Tea Party’s Answer to Coexist Bumper Stickers

From TPNN:

You know those people; the ones riding around with that Coexist bumper sticker on their car, right next to the Obama Biden one.

They’re the same folks who regularly assert that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” and “Can’t we just all get along?”

A tea party supporter has come up with a brilliant video, demonstrating for these naive peaceniks exactly what radical Muslims think about coexisting with the rest of us infidels.  

The brutal truth people refuse to admit.


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6 Responses to Tea Party’s Answer to Coexist Bumper Stickers

  1. vonmesser says:

    I really want to see that final image on a bumper sticker. The crescent with scimitar and the others cut in half. Actually, should cut only top 1/3 off – more like a head missing than at the waist. I think it would sell.

  2. Grouchy says:

    Before I knew the hellish evil that Islam is, I would have been in favor if the “COEXIST” sticker. But that was years away and far ago — I learned a lot in the intervening years.

    Those who are leaving this hellish cult deserve the help we can give them. They’ve gone through the Valley of the Fires of Hell. Let the rest of them burn and suffer in their own hell-driven diarrhea.

  3. clyde says:

    No question about it. Good find, Kathy. Agree with vM.

  4. Russ R says:

    There are many funny parodies of that sticker. I had one on the vehicle I just got rid of that had coexist spelled out using the logos of gun companies. I was still in northern Ca and I could park next to a car with that coexist sticker almost every day at my gym. It was my subtle way of pissing off an arrogant liberal.

  5. tannngl says:

    They are pure idiots.
    No one can co-exist with Islam.