Globe and Mail Want a Prison Visit With Omar Khadr…. WHY?


From Ezra Levant

omar khadr

Omar Khadr…. Canadian Terrorist!


For those readers of Hardnox and Friends….. In case you don’t know who Omar Khadr is. He is the Canadian Terrorist who at the tender age of Fifteen, went to Afghanistan and learned how to build bombs. Following in the footsteps of his terrorist father ( Ahmed Khadr ) and Osama Bin Laden one week after 9/11. 

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From Macleans

 Khadr was trained to fire rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and pistols, and was soon assigned to a cell that built and planted powerful IEDs. A home video released by prosecutors shows a grinning Omar Khadr constructing his homemade bombs and holding the Quran.

His duties also included undercover reconnaissance. “On at least one occasion,” says the agreed statement of facts, he “clandestinely spied upon U.S. troop movements near the airport in Khowst, Afghanistan. Omar Khadr did not wear a uniform and attempted to blend in with the civilian population in order to gain as much actionable intelligence as possible.”

On July 27, 2002, less than two months after his father dispatched him to the front lines, Khadr found himself holed up in a mud compound in the village of Ayub Kheil, surrounded by dozens of U.S. troops. Women and children were allowed to leave, and everyone else inside was offered multiple chances to surrender. Khadr stayed put.

Four hours later, after U.S. warplanes annihilated the compound, a group of elite Delta Force commandos made their way inside. “The unit began taking direct fire from an AK-47,” reads the statement of fact. “One soldier saw the individual firing the AK-47, engaged and killed him.” Khadr, hiding behind a wall, pulled the pin from a Russian-made grenade and tossed it in the soldiers’ direction (“like in the movies,” he later told an interrogator).

An American returned fire, hitting the 15-year-old with two bullets to the back.
“Omar Khadr and the others made a pact that they would rather die fighting than be captured by U.S. forces,” the agreed statement says. “He believed he would likely die in the firefight and wanted to kill as many Americans as possible before being killed.”

Khadr, of course, did not die. But Sgt. Speer did, leaving behind a wife, a three-year-old daughter and a newborn son. He was not killed instantly, though. Khadr’s grenade ripped open his skull and peppered his brain with shrapnel, but Speer hung on for 10 more agonizing days before finally succumbing to his injuries.

Khadr confessed, on numerous occasions, that he threw the grenade that fatally wounded Sgt. Speer. At times, he described that day with obvious pride, well aware that his battlefield kill had won him the respect of fellow detainees. One FBI agent described his demeanour as “cold and callous.”

The Khadr terrorist family! Maha (youngest daughter in arms), Zaynab (Abdulkareem in arms), Abdurahman and Abdullah

From Wikipedia

The Khadr family (أسرة خضر) is a Canadian family noted for their ties to Osama bin Laden and connections to al Qaeda.

The Khadr family comprises:

  • Their children:
  • Zaynab Khadr (born 1979 in Ottawa), a daughter
  • Abdullah Khadr (born 1981 in Ottawa), a son who returned to Canada in 2005, was arrested on behalf of the United States and held for five years while an extradition request was reviewed. Ontario Superior Court ordered him released in 2010 citing “shocking and unjustifiable” human rights violations.[3][4][5]
  • Abdurahman Khadr (born 1982), a son notable for press interviews dubbing the Khadrs “an al-Qaeda family” and his co-operation with the United States intelligence services
  • Ibrahim Khadr (1985–1988), a son who had a congenital heart defect[6]
  • Omar Khadr (born 1986), a son captured by American forces following a 2002 firefight and held in Guantanamo Bay from 2002 to 2012. He returned to Canada in September, 2012.[7]
  • Abdulkareem Khadr (born 1989), a son, severely wounded in the attack in which his father died; is now paraplegic
  • youngest daughter (born 1991)

Ahmed Khadr went to college and did graduate work in Canada, where he met and married Maha el-Samnah. They moved to Pakistan in 1985 because he wanted to do charitable work for Afghan refugees following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. In 1986, the family was living in an apartment in Peshawar on an $800 monthly allowance.

In 1992 the family returned to Canada and rented an apartment near Bloor/Dundas following an incident in Afghanistan that left the father Ahmed disabled and needing rehabilitation. They later moved into the Bloor/Lansdowne area.

The family left a year and a half later and returned to Pakistan. In 1995 Khadr was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan, but was released. In September 1997, the Khadr family moved into a three-room house.

