Report: Obama Cut Intelligence Cooperation with Israel

From Pamela Geller:


What does that stare say?


PM Netanyahu, despite it being politically destructive for him, went through with his trip to the US and speech anyway. He is fighting for his country’s life. Controversy this hot right before an election is toxic, but he is doing what he must. He is doing the right thing for his country — something Obama cannot even begin to fathom.

“He’s risking his political life because he values not just the future of Israel but really the future of civilization,” Mike Huckabee said yesterday. “The Iranians are just crazy enough to use a nuclear weapon if they had one.”

And Obama the screw is turning the screws.

“Report: Obama Has Cut Intelligence Cooperation with Israel,”  Israel National News, March 2, 2015
Israeli report indicates a deep crisis as disagreement on Iran has stopped cooperation for IAEA reports on Iranian nuclear facilities.

In response to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s opposition to the nuclear deal he warns threatens Israel’s very existence, US President Barack Obama’s administration has reportedly cut American intelligence cooperation with Israel.

A report on Monday night by the Hebrew-language Channel 10, notes that the cooperation between Israeli and American intelligence agencies until now has aided the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in formulating reports on Iran’s nuclear program, reports that advanced the sanctions against the Islamic regime.

At the moment, while Israel is cooperating with various countries in terms of intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program, the cooperation with the United States has stopped according to the report.

In closed conversations senior sources in the White House have expressed concerns that Netanyahu will reveal details Obama has kept secret from the nuclear deal being sealed with Iran, according to the news channel.

While US Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed Israel isn’t familiar with the details of the plan, that claim was undermined when Kerry on Monday asked Netanyahu not to reveal certain details in his Congress speech Tuesday.

According to senior Israeli sources cited in the report, Obama has not only made clear he will not meet with Netanyahu, but is even refusing to talk with the Israeli prime minister on the telephone during his visit.

The report is not the first indicating a harsh backlash by the Obama administration against Netanyahu’s opposition to the nuclear deal.

On Monday the US denied Israeli reports that it plans to cut defense aid to Israel over the disagreement. Previously another report by a Kuwaiti paper claimed that Obama had threatened to shoot down an IAF strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities; the US denied that report as well.

Israel warns that the Iranian deal will leave Iran with nuclear breakout capability, by which it will be able to continue enriching uranium and produce a nuclear weapon within a very short window of time at the moment of its choosing.

Likewise Netanyahu has pointed out that Iran has threatened Israel with annihilation on many occasions, even as it advances its nuclear program and continues to be the leading state sponsor of terrorism.


Having posted Geller’s pieces before and after receiving much flack for it (do a site search for Freeport, TX and read the comments), her statements ultimately turned out to be accurate. She can be a bit ‘out there’ sometimes, but in this instance, after seeing other reports on the same info, I’d bet she’s spot on.

Although falling on deaf ears, Netanyahu has been warning us for years about Iran’s activities and it seems things are ratcheting up, thanks to O pouring fuel on the fire by way of his ‘deals’ with Iran, and now he may be withholding vital information from Israel.

It is scary to think that both Netanyahu and O have a good understanding of Islam and the devastation it will bring on the world, yet they’re seeing it from different sides. 

We have the wrong leader.


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5 Responses to Report: Obama Cut Intelligence Cooperation with Israel

  1. Uriel says:

    Probably true. I have yet to see much more on US airforce blocking Israeli flights over Iran Nuclear Plant. Amazing how quietly this slipped into and out of media.

    • Kathy says:

      Funny how some headlines do that, while others are picked up by everyone and linger for days. Sometimes the foreign sources are more reliable and don’t go for the sensationalized headlines.

      It’s typical O behavior to put a stop to intelligence sharing – just the kind of fit throwing we’ve seen for the past six years.

  2. Garnet92 says:

    Some have used the term, “petulant child” to describe Obama – I think that it is appropriate. If he doesn’t get his way – even with a sovereign government – he throws a fit. I suspect that his halting of intelligence sharing is one of the results of negotiating with Iran – one of the pot-sweeteners that he agreed to.

    It’s is really scary to think that one very misguided individual could cause the destruction of Israel and even cause problems for our United States, based on his immature and ignorant personal ambitions.

  3. Blessed B. says:

    I guess my source was correct…that Bibi was advised not to speak about some things!

    The intelligence sharing between Israel and the USA has been somewhat …. shall we say “strained” since the obi came into power. Obi seems to think that the USA has the top position in that area and Israel could not possibly have anything worth listening to. Unfortunately…..Obi is once again wrong!

    There are four countries that are at the top of the list…..China, Israel, Russia and Canada. These countries all share intelligence between themselves. The USA doesn’t even share intelligence reports within it’s own agencies, let alone with others of any value.

    • Uriel says:

      Have to agree there Blessed. Women in a hair salon can get more done than our Congress. I went off on them in a HP comment section about that today and basically said it isnt any party that suffers its our citizens.