Taylor Swift is stalkin’ him (Ray Stevens)

From: Powerline, By: Scott Johnson, On: February 25, 2015, See the article HERE.

Ray Stevens has been creating novelty hits since I was a child; his recording career dates back to 1957. I haven’t heard about Stevens for a long time and didn’t know his creative juices are still flowing. I was therefore delighted to discover when we received a message from Stevens’s Nashville publicist yesterday that in his newly released video (below), Stevens “claims the world’s biggest superstar, Taylor Swift, is watching the veteran Grammy winner’s every move.” The veteran Grammy winner, let it be noted, has an impressive handle on the Swiftian oeuvre.

Stevens’s plaintive paranoia captures an aspect of the present moment that I thought readers might appreciate. The song’s happy ending, however, requires a deus ex machina lacking in the moment. This is comic art.

We are advised that “Taylor Swift Is Stalkin’ Me” is a track from Stevens’s album Here We Go Again, to be released on March 24. Orders can now be placed on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


When I saw that “Taylor Swift was stalking me” title, I immediately checked it out – maybe I could learn what it takes to get Taylor Swift to stalk ME! Ain’t no doubt, I’m jealous!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tall pine tree in the backyard, but I do have a pool and she is welcome to lounge around in a bikini – or sunbathe au natural – all she wants.

I’ll be easy to stalk, I’ll even leave a trail of bread crumbs wherever I go and wear a GPS on my ankle if that will help!


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7 Responses to Taylor Swift is stalkin’ him (Ray Stevens)

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Heck Garnet, if a pool was all it took to get Taylor to stalk someone I’d be out in the back with pick and shovel before sunup.

  2. Uriel says:

    Rofl. You guys are toooo easy

  3. Clyde says:

    Thanks for the comic relief, Garnet.