During this time, they visited Nazim Jihad, the family home of Osama bin Laden in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, which the children nicknamed “Star Wars“.[10] They stayed at the compound the following year during the father’s absence. The family say they stayed two days, while the FBI says it was a month.

They subsequently moved to the Karte Parwan neighbourhood of Kabul and lived there from 1999–2001. The Khadrs were registered as operators of a Canadian charity. They closed their office in the upscale Wazir Akbar Khan neighbourhood to bring work in their own home.

Maha (Abdulkareem in arms), Omar, Zaynab, Abdurahman (facing camera) and youngest daughter (foreground).

Following the Invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, Maha, with Abdulkareem, Omar, and her young daughter; and Zaynab and her daughter Safia joined a convoy leaving Kabul to travel towards Gardez. They discovered that their intended residence had been bombed.

They traveled to an orphanage that Ahmed had run. In 2003 they stayed briefly with a family in Birmal, Pakistan. They finally moved in with a Pashto family in a hut in the mountains, where they saw Ahmed monthly. In 2002 Omar Khadr was captured at the age of 15 in Afghanistan and had since been detained in United States military custody at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. His brother Abdurahman Khadr had been arrested and worked as an undercover informant with the CIA while “held” as a detainee at Guantanamo; he later continued to work undercover in Bosnia.

Ahmed Khadr was killed in 2003 near the Afghanistan border by what has been described in various sources as Pakistan security forces or a US drone. On April 9, 2004, Maha and Abdulkareem used the family’s savings to return to Canada; The politicians Stockwell Day, Bob Runciman and John Cannis were among those in a public outcry calling for the Khadrs’ citizenship to be revoked, and for the pair to be deported. Others suggested it was unfair to revoke citizenship from people who held views contrary to the government or majority.

Some Canadians complained that the Khadrs had “taken advantage of” Canada, living off its social services, while decrying it as a morally corrupted country. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty dissented, stating that the province would recognise the family’s right to Ontario Health Insurance Plan medical coverage and to be treated like any other Canadian family.

In 2005, following the oldest daughter Zaynab‘s return to the country, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer Konrad Shourie said, “The entire family is affiliated with al Qaeda and has participated in some form or another with these criminal extremist elements”.

A noted friend of the family, former Pakistani Air Force officer and ISI agent Khalid Khawaja, spoke in their defense; he said that they were being unfairly targeted by Canadian authorities because of a deference to the United States (who held their youngest son), and Islamophobia. Since returning to Canada, the Khadr family has been described as “poverty-stricken”.

In their 2008 report concerning Mahmoud Jaballah, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) stated that Omar and his older brother Abdulkareem attended “training camps”. In late October 2010, Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to charges against him in a plea agreement before a Military Commission at Guantanamo, admitting to having received “one-on-one terrorist training from an al-Qaeda operative and that he threw the grenade that killed U.S. Sergeant Christopher Speer“. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment, although he had already been held for eight years. In 2012 he was repatriated to Canada to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Omar is now imprisoned in an facility in Edmonton, Alberta and is wanting to go to the University there! He is also suing the Canadian Gov’t.!

So….why does the Globe and Mail want a prison visit with this little jihadi? Could it be to arouse sympathy for him and have the PSP’s shouting to release his sorry little behind?

Would they give Paul Bernardo a soapbox to tell “his side of the story”?


Call on Canadian authorities to investigate Islamic extremism in Canada:

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4 Responses to Globe and Mail Want a Prison Visit With Omar Khadr…. WHY?

  1. Kathy says:

    It sounds like the Globe and Mail is a typical lefty rag trying to score that ‘big story’, so it’s good the government said no. We already know his story, so let him rot in there.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Yep…from what I’ve read from there…it’s probably more entertaining to read the Enquirer!

      Khadr needed to stay at Gitmo! OR send his sorry little behind back to Afghanistan along with the rest of his family. I don’t care that he was born in Canada! He is not a Canadian in my eyes…he doesn’t have the same values as we do.

      IMHO…..him and his family should all be charged with Treason! Canadian’s shouldn’t be paying for his upkeep in Prison! If we have to keep these traitors then let’s send them to the far North!

  2. Clyde says:

    Liberals around the world are the SAME. If it is EVIL, embrace it. If it is GOOD, denigrate it. Twisted bunch of wasted f—s anyway. This asshat SHOULD only have been asked one LAST question : ” Would you like a blindfold” ? then SHOT.

    • Blessed B. says:

      That is the way I think also! Let’s take out the garbage cuz it’s making the rest of us sick with it’s smell!

      While we are at it…..let’s take out the other refuse also….they only propagate cockroaches anyways!