NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : Way To Go, Obama Voters

You all have, by virtue of your misguided notions of “fairness”, and not wanting to be “racist”, have voted for an absolutely despicable asshat as potus,and NOW we have a Regime ATTACKING honorable people SIMPLY because they do NOT agree with HIM.

Next time you asshats want to vote, FORGET about it. YOU have done MORE than enough damage. This is from Steven Goddard at

Barack Obama Goes Full Stalin

The level of Soviet style criminal activity at the White House has reached spectacular new lows. On February 20, The White House sent out this E-mail announcing that they were going to start attacking individual scientists who dissented from the White House global warming agenda.



A few hours later, this E-mail was sent out to a large group of prominent skeptics. The author used a stolen identity of Harvard’s Dr. Willie Soon, and obtained the list of skeptic E-mails via hacking. The E-mail pre-announced an attack by the press on an individual scientist.


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Today they sent out another E-mail using Dr. Soon’s stolen identity, pre-announcing newspaper attacks on other prominent skeptics.



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This behavior by the White House, coordinated with the press corps, is straight out of the Stalin era Soviet Union.



No doubt about THIS, is there ? Damn their traitorous hides.


Any time the White House starts talking about conspiracy theories, you know they are attempting to cover up something really bad they are doing.

They’re still grasping at myths and conspiracy theories, but deniers are on the run.

The White House is attempting to distract from their disastrous performance in the Middle East and elsewhere. So they are focused on imaginary problems and somehow imagining that engaging in criminal activity will alter scientific fact.



Totalitarian regimes around the planet are currently engaged in attacks on dissidents. Yesterday, Egypt sent blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah to jail for five years for being a dissident. Saudi Arabia also has dissident bloggers jailed.

This is 21st century America. We don’t do inquisitions of heretics any more. Unbelievable that this is going on in the US.


Sorry, Mr. Goddard, maybe in what once WAS America, we don’t do Inquisitions, but in Obama’s America, if you DO NOT agree with THEM, Inquisition is alive and well. AND encouraged and abetted by the leftist media.

One thing this Regime has learned WELL, are the lessons a younger Barack Hussein Obama learned at the feet of such STALWART patriots as Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayres, and Bernadine Dohrn. You name the anti-American leftist, Obama has more than likely “broke bread” with them, and CASHED their CHECKS. Or, in his case, rolled up a FAT one.

As the ecoloon left, and manic governments such as Obama envisions, indeed, is trying to establish HERE, along with the European Union, and the U-frigging-N, expect these types of attacks to increase.

The facts are out there, MORE than ever, climate scientists who are NOT on the “payroll” are coming forward and EXPOSING the fraud for what it REALLY is. Here at the blog, we have done a number of stories in the past couple of weeks with the various leftists involved in the scam STATING it was NOT about “saving the planet”, but about GOVERNMENTS REORDERING ALL ECONOMIC SYSTEMS.

And to have Dr. Soon, and the rest of the TRUTH tellers THREATENED by this Regime, and their enablers in the lamestream media is simply unconsciable. It tells us MORE about THEM, than anything.

My hope is the nation can survive the reign of asshattery the guilty white liberals, their slavish, drooling media myrmidons, and the PSP has visited upon us.

Hat-Tip To Crawfish


CLYDE. The left does NOT need to be understood, nor compromised with. Just ANNIHILATED. They’ve done MORE than enough damage.

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8 Responses to NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : Way To Go, Obama Voters

  1. Hardnox says:

    The odor of communism lingers in the air.

  2. Kathy says:

    There is nothing so low that this regime won’t stoop to, is there? That list is going to be really long

  3. CW says:

    “The left does NOT need to be understood, nor compromised with. Just ANNIHILATED.”

    Amen, Clyde. The sooner people understand that, the better.

  4. Uriel says:

    The trick as mentioned is continued chaotic misdirection in order to accomplish anarchy. Seems it has worked.