House Benghazi CMTE Subpoenas Hillary Clinton Emails

It appears the Hildabeast is in trouble.  This time she may not be able to wiggle out of this one.  Surprisingly, even the lefties are freaking out over this and ganging up on Saint Hillary.

~ Hardnox

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2 Responses to House Benghazi CMTE Subpoenas Hillary Clinton Emails

  1. captbogus2 says:

    The left does nothing without purpose. Poor Hillary. I almost feel sorry for her. She sold her soul to the Democrat Party and in 2008 they threw her under the bus for someone who was more invested in anti-America ideals and who was not bright but would do his Massa George’s bidding. But she was promised she would be the heir in 2016. Then from the Faux Americana Nativia tribe comes a younger, prettier and just as far left if not farther left than Hillary. \
    But this Indian from the Faux tribe stated she would not run if Hillary was going to run. The left wants the Faux Maiden to run. So. Ipso Facto. They have decided to throw Hillary under the bus.
    When you deal with the devil……

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s good that Gowdy subpoenaed her emails, but it could be months before he actually has them in hand, and it’s likely she’s already scrubbed much of the pertinent information ahead of time. This could still go either way for her.