Keystone Veto Hurts Canada and Keeps Us Importing Venezuela Oil

from American Thinker

As promised, President Obama did veto the Keystone Pipeline.  Let me add my voice to the bipartisan chorus that just doesn’t get it.  I am confused for two big reasons:

1) Our relationship with Canada, a strong ally and friend, was thrown under the bus.  Let’s not forget that Canadian soldiers fought brilliantly in Afghanistan.  In other words, Canada is one NATO country that walks the walk when it comes to committing soldiers and putting them in harm’s way.  How many other NATO allies can we say that about? 

The pipeline would bring oil to the U.S. from a very reliable partner

The U.S. segment would be 875 miles long, running through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. The 36-inch diameter line could carry up to 830,000 barrels (nearly 35 million gallons) of oil per day.

What does 830,000 barrels mean?

It means that we can replace Venezuela, an anti-U.S. country and friend of Iran, as a supplier.  In 2014, we imported between 600,000 and 800,000 barrels a day from Venezuela.  Wouldn’t we rather import oil from Canada than Venezuela?  Am I the only one who would rather do business with a friend than a foe?

To be fair, Venezuela used to be a friend of the U.S. until Chávez used anti-Americanism to justify his authoritarian rule.  Nevertheless, our dependence on Venezuelan oil puts us at a disadvantage with that country.  Imagine if we could tell President Maduro that we are dropping him for good?

2) Jobs and jobs.  There is some confusion about the jobs that the pipeline would create.  However, no one disputes that jobs will be created (via the FactCheck link above):

Any big construction project requires workers to build it. How many? The U.S. State Department’s analysis says 3,900 would be employed directly if the job is done in one year, or 1,950 per year if work is spread over two. TransCanada Corp. puts the number higher, saying the project would support 9,000 construction jobs directly.

There would be additional, “indirect” work for companies supplying goods and services, including concrete, fuel, surveying, welding materials and earth-moving equipment required for the project, and “induced” jobs resulting from money spent by workers and suppliers, such as ranchers providing beef for restaurants and construction camps. Counting up everything, the State Department estimates a total of 42,100 jobs could be created.TransCanada has accepted the 42,100 figure for total employment.

Let’s not get hung up on job estimates.  We have lots of people who would gladly take a job at this time, especially one with a future and decent wage. 

The bottom line is that this veto was another foreign policy and economic blunder.  We are once again confusing our friends.  We are also showing the world that President Obama will not stand up to his base, even if standing up to them is a good thing for the country.


Actually….. obi juan-kenyanobi hasn’t confused the Canadian Government in the least. Harper knows exactly where obi’s alliances are! Harper and Obi are not friends!

His vetoing the Keystone Pipeline doesn’t hurt Canada much either as we have other buyers who are wanting our oil. We’ll just ship it across Canada to the East where it goes to European countries and we ship it West where it goes out to China. All by double-hulled tankers.

Who it does hurt is the USA! You need those well paying jobs that would be available with this pipeline. You also would be getting oil from Alaska through the pipeline as there is a deal to have Alaska pipeline to twin into the Canadian one….if the Keystone was approved.

Guess now the US Congress just has to attach this to all the Bills that obi wants to be passed through! Let’s see if he reads the fine print or any of the Bills!

~Blessed B~


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7 Responses to Keystone Veto Hurts Canada and Keeps Us Importing Venezuela Oil

  1. Kathy says:

    People still don’t get it. They think O made a mistake, but he didn’t. It wasn’t a blunder, it was part of his plan.

    Everything that could be good for America gets shot down and that trend will continue along side his plans to take over the internet, find more ways to increase taxes and flood us with illegals. And he goes unchecked.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Yep…it’s all in his plan. He hates America so much that he’s willing to tear it all down and then…he’ll leave and be laughing all the way to the bank in Saudi Arabia where he has billions sitting, waiting for him.

  2. Grouchy says:

    One thing about the abomination we have as pResident – Contrasting him with Reagan, and even G.W. Bush, sure illuminates folks Spiritual leanings and development.
    The abomination wants to destroy the very fabric of the American psyche. And he’s doing a damn good job of it.

  3. Blessed B. says:

    That’s true Grouchy!

    I have a theory…. spiritualists say that we create our own problems so that we can learn and grow through them….I wonder if perhaps the problems that obi has brought with him, if this was a multitude of folks all needing to learn the same lessons?

    Hopefully the “many” will learn the lesson well and go onto rebuild a better, brighter America!

  4. upaces88 says:

    Obama had the BP oil spill destroyed. He wants us to buy oil from Brazil. guess who owns that oil company in Brazil?

    None other than, George Soros.

    • upaces88 says:

      I don’t think you’ll bet against me. Whatcha think? Another Soros Oil Corp?

      • Hardnox says:

        Soreholes doesn’t own the entirety of PetroBras but a decent chunk of it. Incidentally, those evil deep drilling rigs that were removed from the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Oil Spill are now operating off the shores of Brazil at the behest of Soreholes.