Screw The Dozers. Get A NUKE.

The onslaught by the MOST vile, corrupt, useless bunch of unelected Himmler wanna-bes continues unabated. No, I don’t mean the Obama Regime. This time, anyway.

As bad as THAT bunch is, they cannot hold a CANDLE to the U-frigging-N. Story from Blake Neff at The Daily

The UN Has A Plan For What Americans Can — And Can’t — Watch On TV

5:22pm 02/23/2015  By Blake Neff, Contributor

Time to get SERIOUS about this bunch of felons. I’m going to QUIT using ……..


……THIS, and instead, use some of…….

…..THESE. Much easier on the “environment”. NO EVIL fossil fuel needed. No CO2 exhausted. AND, MUCH quicker “results”.


Fat kids are serious business. So serious, in fact, that the United Nations is urging countries to let its bureaucrats micromanage what foods are allowed to advertise on TV.

The European branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), the health arm of the U.N., is trying to stop childhood obesity by urging countries to adopt an international blueprint that would ban almost all food advertisements targeted at children and place substantial regulatory influence in the hands of the UN.

Advocates of advertising restrictions argue that children learn to identify brands early in childhood, and that those who see lots of junk food advertising ultimately eat more of it and wind up becoming obese in higher numbers.

The WHO’s international bureaucrats believe that abolishing food marketing towards children is a helpful step to rolling back obesity, and last week’s announcement complained that individual governments are not acting fast enough to please them.

“Despite progress in some countries, government action to restrict such marketing remains less than optimal,” the group’s announcement said. That is simply unacceptable, and WHO officials hope that by taking care of all the actual work in deciding what foods to ban, national governments will more easily follow their lead.

With that in mind, last week, WHO’s Regional Office for Europe released a “nutrient profile model” that it recommends as the model for how countries go about deciding what foods should be locked out of advertising to children. Such a model is currently only used in a handful of countries, including Norway, the U.K. and Denmark, but WHO is hoping that with its nudging more countries will imitate these policies.

The exhaustive model breaks foods into 17 different groups, ranging from processed fruits and vegetables to cheese. Each category is evaluated on its nutritional content per 100g of food. Foods that exceed thresholds for sugar, fat, salt or calories would be barred from any marketing that would increase the food’s appeal to children. For example, a cheese would fall under the ban if it contains at least 20g of fat or 1.3g of salt per 100g.

If adopted, the model would totally prohibit all advertisements for chocolate, candy, cake, sugary soda, ice cream and fruit juice. The only foods subject to no restrictions whatsoever are meats fresh fruits, poultry and vegetables.

While that level of suppression may strike some as a heavy dose of statism, especially when pushed by a transnational organization, WHO argues that it’s long overdue.

“Given the current epidemic of childhood obesity across Europe, there is no justification for marketing products that have little nutritional value and contribute to unhealthy diets,” WHO official Dr. Gauden Galea said in the organization’s statement. “The tool that we are offering to countries to adapt and use would protect children from the harmful effects of marketing of foods high in energy, saturated fats, trans fatty acids, free sugars and salt.”


WHY, if there is a God, does He let this type of absolute EVIL flourish on Earth ? Here is a group of dictators, thugs, thieves, and unindicted criminals, YET AGAIN trying to tell the WHOLE WORLD what to do, say, wear, eat, drive, heat their homes with, and NOW, what ADS they, or their children, can see on television.

 Tell me, does ANYONE believe THIS will NOT come with a HUGE budget for “administering the program” and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to “help” obese children ? Not for a second. All THIS is about is giving the U-frigging-N EVEN MORE control over day to day life.

PARENTS already “hold the key” to WHAT their children can, and should, watch on TV or anything else. If the U-frigging-N gave a rat’s ass about the children it would try to institute a BAN on ALL gay TV, all sexual sitiuations on TV, all foul language on TV, all rap music videos on TV, all VIOLENT movies and shows on TV. CRICKETS on all THAT, but NOOOOOO, can’t have the little dears seeing a McDonald’s or a Coca Cola, or Hershey’s Chocolate ad, now can we?

Where the HELL is TV on this ? Where the HELL are the ADVERTISING honchos ? The leftist (as long as it suits THEM), media ? NEWS FLASH for the aforementioned morons: The U-frigging-N gets their way with THIS, YOU can kiss a BIG chunk of YOUR revenue stream buh-bye. Also, WHERE the HELL are the sellers and marketers of FOODS ?

You all mean to tell ME you are about to let an unelected, unaccountable, and corrupt to the bone bunch of asshats try to tell YOU how to run YOUR businesses ? If you do, you DESERVE to go tits up.

As for ME, I will do my DAMNEST to fight this sorry bunch of dickweeds tooth and nail. After all, WE OWE IT to those who tried to warn us about this bunch lo those many years ago.


CLYDE. DAMN the U-frigging-N all to hell.

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11 Responses to Screw The Dozers. Get A NUKE.

  1. Kathy says:

    Apparently there’s not enough vile diseases to keep WHO busy, so they borrowed a page from Moochie’s book and then ratchet it up a notch.

    Whoever, years ago, gave our health concerns over to the government needs their heads thumped. The TV people and the junk food manufacturers had better get a grip on this or their ads will go the way of tobacco ads. Just because something is bad for people, doesn’t mean the government gets to take away the choices and the right to advertise those choices.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      “Just because something is bad for people, doesn’t mean the government gets to take away the choices and the right to advertise those choices.”
      ~It will when we have a single payer health care system.~

    • Clyde says:

      Well, THEY think they do, just because the low-info voter crowd CRIES for it. Too bad we have SO MANY stupid people sharing our nation. Trusting ANYTHING to the U-frigging-N is like trusting the dog not to eat your dinner. In fact, the DOG is MUCH MORE trustworthy.

    • upaces88 says:

      When this type of article would come up, my initial reaction was to copy and past an exploding Nuke from WWII….
      Until, yesterday….I didn’t know this. An Atomic ir Hydrogen Bomb like we used during WWII tears a hole in space, we live live in a Multi-Verse. a bomb of that magnitude, literally blows a hole of other dimensions.

  2. CW says:

    Thanks for posting this, Clyde. I share your outrage.

    You asked where the advertisers and food manufacturers are. I think all of them understand that they will be mercilessly demonized as pushers of poison to children if they dare to publicly speak out on this, and of course they are the evil lobbyists if they try and make their case to the powers that be in private meetings. The leftists have the entire advantage in this game.

    The obvious question to ask is what gives WHO the right and the authority to presume to intervene in things like food advertising. Unfortunately the answer is: WE DID. And we can’t even place the blame entirely on the Left, because there’s no push from those on the Right to get out, at least not that I can see.

    I see no benefit for the U.S. to being participants with the U.N. or any of its tentacles. All it ever does is dilute our power and make us subject to the demands of weaker countries that have the good sense to be looking out for their own interests, unlike us. There’s nothing worthwhile to be gained by our affiliation with the U.N. that makes self-subjugation worthwhile.

    • Clyde says:

      CW, I hadn’t thought of the points you made in your second paragraph. Thanks for putting that out there. OF COURSE they would be demonized. The ONLY trick the left has up it’s sleeve.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Funny how they didn’t mention halal food.

  4. vonMesser says:

    And, besides the UN doing it’s thing, Obummer’s Boyze are voting on taking over the internet (net neutrality) this week. That means that you should start watching for “inappropriate” sites to be taken down within the next 2 years (maybe just before the elections in 216??)