Navy SEAL Sniper on ISIS and Muslims


From IJ Review:

Sniper Ops

IJReview discussed the looming threat of ISIS with former Navy SEAL Sniper Brandon Webb, a special operator who helped train Chris Kyle and a New York Times best selling author. His most recent book Among Heroes is set for a May 15 release date:


Image credit: Brandon Webb


Here’s what Webb told us regarding the threat of ISIS:

“It’s not ISIS that’s the threat. It’s the ideology of radical Islam that’s a threat to the free world but also other Muslims. You’re seeing ISIS that’s comprised of Al-Qaeda guys. So have we have won the war on Al-Qaeda, I don’t think so.”

“A radical interpretation of Islam has become in vogue. Many young Muslims are flocking to the Middle East.”

He also grappled with how terrorist groups are able to flourish:

“We need to focus on how to we stop this 10 year kid being preached to by a radical Mullah in Iraq. It’s a problem because parents want their kid to be educated, and one of the only ways to do it is to send them to these religious schools and they’re free, and this is the only thing that the parents can afford.”

“Let’s set up a peaceful education option for these geographic areas. Collect the data and figure out what the problematic areas are. Go in with a non-profit and invest billions of dollars into an education initiative. I would rather put billions of dollars into education than more military hardware.”

Webb elaborated further on the effectiveness of fighting jihadism at its roots:

“We’re really good at killing terrorists, but that’s not going to solve the problem long term. It’s an endless whack a mole of killing bad guys unless we address it at the root cause. It’s like weeding a garden and unless you can kill the weed at its root, you’re not solving the problem. We are treating symptoms of terrorism instead of the root causes.

Webb’s first hand accounts of fighting Radical Islam provide an invaluable insight into the U.S.’s ongoing struggle with terrorism.


A huge thanks to this guy for his service and kudos to him for his obviously exceptional training of other snipers. He’s correct that we’re really good at killing terrorists (when O lets us) but his idea of educating muslim kids sounds like something right out of a Marie Harf fairy tale. Once we educate them, she can find them jobs.

Apparently he doesn’t know or has forgotten that their ideology goes back for centuries and learning the evils of Islam is a way of life. It cannot be undone no matter how many billions might be spent on it. To reeducate those kids would mean teaching them that their holy book is wrong and no muslim parent would allow that for fear of death.

We’re dealing with a cult here who believe that a pedophilic madman is a prophet and that the way to heaven is to kill all non-believers. That makes it impossible to go into muslim countries with new teaching materials and convince them otherwise. Just ask the Christians in those countries…oh can’t.

No, the best way to deal with ISIS and all other terrorists is to blast them to kingdom come. Now all we need is a president who will let us do that.


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8 Responses to Navy SEAL Sniper on ISIS and Muslims

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more effective to kill the “teachers” at those religious schools that poison young minds, than erect an educational system to compete with them?

  2. Clyde says:

    Kill them all, and let Allah,pees be upon him, sort it out.

  3. CW says:

    I agree with you 100%, Kathy. There is no peaceful solution to this problem. We need to speak their language, and that language is the language of violence. A little shock and awe is what’s in order.

  4. Uriel says:

    Great post Kathy. I also agree.