesday. Egypt concluded a deal to purchase a nuclear reactor from Russia in February.


Evidently no one believes the bullshit coming from King Putt’s mouth. However, anyone paying attention to the chess pieces lining up can see what’s going on.  Iran is on track to get a nuclear weapon and the deep pocketed neighboring countries are making plans to get theirs too.

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4 Responses to Saudis Praise Netanyahu Speech

  1. Uriel says:

    Saudi’s pretty much have to align with Israel on this… traditionally they are more conservative AND they have done deals with the US so are on a “black list” 2 ways with Islamic rules. They are from what I can tell, to be terminated since according to the rule book, they defiled themselves with western culture. Same with converts of any nationality. Islam is about blood bond. Blood spilled against Islamic enemies equals place in their religion. Like the mafia if even suspected of consorting, you are doomed.

  2. Grouchy says:

    Rather an interesting piece, considering that the state religion of Saudi Arabia is one of the most strict versions of islam possible – Wahhabi Islam~!

    While I do appreciate the support given Netanyahu on the one hand, just what is the other hand doing?

    The politics of the Middle East is little more than a basketful of nested pit vipers.

  3. Kathy says:

    “…the foolish behavior of one of the worst American presidents.” Do they have him pegged or what? Yet he bows to the Saudi leaders.

    It makes sense that Saudi would side with Israel on this since they basically volunteered to do the dirty work if the US doesn’t stop Iran. That prevents Saudi muslims from killing Iranian muslims, at least temporarily.

  4. upaces88 says:

    It was Saudi $$ that “purchased his Harvard Degree.
    I read an article a couple of months ago that they were very hurt that he is “supporting their enemies”.