Avalon -Quest for the Apple Part 4

Discovery of the apple:


9) Has Islam made inroads into the world through government, media, and education? Yes

Hamas Covenant in Article 30 calls upon the educated thinkers around the world to join in Jihad. Writers, intellectuals, media people, orators, educators in all areas of every country to awaken and prepare the way for the future of Islamic State and Religion. It expressly notes that Jihad is not confined to gun and other weapons of physical war but includes every phase of the world to bring about the Islamic One World State.

Educated Westerners, Europeans, Easterners on every continent who are true believers have answered that call.  Across the world we see reporters, writers, interviewers, courts, lawyers, government representatives of the most powerful nations introducing, educating, representing, but never saying the truth.  Islam is a religion, a powerful state, and jihad is its method of choice. Jihad is being waged on every political, social, governmental and legal front with purpose.  Chaos and fires are stirred in every location in order to mask or further the covenant as it is written so it will be. Any who oppose or express views opposite to its purpose are swept away as fast or efficiently as possible through defamation, intimidation, or death. Simply another even more efficient insidious means just as the killing and posting across the world of people is also a means to the end.  The reports and video are easy to find so I have no need to cite examples.

Let’s look at a few points to explain:

a) introduction of Shari’a law into the legal systems around the world

b) using help-oriented organizations, laws, and agencies of countries to assist in religion, dress, language, and customs that draw in those who are liberal in attitude and honestly do try to help the average person

c)media and personalities who will not or can not speak poorly on air or in office concerning Muslims, Islam, terrorists

ObamaMuslimBrotherhoodd) a President who acknowledges his religion and refuses to name the threat or proceed with what is proper then insures through actions that certain rights or needs are meet and others incited

e) court cases in many countries that use the laws of the country in order to promote specific concepts and reduce rights of any but those to whom the laws are to assist

f) systematic erasing in public, references to, reduction of respect, fear and outright criticism of any religion not acceptable to Islam especially  Jewish or Christian

g) introduction into the educational systems of the world, information which places Islam in a favorable light

h) recognition of Islam in the prayers of governments giving it legitimacy

i) refusal of many to actually name the religion or its threat even by saying terrorists

j) non-dessemination of information which places the true face of Islam in the light

k) the use of funds by governments or organizations which are not carefully regulated or accounted for and provide a ready supply of weapons, food, and all manner of aid

l) bribery, threatening or other forms of contact with any and all employees, judges, law enforcement, government officials including and especially multinational organizations to make sure its entity receives proper consideration and results

This terrorism is NOT a flash in the pan.  Nor are any non-violent but equally acceptable forms of Jihad.  It is per the Hamas Covenant a long standing, well thought out plan of action, counter action, and placement in order to attain its goal. It involves all levels of education, wealth, and responsibility.  It is found in every country of the world and uses every means possible to reach its goals.  Weapons, fear, bribery, death and destruction are part of its Jihad but so is infiltration, education, law, and government.  There is not a single location within the largest powers on earth that have not and are not affected because for all its shock effect Islam also believes in cunning, lies, misdirection and respect for its ways.  It holds to peaceful resolution until it is threatened then proceeds to phase 2 insurrection and confrontation.   Every country of the world especially ours is at the crossroads of this phase 2.  Where it goes from here depends upon Islam and their plan of action but it will not be pretty nor without horrible results.

islam slay those who insult

Now let’s look at more specific examples in the United States:

1) EOCC (equal opportunity in the workplace) has been revised and upheld by the Supreme Court requiring the workplace to make allowances for Islamic beliefs in the workplace, including garments and appearance.  Any not in compliance and with the swift follow up by the one feeling wronged will face major consequences and fines.

2) Use of Shari’a law has been recognized in courts, schools, legal arenas, and government in several states.  Some states have protested and attempted to write laws to discourage but have lost in federal court on technicalities.  Other states have successfully written laws but in such watered down words as nearly ineffective or easy to get around.  This is a direct violation and infringement by the federal government, agencies, or heads of departments to the Constitutional guarantees of states.

3) Mainstream media following “acceptable” and “suggested” reporting methods and inclusion/exclusion of information or wording in direct violation of the Constitutional rights granted.

4) Communication giants setting up individualized customer service centers dedicated to the Arabic language users. The same giants establishing, investing in, and funding Arabic programming which is for and about Arabs and Islamic followers world wide.

5) Legal government agencies using every strong arm tactic possible to strike at the heart of the small or midrange business owners and individuals leaving fear and havoc in their wake.

6) Outrageous spending of government for projects, hiring of contractors, and overloading federal employee base for which there is no oversight and in some cases rumored to actually fund Islamic terrorists.

7) The inability or refusal of government officials to name, claim, and move on items including terror attacks which they fear offends or will result in retaliation.

islam glitter gold

Introduction, disinformation, chaos and misdirection on every level are seen here and in nearly every one of the major countries of the world. It can not be more clear, especially after reading the Hamas Covenant, what is happening in the world.

My search is at end.  I found the apple.  Understand clearly I do not agree with Islam and will state unequivocally my faith as a Christian.  But that said, there is a certain amount of respect that I have for those true believers of Islam who are following their beliefs.  Their organization, scope, and achievements to date, remarkable achievements, is what focus, goal oriented, driven individuals can achieve without the knowledge of the uneducated in their ways.

It is now up to freedom-loving, intelligent people across the world to decide if the fruit is edible.

rotten apple


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  1. Clyde says:

    You’re going a damn good job with this series, Uriel. Thanks for posting these.

    • vonMesser says:

      Amen. This post might be considered for a “large” posting somewhere where it can be seen by more than just our paltry millions.

      I would like permission to gather and print it for a hand-out at my church.

  2. Uriel says:

    Von. Everyone has my permission to use. This is too urgent NOT to move where others can see. Even if my comments are off the MESSAGE especially for Christians is clear.

  3. Uriel says:

    Thanks Clyde. It means a lot to know you guys see worth in my thoughts.

  4. Uriel says:

    It probably is good idea to print out the document. You know how things tend to get lost.

  5. Hardnox says:

    You’ve done a great job with this series. Kudos!

  6. Uriel says:

    Thanks Hardnox. And thank you and Kathy for the excellent pictures. They brought it to life!