From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT” File For Mar 5 2015

It never ends. The FRAUD, the SCAMMERY, the DECEIT, the TREACHERY of the “renewable energy” business. No wonder democrats love it so.

Here is the latest, and this one involves academe as well. From Peter Fricke at The Daily

Rampant Fraud Pervades Rooftop Solar Industry

Don’t fall for THIS. The Nigerian Bankers are MORE honest than THESE clowns.



The case for green energy subsidies was dealt a blow recently with revelations that solar companies in Oregon and Arizona misused tax credits and defrauded customers.

The Arizona Republic reported on Tuesday that, “The owners of a Phoenix solar company admitted bilking customers on the sale of energy systems,” and will now have to “repay customers up to $111,000 to settle a consumer fraud lawsuit filed by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.”

In addition, the manager and president of Going Green Solar, Jesse Gee, “agreed to pay up to $120,000 in fines and $17,000 in attorney’s fees.”

The fines were imposed after courts determined that sales representatives of Going Green “targeted senior citizens in violation of the federal do-not-call list,” misrepresenting themselves as calling on behalf of something called the “utility savings program,” and then proceeded to make false claims about the savings customers could realize by installing solar panels.

Some customers, for instance, were told “their energy costs would rise from $200 to $1,500 a month over the next 20 years” if they did not purchase solar panels, only to find that, “their energy costs went up after purchasing the Going Green systems.”

Going Green salesmen also “told customers they would be permanently eligible for a program that would lower electric bills from 40-75 percent,” and claimed they could “get as much as $17,000 through state, federal, and utility programs.”

“Going Green is the second solar company in the past month to settle fraud claims with the attorney general’s office,” the Republic says, following a similar case involving a company called Stealth Solar, whose owners were fined $92,000 for “deceptive telemarketing, bogus mailers, [and] untrue promises of savings and government subsidies.”

In perhaps an even more egregious case, The Oregonian reported last Friday on a multi-million dollar boondoggle involving allegations of fraud on the part of at least two solar companies that received tax credits from the Oregon to build a collection of solar arrays.

The project was the brainchild of officials at the Oregon University System, who “envisioned 14 solar installations spread over seven campuses,” with funding provided by Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit program, which the article calls “the most generous state incentive program in the nation.”

The first company selected for the job was Renewable Energy Development Corp., also known as Redco, but just four months after being approved, “Redco was bankrupt.”


I’m beginning to think there are NO players in the “renewables” business that are actually LAW ABIDING, and providing goods or services.

Solyndra ? $500 million +, and NOTHING to show for it. A123 Systems ? $249 million, with NOTHING to show for it. Fisker Automotive ? $528 million, with an EMPTY, half finished factory in Wilmington, Delaware, a former Government Motors plant that ALREADY had seen steep losses AFTER the government, read TAXPAYERS, “saved” GM.

This one really blows. To think, leftists running a “solar energy” company were INTENTIONALLY bilking senior citizens, and whomever else they could, out of their money, WITH the help, and by DESIGN of “officials” of the Oregon State University system.

WHEN, and, I guess a better word would be, IF these leftist criminals are found guilty, I have a good punishment for them. Cleaning up DEAD BIRD CARCASSES at the “avian Cuisinarts” of the wind energy scam, and the “Obama E-Z Bake Ovens” of the solar industry.

Let the fraudsters “clean up” HERE, picking up the dead bird carcasses. Maybe the bastards will catch Avian Flu, and assume room temperature.

We should not be surprised. After all, WHO is better at CON GAMES than the left ? They have had DECADES to “perfect” their “craft”. All with TAXPAYER FUNDS. Ahhhh…..America. Vaht a cunnntry.


CLYDE. Leftists. Despicable. Degenerates. Disgusting. And some day, DEFEATED.

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5 Responses to From The “GEE, IMAGINE THAT” File For Mar 5 2015

  1. CW says:

    More evidence to go on top of the mountain of evidence we already have of what liars liberals are and how the “green” movement, like every other liberal cause, is nothing more than a means for taking other people’s money without having to use a gun (because when you use a gun, people are more likely to fight back).

  2. Kathy says:

    And where did Oregon University get the money to do this? Hmm??? Give yourself a gold star if you said the government, and we know how good they’re not at running a business of any kind.

    The fines should be doubled when cases involve bilking old people, that’s just the lowest of lows.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    Kathy’s right, any kind of crooked enterprise that defrauds our seniors ought to have additional fines levied on them. It’s not only that they’re bilking old folks (usually with a declining cognitive capacity) but they’re also usually on very limited budgets. They’re easy prey for the unscrupulous crooks.

  4. tannngl says:

    Why would anyone know this? There is no journalism. And tyranny is about to take over the internet…

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Thanks for posting this.

    As you know, a few years back i did a ton of research on Solar with the idea of going off-grid. My conclusion: it’s not even remotely financially feasible.

    Unless the materials were free and one lived in a hut the whole idea is bullshit.