A Country of People No Longer With Pride of Citizenship

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

We have all seen over the years since Obamacare came into being just how detrimental the lack of due diligence has been on nearly every word spoken, written, or commanded into being by hastily passed laws or executive order.  This is not unique to the current president but has occurred during this President’s administration far in excess of accident or coincidence. I would need to keep a spreadsheet in order to keep up with them.

Image result for obama picsYet the liberals and Democrats have for the most part consistently sided with him on every issue even going so far as to make statements in the mainstream media (who is as we know his copy machine and parrot in much of the forays he and his executive branch have taken into outright attempts to manipulate and reconstruct the Constitution.) which literally parrot his words.  Few of them seem to have a legitimate thought of their own as they are speaking.

If I were to look into the future history books, I feel the heading might well be “The Age of Obama”. His inconsistency in phrases and counteractions uttered over the waves or quoted as saying have created time and again nothing but chaos.  If that is his goal, then it has certainly been achieved.  Generally, I have noticed that those things he most expounds upon as “not within his authority” seem to come to pass as truth to the consternation of the entire country.

In fact, most of what is occurring has finally worn the country down in its bid to create chaos in every arena of national concern.  From outright comments of limits of power and filmed statements to the use of departments and veiled threats to the alienation of world opinion of our worth, he has at least been consistent in the level of chaos created.  Look at last week’s Florida townhall meeting concerning following orders or receiving consequences even though those hired to administer and complete the immigration laws as written are under federal stay until a  case can be made in federal district court.  This has created total confusion I would expect between those wanting to follow the laws and those wanting to follow his orders. The very inconsistency and misdirection of his words is in itself an indictment of his actions.

One of the direct and dire consequences of his executive order on immigration is the direct violation and attempt to take action over and above the duly mandated Constitutional rights of the legislative branch.  No President has the right by executive order or other means to circumvent the authority in making laws for the United States period.

He believes either right or wrongly that it is his right within his executive branch to issue orders and have all members fall in line regardless of laws they have to follow as parameters established by congressional statutes.  He is at the very least a bully and criminally negligent in his expectations. All companies have the same problem within especially as regarding federal laws and forms.  Those companies must account if brought to court for the breaches if found to be unlawful.

Regardless of frustration or lack of understanding to alter in any way the laws. it is his sworn oath as duly elected and constitutionally mandated to “faithfully carry out” the laws as written. That does not nor has it ever precluded presidents from behind the scenes presentations and considerations in order to see that those duly authorized are placing bills to the floors for review.  Believe me, the consistent strutting, fault finding, and grandiose bullying of both parties turns my stomach so I do sympathize with his extreme irritation.

I get frustrated as an individual as well and it affects only the small world around me.  We the citizens are more than frustrated.  We have had our guaranteed rights trampled, chaotic fires ignited and blasted across the world between two recognized political parties that can not seem to get their heads screwed on right and govern efficiently and use the Constitution not some President’s comments, suggestions, or bully tactics as the basis of law and order.  Every day we see more and more examples, hear more and more allegations, are met with crisis after crisis brought on by this President either unknowingly or willfully.  Our world standing is in total disarray.  Our own image of our abilities and national pride is totally battered to nearly zero.

Here is what we citizens Should expect from both parties — consistent, reasonable, well-thought out governance.  Instead we get petty backbiting, mulish behavior of two year olds, rants and character assassinations.  We have a constitution for a reason.  Our forefathers had experienced tyranny in all its forms and the utter hopelessness of being a non-entity in societies with ruling classes.  We came into existence and have had countries and individuals around the world see and try to emulate our freedom.

It is entirely consistent with change that laws become overburdened, antiquated, or no longer fit into a changing world.  That is the purpose of the federal and state governments to administer and effect reasonable and reflective change.  Our constitution makes certain we THE PEOPLE remain in the forefront and viable entities in our fate and future.  NOT one man or his cronies.

One of the many facets being affected by Obama’s unlawful action in the Executive Order of 2014 for Immigration is the issuance of social security cards, birth certificates and other forms of identification as needed for those immigrants in our country illegally.

Note here our country was founded on immigrants from every corner of the world with dreams and needs just as those already within its shores.  In the beginning they came here by shiploads with only ship registers laying claim to their entrance until over the years it became obvious for a multitude of reasons that their registration was necessary.  From that time forward, immigrants who arrived on our shores wanting to take part and be a part of our country did everything they were asked by the laws as written to become LEGAL citizens.

There have been innumerable laws and statutes addressing many aspects of this but the final lawful act was that they became productive members passionate about our country and working hard to achieve their own goals and dreams for themselves and the generations to come. In order to vote and take their place in the process by which they were no longer a non-entity but had some control over their fate, these people as does every citizen had to produce some form of identification and documentation to establish their citizenry.

It is the right and the privilege of every American to take part in carving out a future for and by themselves. Federal and state governments are designed to oversee and administer those items upon which the people they represent have voted and requested to be added or deleted.

In order to make this happen each state sets up voting rules to govern every aspect of the process. One of the most important is to make certain those who have residence within their borders are legally able to cast a vote which will affect governance.  Federal regulations also are provided for explanation and statutes are entered into the system along with methodology on administration, data compilation, and legal steps for verification.  Included in every local or county welfare, motor vehicle, or human support organization is a card for individuals to fill out and return to register to vote.  Online federal and state sites also provide assistance in the process.   In all cases, proof of birth within the country, legal green card, proof of domicile and bills in their name as well as some form picture identification, usually current motor vehicle or current passport are needed.

With one swoop, Obama proposes the unrestricted and barely responsibly supervised deliverance of these same documents into the hands of not just one but millions of possible new  immigrants (regardless of any information typed on the forms) without proper channel due diligence on processes, procedures, or needs of state or federal departments responsible for  following and administering the statutes.  There ARE reasonable and prolific reasons why laws take more than a swiftly typed and signed document to become law.  No one has a master checklist of every department, federal or state, each law affects and to what extent the law is capable of being successfully administered is affected by the considered opinion and debate of those who have the responsibility of oversight.

We are seeing our morals, our ideals, our flag, patriotism and now our ideas being deleted, bound, and derided daily. Our words, freedom of speech, gun rights, religion and more are all under attack Not from outside but inside our borders. Apathy and sheer stupidity are at the root. There are brave souls standing up and being ridiculed and chastised publicly for their stance. Our laws are being circumvented by an largely unseen and malignant force. Now with the immigration, we appear to even be losing that which creates our ownership within the shores of our country.


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6 Responses to A Country of People No Longer With Pride of Citizenship

  1. Hardnox says:

    The decline in active citizenship is the direct result of our education system and the unwillingness of the media to promote our American heritage and legacy. Both groups have spent the last decades trashing America which is part and parcel of the left’s ideology and plan.

    Good post.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    If you want to be re-inspired, watch Phil Robertson at C-PAC.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    Wrong link, try this one for the full 28 minute speech.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    Stillnot right. Search for it, it’s on the same page.

  5. Garnet92 says:

    Good one Uriel. Captbogus also nailed it with his recognition of both teachers (the worst) and “journalists” as educating our young in why the U.S. is not exceptional, why we are no better than Iran or N. Korea. They refuse to teach or acknowledge the price our ancestors paid so that we could have freedom and as a result, we no longer appreciate how truly unique our country is (or at least was). It is a disgusting state of affairs.